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  1. Fredrik Knudsen made a video about Spoony and his decline a few years ago. It's quite sad to see what has become of him. He used to be my favorite of the CA-related reviwers. And here is the new LIndsay Ellis video in which she talks about her recent cancellation:
  2. I also know him mostly for playing Anatoly Dyatlov on Chernobyl. He was amazing in that mini series. Fuck cancer.
  3. There was a listening session for the press. And according to the few reports about it that already came out, Kiske and Deris will do most of the heavy lifting in terms of singing. Hansen has a more prominent part on Skyfall (which is the sole Hansen song on the album) and some supporting parts in other songs. And it looks like there won't be any solo songs. Even if one singer is more prominently featured on a song than the other, the other will still be on the track.
  4. In also think that at this point people should get used to the idea that he will never finish up the series himself if they haven't done so already. At least if his plan still is to finish the series with the seventh novel.
  5. The new Helloween album is self-titled and will be out on June 18th. Coverartwork: It's so refreshing to finally have a decent cover artwork again after almost two decades of CG abominations.
  6. So the executor of the estate of Geoff Nichols, who played Keyboard for Black Sabbath from 1979 all the way to 2004 and was credited as an official band member during the short-lived Glenn Hughes era as well as both Tony Martin eras, is going through some old tapes that Nichols left behind and found what appears to be a Black Sabbath demo of an unreleased song with Ronnie James Dio:
  7. Apparently there is also drama going on between Goss and Laiho's girlfriend at the time of his death: https://loudwire.com/alexi-laiho-ex-wife-illegal-funeral-fake-gofundme/
  8. Alexi's former Sinergy bandmate (and as it turns out legally still his wife as they apparently never divorced after separating in 2004) Kimberly Goss revealed the cause of his death: "Alcohol-induced degeneration of the liver and pancreas connective tissue". He also had a "cocktail of painkillers, opioids and insomnia medication" in his system.
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