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  1. It also inspired this tremendous bit of accidental trans allyship.
  2. Marcus Rashford has literally run the country this year. What the fuck.
  3. That's insane. I'm sure there are clubs with massive concourse areas, but bits of Newcastle really aren't that wide, so to allow people to be in them maskless for 15 minutes is stupid. Good job we're tier 3.
  4. I've had (and dropped) Lookman from my draft team, and Mitrovic is on my bench. I've been thoroughly grumpy every time you've had a pen.
  5. They've found someone who can score a penalty!
  6. I realised the other day that I'm only one trophy off the Platinum on Spider-man, and it's "buy all the suits". All I need to do is put the disk in. One day.
  7. It's this nonsense of the 12:30 kickoff that gets me though, unless someone can point me to some evidence that it's somehow more dangerous for a player to play at home on a Wednesday night then 12:30 Saturday rather than 3pm I'll let him off, but it feels like utter bollocks. Europa League sides have been playing Thursday nights (often at the arse end of Europe) then 1 or 2 on Sunday for decades, and it's never been mentioned before. I know it's an odd season with a very short gap (not that small though, there would've been a summer tournament he could have been whinging about instead) but I f
  8. Playing on Wednesday and 12:30 on a Saturday is dangerous apparently. Fucking hell.
  9. This is one of the best topics we've had in yonks and it doesn't work at all without the amount of graft you've been putting in. Take your time and don't worry about it. And congrats!
  10. Everton 3 vs. 1 Leeds (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)West Brom 1 vs. 2 Sheff Utd (Sat 8pm, Sky)Southampton 1 vs. 2 Man Utd (Sun 2pm, Sky)Chelsea 2 vs. 0 Tottenham (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)Arsenal 2 vs. 1 Wolves (Sun 7.15pm, Sky)
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