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  1. Gutted. The scare last weekend was bad enough.. Fuck. His career is truely unique, in the greatest way. Totally get where @Buscha Syndergaard is coming from.. First thing I thought of was his face in The Simpsons when Comic Book Guy goes online for Radioactive Man news.. and, of course, the episode that was written for him. Theres not a lot of his music online.. Which is great, you need hard copies. Go fucking get them. But there is this story.. Not a Prince story as such.. But an incredible story that he acts as the perfect cherry on top. Probably the only person who could've aswell
  2. A year since Harris Wittels passed away. I'll be spending the night watching Parks & Rec, calling my friends out for Humblebrags and saving foam in my phone.
  3. 1. Humans (can't believe no one else has picked this. Thought it was incredible..) 2. Mad Men 3. Master of None 4. Peep Show 5. Catastrophe 6. Last Week Tonight 7. The Muppets 8. Josh 9. Have I Got News For You 10. Girls 11. Late Show with David Letterman 12. Last Man on Earth 13. House of Fools 14. Always Sunny in Philadelphia 15. Parks & Recreation Honourable mentions for SNL 40 and Graham Norton's beard.
  4. As soon as I seen it last year, I knew it was going to be a Christmas fixture for me. Black Mirror: White Christmas. Been looking forward to this.. watching it tonight.
  5. That Shola Ameobi is available.
  6. So his Top Gear Audition TFI Friday's anniversary was a success. Might as-well have that smug prick Richard off Pointless join him.
  7. Doug Loves Movies was the first podcast I ever listened to. I don't follow it as much now, but it introduced me to Pete Holmes, TJ Miller, Jimmy Pardo etc. Pete Holmes recently had Noel Gallagher on his show and it's well worth a listen.
  8. I recently got a stadium expanded by doing this.
  9. Like Mike is still the only time I've ever cried at the cinema.
  10. In the age where Bill Murray stories are shared on Facebook to over-kill, his appereances on Letterman were always gold. They really were everything late night TV should be. It's a terrible shame we won't see more.
  11. Does anyone actually think The Simpsons will end? I've always thought after the series is over they would continue with specials and more movies.. like The Muppets.
  12. This. He always gets the job in my games.
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