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  1. If someone can suggest another free upload service, I may add it in there since some people don't like Mediafire...
  2. I apologize this being late. I have the draft updates as of tonight. Super-Light: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n2gijnfsfhcfbwo/October_Draft_Super_Light.zip/file Light: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jnqcvqo1cvkz44v/October_Draft_Light.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oxk48n3phj070fi/October_Draft_Full.zip/file FAQ: What is a full, light or super light update? How to successfully import data You uploaded the files after the beginning of the month/I just found it and we are in the current month, why do I start in the next month? And how can
  3. Just a heads up, due to a busy next few days, I will not have the update ready until Sunday. I apologize in advance. Also battling a sprained arm.
  4. is he the new guy on RAW that replaced Adnan? sure.
  5. It is aired at 7pm by me, hence the confusion. These will be updated, especially the names. As of right now the moves were set except Boa. Thanks. These will be updated, thanks. As it stands right now I look to add Paige Van Zandt (she has been with America's Top Team with Dan Lambert, The Wolf and Junior dos Santos in AEW) along with a number of WWE recent hires (the Stevesons) and NXT 2.0ers not in the game. I wanted to add others from the indies, but these are precedent and more pressing at the moment.
  6. That was because it was Mistico and Dralistico. Dralistico was let go by CMLL. CMLL is slow on making new Champs when former Champs leave typically.
  7. He was on NXT for a cup of coffee tagging with Veer. I have him as developmental deal largely because he has not appeared on TV after Malcolm Bivens dropped Indus Sheer (save for the Superstar Spectacle.) If he appears on it with the relaunch, I'll add him to the main roster. The alter egos was meant to be directed at you, just people in general.
  8. I think with Erik I never added him since he was not drafted the last time. Eva I forgot because it's Eva. Has Saurav been on anything since Superstar Spectacle for Unity Day? I'm being serious because he got replaced by Shanky as Veer's partner. The rest will be fixed. Also please don't at me about the most recent NXT renames, I already saw them and took care of them.
  9. Bronson Rechsteiner has been re-named to Rex Steiner (I see what they did there) Parker Bourdeaux has been re-named to Gunnar Harland. Dragon Gate notes: Kazma Sakamoto looks to have departed Dragon Gate as he has been removed the roster.
  10. These are fixed for October. This too is fixed for October. And why hasn't someone told me Jonathan Coachman left WWE?
  11. I'll double check that. AFAIK, Sareena is in the PC training. Edit: she did not have stats so I fixed it.
  12. Flair aged out. Workers can only be in the game up to 70 years old. Gable is not right now. I do plan for him to be added in the October update as a priority.
  13. They were at All Out during the pre-show with Lambert and the Men of the Year. When I saw All Out in the theater I thought to myself "Since they are there I guess I have to add them too..."
  14. Does anyone have kyky of Andrei Arlovski? I previously asked for Junior dos Santos too, but he was in the The Who 2020 Extra pack.
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