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  1. Happy Birthday fellow TNA fan

    1. NJTNAFan


      wow thank you so much!

  2. The Product for The Hulkamania World Tour
  3. I need the following on KYKY for my mod thanks in advance Smiley Evander James
  4. I need this belt cut like this one On this background I also need this belt edited Put the words American Heavyweight Champion on it with the Hulkamania logo replacing the TNA Logo Maybe find a way to incorporate Hulkamania on to this tag belt set Also if someone can find a good trophy pic and put the Hulkamania logo on it for a Hulkamania World Cup championship Need these too, one in the style similar to above but with both belts. Also this one on KYKY cut slanted
  5. If it gets decent reviews and a PC release I might get it.
  6. Considering names for the Hulkamania World Tour championships. Hulkamania World Championship Hulkamania World Tag Team Championship Still undecided for a mid card title name Any opinions?
  7. I need a logo for the Hulkamania World Tour which is a future open promotion in my mod with Hulkamania done this way with the words World Tour below Hulkamania Above the logo have a silhouette image of Hogan doing this taunt Below Hogan incorporate a Globe image that prominently shows North America (where the promotion is located) All done on this background Thanks in advance
  8. I got an idea and I have a poll regarding a future open fed run by Hulk Hogan https://strawpoll.com/x92g8s441
  9. Restarted work on this recently, I have so many damn projects. I have been adding some workers and assigning body types and home regions.
  10. I need some NWA logos using this NWA logo on the grey back ground NWA Flight Of Champions NWA Ring Warriors NWA Wrestle War NWA Grand American Clash NWA Bunkhouse Stampede NWA When Worlds Collide NWA Global Supershow NWA Revenge NWA No Escape NWA Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup NWA Anniversary Show NWA Fury
  11. Can someone please cut the Dawson Brothers on KYKY?
  12. I have been following this game for some time. I want to eventually do a CAW show on it if its good here are few features I would love to have in it. Create a wrestler-This is more then likely in but yeah, I hope its better than the WWE character creation Create a championship- Hopefully this is in with a lot of details Create a move/finisher- Could be fun Create an arena/venue- Would be very nice Create a story/cut scenes- Good for uploading content as well as aspiring CAW league makers like myself. Create an entrance- Speaks for itself but would be fun to also i
  13. I went in wanting to like the Black Widow movie, and was NOT let down, loved it.
  14. An update to my YouTube channel
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