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  1. That is very bland dude and that name is supposed to be a place holder.
  2. The Washington Football Team should change their name to the Redhawks, would keep the word red in the name and is still catchy. Hail To The Redhawks still has a nice ring to it.
  3. I need some logos for my WCW Dynasty I am using this WCW logo One for WCW The Great American Bash based on this logo with the text being given an American Flag motif and same for the WCW logo which I would like added back. The next one for WCW Bash at The Beach make it similar to this one but with the new logo above added to it with the red WCW logo text being the same color as the logo. If you want to give it more of a beach motif that would be a nice bonus Now finally for now, WCW Clash Of The Champions which I am bringing back as a PPV in August replac
  4. I need a few more cuts on KYKY for my mod Big Swole Britt Baker Butcher and Blade (cut both please Leyla Hirsch Mike Law Tay Conti The Bunny Thanks in advance
  5. I need the following on KYKY for my mod Jake Deaner Luigi Primo Marty The Moth Martinez ' Recklusa Ricky Mundo Vibora
  6. I need that belt on the grey background with an AEW logo put on it over the FM logo cut in the style of this belt Also need this belt cut the same way
  7. It is going to be a fun mod, I have been adding narratives. The mod had none when I started it, here is what I have so far.
  8. Which is my intention. I want to make a great mod.
  9. I reckon I had a different version of it still need the LU pic
  10. I need them on the grey background so they don't stick out like a sore thumb.
  11. Thought he would make a cool edition in a what if mod. Could lead to a fun program with someone like Kurt Angle in game.
  12. I need some pics on this background I need a narrative pic for financial troubles for LU with this LU logo Maybe have a red dollar sign or broken down trending graph in the pic. Feel free to get a bit creative I also need this AEW Dynamite Logo WITHOUT the TNT logo on the same grey background and all the AEW PPV logos on the same background. Sorry for the big request, this is for my mod TNA Resurgent so I can have LU have realistic budget cuts and AEW as a future open fed.
  13. A well known outside star who future debuts.
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