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  1. Been gone for a few months. What the hell happened to the board? Nary an orange to seen!

    1. Kaney


      Welcome back dude! We're trying to distance from certain unlikable notable figures at the moment. Hope you stick around for a bit!

  2. Happy birthday buddy!

    1. SeanDMan


      Ah, I missed this. Day!

    2. Tkasto


      Thank you!

  3. So with the hopes of this lockdown ending as soon as, I’m preparing to DM a campaign. They wanted a city based intrigue one, so I built a city and may have went a little overboard! Here’s what I’ve got so far if anyone wants to steal stuff. It’s the social, political, military, religious etc stuff about the city, as well as loads of factions and major NPCs. Word Document.
  4. Practicing my number one skill: the ability to procrastinate. 

  5. I loved Heavy Rain. The Witcher III was fantastic though.
  6. While not a video game this is probably the best sub forum for the topic. So some friends of mine have been looking to start playing Mutants & Masterminds, which is basically Dungeons & Dragons but with superheroes instead. I’ve been reading up and it seems somewhat complicated. Anyone got any experience with it?
  7. Puns make me numb. Mathematics puns make me number. 

  8. I just watched I Am Mother on Netflix and it was an excellent movie. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  9. I picked up Detroit, and this game is fantastic. Visually it looks more realistic than a movie, and I'm really enjoying the story and characters. Plus I'm a big Lance Henrikson fan and he's been pretty good so far. These last two months have been well worth the PS Plus subscription.
  10. @=BK= I've started listening to Last Podcast On The Left after seeing your recommendation a while ago and I'm loving it. Its both funny and interesting. I've heard Jonestown, HH Holmes, Leonard Lake & Charles Ng, The Donner Party, Carl Panzram and Son Of Sam. Can you recommend any other, preferably funny, episodes?
  11. Started playing "What Remains Of Edith Finch" and holy shit this is an awesome game.
  12. Just ordered a PS4, that's coming with Red Dead 2. I will probably be purchasing WWE 2K19. Anyone recommend any games? I'd prefer story-driven games, platformers or RPGs etc.
  13. Simpsons Superhero Mafia - join us in The Mafia Cube!

  14. "Why yes Rambling Rabbit, "Sociopath" IS the word of the day!"

  15. were you guys going Empire or Republic on Star Forge?
  16. That's cool - having some problems re:actually getting some time to sit down and download it nvm play again so we'll see!
  17. I'm getting a new laptop delivered on Tuesday and want to get back into MMORPGs. I played WoW very briefly a number of years ago and thinking of giving it a try again. Done some research online and it seems lots of people are complaining about things now. Is the game not great anymore? Is it worth investing the time and money? I'm more a fan of story than min-maxing and stats - will that be an issue at all? So mostly PVE. Also having a look at classes and I'm first drawn to Rogue (as with other MMORPGs I've played) but the Warlock looks really interesting. Both good classes?
  18. My new laptop is coming on Tuesday and I was planning on coming back to it (or trying WoW).
  19. Did you just say "Semper Fudge"? 

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