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  1. I need a pic of the NXT Women's Tag titles cut on this background Cut in this style
  2. Good thing you asked here is the list of broadcasters. I renamed TNA Unlimited to TNA Plus and I am considering other changes to make to my broadcasters.
  3. I need a TNA Plus logo based on this logo With this TNA logo On this background
  4. Blame the Stone Cutters if you disagree with the Oscars, they rig every Oscar night.
  5. Both, I am doing a dual release for version 1
  6. Same here dude I agree, very fun movie
  7. Wrong thread mods feel free to delete this post
  8. I need some belts please on this background Cut in this style Plus these two with this logo added if possible You can just put the letters on the heavyweight belt if you want since it has the wings kind of
  9. I would but my Autism gives me coordination issues, I have tried to edit images before and they all looked terrible.
  10. I need that pic of Rick Steiner and a pic of Taz's son Hook on KYKY of my mod please thanks in advance. Also need this pic of Tyler Fullington on KYKY EDIT-Found one of Hook
  11. I need this pic of Mike Briscoe on KYKY
  12. I need a stable logo on a black OR white background to match up with iDOL's stable logos. Its for my TNA mod and the stable is called The Campaign I would like it to feature a money greenish and gold theme all metallic too to show wealth (ECIII is the leader of it) I would be most thankful. I need the logo for Viceland and Vice on the grey background
  13. https://gofile.io/d/WaxIHR I need the logos from that file uploaded on the grey background with these logos replacing the TNA logos, one set for each, I am trying to give players of my mod options. Thanks in advance
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