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  1. The only team in the league as far as I'm concerned. Eui-Ji Yang is a damn legend.
  2. In my current game I went undefeated with Zeljeznicar, then moved to Inter Miami for a season and took them from last to first, then PAOK where I joined during the Championship group and nearly overhauled Olympiakos who were 10 points clear with 9 games remaining and have since won 2 titles on the spin. Have agreed a move to Schalke in the summer which will be my first taste of the big time. I am expecting a significant learning curve there.
  3. Meddling owners are the worst. I'm at PAOK right now and the owner has a preference for Russian based players and seems to only bring it up when I really want to sign a player so I'm becoming a pension plan for aging Russian ex-internationals. Have Alan Dzagoev and Fedor Smolov on a combined £66K to sit on the bench and never play.
  4. God bless, thought it was just my laptop!
  5. Just reached the FA Vase for the second year and the competition starts with 976 teams so obviously the save file isn't pulling correctly for that cup.
  6. Yeah it makes no sense but there are 257 teams in the hat for the 1st Round Proper and were 2 qualifying rounds prior to that.
  7. Started a new save with England down to the 11th tier, playing as Keyworth United in the Nottinghamshire Senior League, just played my first FA Vase fixture and I swear there were like 900+ clubs entered in the first round.
  8. For a bunch of seasons it a 4-4-2 but that went to hell so I moved to a 4-2-4, I can't remember where I got the formation but it was on the SI forum. Shaq Coulthirst scored buckets for me on the climb up the leagues, in a 4 season stretch he went 36, 29, 29, 28. *EDIT* forgot to say he didn't win Fans Player of the Year any of those seasons. *EDIT 2* Don't want to double post but I think I just had my first suspension overturned in all my time playing the series. Couldn't have been better timed either as I would have faced the second leg of the Europa League Semifinal without my captai
  9. Greenwood is so class, I took him on loan at Barnet the first year we were in the Prem (he only had the odd few loans for about 6 seasons) and he got 30 for me with 26 in the league. Tried to bring him in for about £30 million and Utd was not willing to do a deal saying he was vital to their first team. He then proceeds to make zero league appearances through January and I said screw it and signed him for £55 million. He got 13 in 15 the rest of the way and he finished 7th and so far this season has 15 in the league and 15 in 15 in the Europa League.
  10. I have Brexit in mine, it's a pain in the ass having to use Slaven Belupo as a hoarding point for players that didn't earn work permits.
  11. I got Barnet to the Prem and have spent about £10 million in 2 seasons while stacking cash. Over a quarter of my 25 man roster is homegrown and under the age of 21. I think it is more enjoyable going that way, especially if you are a relegation contender.
  12. Way of Life, Sons of Abraham, The Old Gods, The Republic, Rajas of India, and Sword of Islam.
  13. I don't have any expansions since Way of Life, what do I absolutely have to have and what can I skip?
  14. I got... Media Personality 4-1-4-1 USA
  15. Brexit was just announced in my game, UK sans Gibraltar out of the EU, existing EU players to be grandfathered in, all others require work permits from the start of next season.
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