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  1. Yeah I was wondering about D'Amore too but I dont want to fully adverse effect Impact too much with the backstage. EWR sadly don't let you double dip without issues upon retirement.
  2. A few worker/staff notes: For now, Madison Rayne will be a non-worker. She will not be moved to staff or removed from the game. Barbi Hayden retired in May of 2019 so I may remove her for February. Mickie James will be moved to staff if she does not work the Royal Rumble. She has only wrestled a handful of matches during late summer since her injury in mid 2019. Alicia Fox was removed outright since she is not a member of WWE creative. D'Lo Brown is staff currently but now that he is part of the Impact announce team with Matt Striker and he (D'Lo) has worked in the las
  3. I have been working on them as I notice them. Doesn't make it easy some guys have more than one or rename moves like FTR renaming Shatter Machine to Goodnight Express to now Big Rig.
  4. Just so everyone knows... Thank you, I'm also updating New Japan's titles. Post WK Spoiler And we all know tomorrow's New Years Dash will change things too.
  5. Here is the update. Ace Steel, Alan Stone, Bear Fukuda, Bobby Dempsey, Bryce Donovan (the former Chase Donovan that Bill Demott drove out of NXT), Bret Hart, Christian York, Hailey Hatred, Hannibal, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Rave, Josette Bynum, Jushin Liger, Kevin Nash, Kimberly Maddox, Manabu Nakanishi, Mick Foley, Nemesis, Pegasso, Scott Hall, Shadow Jackson, Shaggy 2 Dope, Steve Austin, Taeler Hendrix, Taiyo Kea, The Bruiser, The Godfather, The Great Khali, The King of the Yukon, The Rock, Tony Omega, Truth Martini and Violent J Out of these, only Martini, Nash and Steel has been added as s
  6. I'll replace El Rey with something. I may get the split data up a few days late. I'm working on the 2nd and the 3rd. I am also sadly thinning the hurd of promotions in game due to Covid related inactivity. I am looking to put APW, C4, CW, CZW, DEFY, RISE and SMASH in the freezer. RISE will become Shimmer since Shimmer ran as a part of The Collective in October. When these promotions run regularly again, I'll gladdly add them back in. For now SHIMMER's roster will be reflected by The Collective card.
  7. I have seen a few pop-up on cagematch but not those and I checked two of them like in the last week or so. Here is another that wasn't in your set.
  8. YES. Damn on a few of these. Would have never guessed on a few...
  9. Three things: I am mostly including just WWE PC recruits as the new additions. A few others like Don Callis (moved from Staff due to being on air personality now for both AEW and IMPACT), Micha Taylor and TJ Marconi are re-added while a few others from Dave Talks Wrestling's underrated list like Darius Carter will be added as well. Two: like the Cruiserweight title for WWE/NXT, I will make KENTA Interim US champ and for now suspend the Moxley title. Three: Please don't post about a certain wrestlers death. I know I'm sadly deleting the first indy to WWE star I met. He maybe th
  10. Words can't describe the gut punch of today... Rip Brodie

  11. I will put Dia Inferno and La Estrella in the game. Hopefully later on I won't need to delete a certain Dragon Gate trueborn because of it... In an update to the alter egos: I will only use alter egos in the last decade for the file. For instance Kenn Doane will NOT have Kenn Phoenix or Kenny Dykstra as alter egos and Colt Cabana will not be Scott Goldman. I also will use one similar alter ego for multiple wrestlers. For instance Bengala (the AAA one) was done by Ricky Marvin, then Super Nova (the one from Lucas Libre USA) and now the former Arcangel. Archangel will be the
  12. That's what I was hearing. It might have been an Dragon Gate young boy that was hardly given any matches.
  13. Dragon Gate updates: Shun Skywalker's group with Kota Minoura, Jason Lee and Dragon Dia is called Masquerade. La Estrella is the fifth member. No word who he is. Not sure if these Dragon Gate affiliation and disposition changes have been noted. The former Big R Shimizu is now known as Bokutimo Dragon. He is in the Team Boku stable with Naruki Doing, Ryo Saito and Punch Tominaga. Kento Kohune has been a member of R.E.D. since October as SB KENTo. Madoka Kimura joined R.E.D. as HipHop Kikuta.
  14. Just an FYI I am going to include an alter ego zip file along with the update files. I happen to like the feature when I play so I can know what names a worker might be under or what names I could potentially use. I will not put them in files so you don't have to choose.
  15. I caught the Xavier one with purging. I have removed them. Hogan last did Crown Jewel or World Cup when it was Team Hogan vs. Team Flair. Bret Hart was last used for AEW Double or Nothing 2019. The Rock really hasn't done much besides one-off. Austin is more consistent in one-offs compared to the rest but I don't see the benefit of having them.
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