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  1. Failure to Launch (2006) still airs most Sunday evenings in my local cinema (at a reduced price), it is regularly packed with couples on dates.
  2. My fully trained WM33 Pro Triple H has pushed me into WM33++ which is good as it increases the rate of tier drops. Now to push on and get more WM33 pros to improve my other decks.
  3. I have my second WM33 fusion cooking, managed to grind out the WM33 Triple H in RTG which I am now playing the bouts on to pro it as quickly as possible. Once fully bouted he will become my third WM33 tier pro and push me closer to moving straight into the new tier when it arrives.
  4. Ultimate Rick Rude, going to be Fusion Fodder later today when my current Ult fusion ends and I start my next WM33 fusion.
  5. My goal this RTG is to get WM33 Trips as he would be my third WM33 Pro, WM33++ here I come.
  6. Are the Hitmen going to start a Battleground to run with this event.
  7. Hoping for atleast 1 pro from the event, Ultimate Bayley or Banks or WM33 Bayley would do the job. Got a dud card WM33 Rusev along with my Ultimate Sasha from Battleground, both of which are singles.
  8. A new tier after this upcoming event car would be ideal, seeing as i'm nearly into WM33++ and a pro female would be a massive boost to my ranked deck. Even if it means burning myself out this will be my first event card.
  9. Cedric is a single for me will miss the first hour and a bit due to work but have built up alot of picks ready to build up a whole bunch of charges for Team BG if we are still doing that alongside the team event.
  10. Ace, it's not a competition to be hated and besides we hate you both equally. With my RTG deck being in WM33 tier now, I am hoping to push myself to get the WM33 card this event and then get the Event cards in the upcoming events. Don't see the point in getting a single Event Cena no matter how good it (supposedly) looks, I just can't see it.
  11. Got 4/5 wins over Mike and i'm aiming for 5/5 on each of the other two 'best decks' in our opposition, hopefully we can get a decent points haul and get some decent cards to improve our decks. Due to accidently unlocking and training away a Ultimate fusion I am having to build upto starting another WM33 fusion, am also closing on my next ladder reward which will be a WM33 male which I hope is a pro to push me closer to being able to go up to the next tier straight away.
  12. I feel like I'm doing pretty good in this battleground charging period, have one more week before I go back to work and they have agreed to ease me back into things meaning shorter shifts than before which is a good thing.
  13. This is weird for me having not long ago left Majestic Few to return to EWB Hitmen, but my loyalty lies with EWB so I'm gonna push myself to do well.
  14. Can we have a team battleground started just before the team event starts, for those that will play regardless of whether or not we can reach the WM33 card? I'll be playing mostly for the board clears to push towards my next tier pull and getting those battlepoints would be useful. Currently I probably stand no chance winning any KotR's since my deck is now WM33 tier and that means I can end up drawn against people that are lower down in the tier or people already set to move up if/when the new tier arrives. Making battleground my best chance to get WM33 cards
  15. My first WM33 fusion is finished and it is Aleister Black On the plus side once my KotR ends I will be able to pro Dillinger and push into WM33+ in Ranked.
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