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  1. Melina was on the last episode. I can't say for others since I don't read spoilers. Episode 22 spoilers
  2. Is Kyle Durden the same as Kyle Davis? If so, yes. Robert King is there and was noted as their senior referee. David Marquez wasn't asked back.
  3. KJE


    The 2022 season is on hold pending discussions with the CFL in regards to "collaboration" between the two leagues.
  4. On one hand that is frustrating. On the other hopefully we just have to tweak a few things?
  5. Sounds like he was missing his young family. Newborn and two other kids at home.
  6. I agree he is the favourite, but if there is any coach that can stop him (and has the team to stop him) I believe it's Nick Nurse.
  7. Tuuka Rask has opted out of the season.
  8. Why not go north? Raptors are the best and you'll look smart picking them now once they win it all.
  9. Don't you guys pay someone like a million dollars every year for the rest of his life? Or is that another team?
  10. I'd rather ties than changing the rules of the game to find a winner.
  11. I wish they / other leagues would embrace ties. Especially during covid.
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