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  1. When they say not to look at the sun you should probably not do it.

    1. Gazz


      Ze Goggles, zey doo nuthing!

  2. Val Kilmer is tweeting Les Dennis and Barry from Eastenders. I love this world.

  3. Daisy Donovan looks old. Depressing fact of the day.

  4. Go on, admit it. You're looking through your likes. No ones judging you.

  5. A new Barry Scott Cillit Bang ad? Christmas came early!

  6. Jon Stewart talking about Jim'll Fix It is one of the most surreal tv sights I've seen in a long time.

  7. The Premier League thread hasn't moved in two days, and despite all the Liverpool stadium news I don't want to disturb its peaceful state.

    1. Nerf


      Let it rest, it's had a rough time lately.

    2. EddieG


      Post it in the football league thread, the way we're going that's where we'll be once the expansion has finished.

  8. EWB Sun Dream Team, Pin: 178562, password EWB. Thats how much I appreciate Myke!

    1. MDK
    2. Gazz


      Dynamo Aberdare 5 Sheffield Hysterical 1

  9. In all seriousness, have we ever done a list of best list writers/compilers? Obviously bonus points for those who actually finish them.

  10. Am I really so bored that I'm watching a documentary about Irish hiphop? Also, why has the BBC sank this low? Monkey Tennis?

    1. Hobo


      What Bishop?

  11. Hey guys, Euro 2012 prediction compo now in the Sports Bar. Shill shill shill.

    1. Whtie Dolphin

      Whtie Dolphin

      Faroe Islands wins the tournament.

  12. Might buy Wrestling Manager just to make Karl Kennedy champion of all. If only it was free. Free as a river!

    1. OctoberRaven


      Even if it was free, I'd say it was overpriced.

  13. Sun Dream Team anyone? Details in General Football, shill shill shill...

    1. Starvinho


      I joined, just because they're doing a free team this year!

  14. Suggested Friend to add on Facebook, Kriss Sprules? How?

    1. Skummy


      Facebook just feels sorry for him.

  15. Would like to make Chris Hughton a nice cup of tea.

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