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  1. I feel like some of the stuff introduced here is going to be integral to the overarching plot of the MCU going forward. So you might wanna sit through it unless you don't mind looking stuff up when it comes up again in later movies.
  2. And so the mudslinging begins: Bassist Steve Micciche has put out a statement of his own that doesn't paint Keith in the most positive light. I'd link to his Twitter profile, but he didn't post the statement as a thread but as separate tweets. So I'm linking Lambgoat instead who have the entire statement in one piece: https://lambgoat.com/news/35455/every-time-i-die-bassist-steve-micciche-shares-his-version-of-the-bands-demise/
  3. I enjoyed the show well enough so far.
  4. I mostly knew him as young Hannibal in Hannibal Rising. And for what it's worth, his performance wasn't the problem of that movie. Apparently he has become quite a big deal in French cinema since then. He was nominated for a César award (they're like the French Academy Awards IIRC) for best actor for his portrayal as fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in the movie Saint Laurent in 2014 and then won it 2 years later for his role as Louis in It's Only the End of the World. It is a tragedy. 37 is way too young.
  5. I wonder what the point of this stunt was. I heard someone suggest is that this could have been a way of letting KK Downing in the band while saving face at the same time. They Announce that they plan to tour as a four-piece, wait for all the outrage from the fanbase to pour in and then put out a statement saying that they have listened to the fans and that to provide the best possible concert experience, they have decided to put aside your differences and welcome Downing back into the band. Make it look like you did it for the fans while at the same time not looking like a bunch of pushover f
  6. Gaspard Ulliel, who is probably best known by international audiences for playing a young Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising and who was cast as Midnight Man in Moon Knight, has died after a skiing accident at age 37. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2022/jan/19/gaspard-ulliel-french-actor-dies-skiing-accident
  7. So there is going to be a limited Undertaker edition with 3 different versions of Taker (Phantom Mask, Lord of Darkness & Boneyard match versions) as well as a nWo 4-life edition.
  8. Judas Priest have ditched Andy Sneap as a live guitarist and will play as a quartet going forward: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/judas-priest-to-tour-as-quartet-while-former-touring-guitarist-andy-sneap-focuses-on-his-production-work/ This is weird. Priest have always been a two guitar band. The twin-lead work of Tipton and Downing was the band's major trademark (combined with Halford soaring vocals). Priest with 1 guitarist doesn't make sense. And to make things even weirder, the band's statement makes it sound like Sneap left as a live guitarist on his own accord because he wan
  9. Is Kaiden speciesist too? I thought that was just Ashley. To be fair, I never romanced the dude. But from the non-romantic interactions I had with him, he seems to be pretty chill.
  10. I can't blame her though. I can't think of many people who have had shit thrown at her as badly and as constantly as Lindsay. And that has pretty much been the case ever since her Youtube career started way back in 2008. It was death by a 1000 cuts. She has been planning on leaving YT for a while. The whole Raya drama just accelerated the process.
  11. I never saw either Dio nor Motörhead live. So any of their shows. For Dio it would be a show from either the Holy Diver, Last in Line or first half of the Sacred Heart tour when Vivian Campbell was still in the band. For Motörhead any era would do except the final few years of the band's existence when Lemmy started to decline physically. I'd even be curious to see what the band was like live with Brian Robertson in 1983. Alternatively I would also love to see Helloween during the Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2 tour in 1988 when Kai Hansen was still with the band and Kiske was in his prime.
  12. One thing I forgot to add is that once Hagar and Vinny got to know each other and Hagar asked him about it, Paul said that he had no memory of that. So it was probably just management putting out their feelers to different singers because they realized how dysfunctional the band had become and anticipated that Anselmo would leave or be fired sooner or later and not something the band themselves ever really considered.
  13. In a recent interview, Sammy Hagar claimed that at one point in the late 90s after he left Van Halen, he was asked by Pantera's management to replace Phil Anselmo. He says that happened before he befriended Vinny Paul. He turned them down because he didn't want to join another band after his split with Van Halen and especially not as the replacement for another singer. Would have been interesting if that had actually happened. Could you imagine Pantera playing a Groove Metal version of Why Can't This be Love or Hagar singing Walk?
  14. Hawkeye finale and Black Widow post-credit scene spoilers
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