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  1. ACW out of Florida will be added to WWN. I have the roster members in the game added for now. Will add workers this month and next.
  2. I actually caught these The large events if any get changed are name based, not outright eliminations. Pandemic and all.
  3. By checking the roster, they still have Reno SCUM as UWN Tag champs and Tim Storm as NWA champion... Also checking FITE, their last shows link to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, not an Arizona show. For now, just Hollywood is included. In another question, has Eddie Kingston named his crew in AEW? You know with Lucha Bros and BBB?
  4. I am working on UWN but if it includes any Championship Wrestling from subsidiary, it will just be Hollywood. I dont know if Arizona is running shows yet again and their cage match is two years back dated. I know nothing of Memphis.
  5. Jordan hasn't been in game since I haven't seen himdo much. Ben Carter is the same dilemma. Jordan will be a priority considering he is on TV but my bigger one right now is OVW and UWN talents.
  6. No I meant touring roster wise. As of right now only IWGP Champs and Strong regulars or known trainees are in New Japan USA.
  7. These are fixed now for November. New Japan spoiler and other touring commitment talk Any thoughts from anyone else on these?
  8. Here is am updated promos data folder. Sorry about the issues with it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/29fh5umuspu3p5q/promos.dat/file
  9. If you can give me a list of these I'll fix it.
  10. It shouldn't be in the data but I'll double check. Did you by any chance not copy promos over your Ewr 4-2 Data sub-folder with the rest of the data files? If you get a 383 error add a pair of random staff and set them as large event announcers before deleting. Can someone else confirm if they have CHIKARA in their promos file for the October update. If so I'll update accordingly. Edit for alter egos I will have the Dark Order numbers or names for those that are members:
  11. I could use the Billie Starkz and Daniel Makabe cut for KyKy...
  12. Next month. Largely because there were a few quiet ones.
  13. Anyone have KyKy's of Retribution members and an Ashante Adonis (not Tehuti Miles)? Please and thank you.
  14. Reply I deleted the original data since there was file error 404 with the NWA in promotions. I fixed this when I made the lite update and had a few updates. I checked it and somehow the new file link was never posted, this is now fixed. Also RAW spoilers: I am also debating on what to do with CZW in regards to ownership. DJ Hyde has worked CZW Dojo shows last year and one single wXw show but would be a better fit as owner than Steve Karel who just bought footage of CZW to air as a new PPV product that has been controversial due to women's content. Any suggestions w
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