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  1. Considering it was in his second language it was superb of him to thank Everton fans and other clubs a fair few minutes in. I do think we're in a really good place at the moment in terms of footballers as role models.
  2. They were still losing even after the Schmeichel goal, that's why he doesn't start somersaulting. The Friedel one is great, Souness was talking about it yesterday. He scores to make it 2-2 but Charlton immediately score a winner.
  3. That's exactly what we have now though. The idea of applying tolerance isn't to stop using the tech, it's to acknowledge a) the limitations of the tech and b) to get back a bit of the spirit of the rule. As Adam says a two inch advantage is no advantage, especially considering the reason for the rule in the first place. It's being done in the Dutch league already with a small tweak (if the lines touch the on field decision stands, for me if the lines touch I'd make it onside), and that feels perfect to me.
  4. You can't change the offside law for the tech though, it wouldn't suit the however many hundred competitions where it doesn't exist. All you can change is the way VAR interprets offside, which has to be to add some tolerance for "level" (i.e. impossible to judge with the tech whether you're off) being onside as it always has been.
  5. Surely he can afford a telly?
  6. Burnley 1 vs. 1 Leeds (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Southampton 2 vs. 0 Fulham (Sat 3pm, Sky)Crystal Palace 1 vs. 2 Aston Villa (Sun 12pm, Sky)Tottenham 3 vs. 0 Wolves (Sun 2.05pm, Sky)West Brom 0 vs. 3 Liverpool (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  7. It's so consistent. It's never going to hit the heights of peak Simpsons but I think they've probably done more good seasons already.
  8. I think this is possible. Without question (stupid) fans will always use the "he got the ball" argument, but referees have been trained out of that mindset for at least 5 years.
  9. I'm honestly stunned you think that. Liam that is.
  10. People have always used "he got the ball" as an excuse, but it's only in recent years that follow throughs, amount of force etc have been included in the laws of the game and referees interpretation, so the game itself has gone in completely the opposite direction. I don't think that's a bad thing, I was in the crowd when a Nijel de Jong reducer broke Hatem Ben Arfa in several pieces without even a foul being given, but the number of times you see a nonsensical still image appear on Twitter as evidence of a "clear red" these days is ridiculous. If you play football someone will stand on your f
  11. See for me the bolded bit is no longer a defense and we've had this conversation a few times recently. However in this case (different to that Leeds one a few weeks back and numerous others) for me Bailly isn't lunging there at all. He goes to ground, but there's barely any impact in the contact and of anything it's the side of a boot making contact with a shinpad. That said I was very surprised to see it overturned just by definition of clear and obvious error, but I was pleased it was.
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