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  1. Was asked if/when he'll come back to the PL, said he needs to be playing regularly which he hasn't this season.
  2. Lampard had it right, it's sad on a human level but a professional shouldn't be making mistakes like that. Twice in a season and you'd be questioning him as a keeper at the top level, let alone twice in a game.
  3. The vast majority of players seemed to be hanging around on their own.
  4. The annoying thing is we've defended fairly well tonight. Just the mong in goal (again) letting us down.
  5. Yeah the stage is set for Ronaldo to get a 93rd minute tap-in and celebrate like he's just won the World Cup.
  6. Their standby list is ridiculous: - W. Ben Yedder - K. Coman - B. Costil - M. Debuchy - L. Digne - A. Lacazette - A. Martial - A. Rabiot - M. Sakho - M. Sissoko - K. Zouma
  7. We were close to signing him as well, it broke down because we weren't willing to meet his wage demands. We chose to sign Harry Kewell instead.
  8. It wasn't just Arsenal, loads of clubs were interested in Ronaldo.
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