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  1. Week 3 - Hull City Week 5 - Bristol City
  2. One loss in 16 and Luton get picked to lose twice, sad times I pick Hull City.
  3. I saw series 6 being filmed from one the balconies behind the contestants, a brilliant experience. Has anyone else had the pleasure?
  4. Bloody brilliant! Need to get something from Blackburn now! I'm hoping Brentford do it, they play some excellent football.
  5. Not surprising though really!
  6. Great result for Luton today, 5 points from a run of Preston, Swans and Leeds is pretty damn good. We will now get thrashed by Reading, in typical Luton style.
  7. Charlton fans have really been through the mill with their owners the last few years, much like us at Luton 10 years or so ago. Fingers crossed they can sort it out, but not on the pitch; I would rather like to stay up.
  8. As a Luton fan, I'm pretty worried as to what we're going to do. No manager, no coaches, how the hell will we win the games required if they do play again? We have a fairly decent run in as well, with many winnable games ahead, especially against teams who have nothing to play for. It looks as though the board are preparing for League One next year (potentially even with Nathan Jones back at the helm, although I'd take Steve Robinson from Motherwell!).
  9. Awful draw for Luton. Bored of playing Wycombe!
  10. Best thing I've seen in a long time. It's taken time, but I'm now really enjoying this series, with Acaster being one of my favourite contestants ever.
  11. I loved that moment, it was brilliant. Funnily enough, as the series progresses I'm liking them more and more, my least favourite now is Rhod. Some of his attempts are pretty lazy.
  12. 3,4 and 5 I enjoyed the most. I'm just finding there's not as much 'creativity'. Although I still find myself laughing out loud to Phil Wangs best noise!
  13. I really dislike Jessica Knappett in this. Which is a shame because the others are really good! Phil Wang makes me laugh out loud. I don't think they have the same chemistry as the other series quite yet, but sometimes that comes with time. Kerry Godliman has been better than expected as well.
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