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  1. Something called "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" has been given a rating by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. That comes after listings for the Mass Effect trilogy on PS4, Xbox One and Switch were found on the website of a portuguese video game retailer that were later removed. Rumors are that the trilogy was supposed to come out this year but was pushed back to early 2021. www.escapistmagazine.com/v2/mass-effect-trilogy-remastered-console-listings-online/
  2. Just finished Dead Money again. Always felt that this DLC ended a bit abruptly. Never liked that you don't get a chance to talk to your companions one more time before you leave. Not even to recruit them. Just to say your goodbyes.
  3. New AC/DC album will be called Power Up and will be out on November 13. Tracklist: Realize Rejection Shot In The Dark Through The Mists Of Time Kick You When You’re Down Witch's Spell Demon Fire Wild Reputation No Man’s Land Systems Down Money Shot Code Red Brian left the band and was replaced by Axl Rose because his doctors told him that he would go deaf if he continued to tour. But he says that he found a specialist who tried some kind of experimental treatment on him that apparently did the trick.
  4. Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen made peace before Eddie's death. Hagar says that they had started communicating via text earlier this year. They both agreed not to tell anyone because of the reunion rumors that would have ensued. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/sammy-hagar-eddie-van-halen-made-peace/
  5. There had been rumors for a while that his cancer was back and that he was travelling back and forth between the USA and Germany to get treatment. Mostly on gossip sites. The Van Halen family never confirmed these rumors though.
  6. New Vegas Anti Crash is the first that comes to mind, but there are several unofficial patches and bugfixes that help the game run smoothly without crashing. I used this guide from the Fallout New Vegas subreddit as a point of reference to modding my game.
  7. Former Mötorhead guitarist Phil Campbell band Phill Campbell and the Bastard Sons (which is as the name suggests made up of Campbell and his three sons Todd (guitar), Tyla (bass) and Dane (drums) as well as singer Neil Starr) will release their second album "We Are The Bastards" on November 13th via Nuclear Blast. There is also a new Dark Tranquility album coming this November named Moment. It will be the first album with the 2 new guitarists Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) and Johan Reinholdz (Skyfire, Nonexist). Apparently the news of this wasn't supposed to be out y
  8. I just re-installed New Vegas and I'm playing in for the first time in about 8 years. I'm trying to mod it properly this time using Vortex. The last time I played In simply installed mods manually which led to my game being an unstable mess. This time I'm leaving my load order entirely to Vortex. Let's hope it works.
  9. Lindsay Ellis' new video in which she delves into the Omegaverse lawsuit. Viewer discretion is advised. Go to 00:02:28 if you want to skip the bleeped smut:
  10. So Merciful Fate guitarist Hank Sherman has confirmed that the band is working on new music. He has 6 or 7 songs for a new album written already. So if everything works out alright we might get the new King Diamond albums as well as as new Mercyful Fate album next year. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/hank-shermann-has-written-six-or-seven-new-songs-for-mercyful-fates-next-album/
  11. What happens if Japanese Uncle Fester, Mr. Miyagi and a Japanese Elvis impersonator come together and form a band? Ningen Isu! Edit: Quit Riot drummer and band leader Frankie Banali has passed away at age 68. He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in April 2019 and suffered a stroke last week during a hospital visit for blood transfusions. He has played on every Quite Riot album since 1983's Metal Health and has been the driving force behind the band since their lead singer Kevin DuBrow died from an accidental overdose in 2007. H
  12. Since we don't have a Hard Rock thread I'll just post it here: Former UFO Bassist Pete Way passed away at age 69. He suffered life-threatening injuries in an accident 2 months ago and succumbed to them today. Apart from being a founding member of UFO and having played on most of their albums, he also founded his own band Waysted after leaving UFO, played Bass for Ozzy Osbourne during the Diary Of A Madman tour, was briefly part of Fast Eddie Clarke's post-Motörhead band Fastaway (he never actually recorded anything with them despite being credited as bassist on their debut album), recorde
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