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  1. Ive never felt compelled to actually listen to Radiohead or LCD Soundsystem. No matter how many people talk about how great they are.
  2. Hobo

    The MST3K Thread

    Im not sure i really like that they wont have a physical set but im sure it will look fine
  3. A visual representation of how long this video is taking
  4. This is pretty great. And makes me wish i put more effort into my videos
  5. I played a lot of Ultimate Soccer Manager as a child. I think I eventually played every version. Because we had USM2 for ages. I was really familiar with 1996/97 Premier League squads for a while.
  6. CM03/04 was my first CM game. As a result I will always have fond memories of Supat Rungratsamee.
  7. Hobo

    Star Trek TV

    Discovery spoilers
  8. They just need to keep the Scarface soundtrack in so you can PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT
  9. Hobo

    Star Trek TV

    I think I like the idea presented in that trailer. But, I dunno if this needs to be spoilers or not? honestly, I dunno if I'll watch Picard Season 2. I had quite mixed feelings on Season 1. In particular, the ending.
  10. I suspected this one would be a draw tbh
  11. I can't say thats the Bon Iver song I would pick from For Emma, Forever Ago. Which I also honestly think it is still the best album Bon Iver album. I haven't liked anything since really.
  12. I've just noticed Man City have 2 keepers on the bench. I've seen Liverpool do that a bit too recently. I'm a bit confused as to why they do it though.
  13. I did a quick google and found an article about 2015/16 Palermo changed manager 6 times during that season alone. Which has to be the most in a single season anyway. I remember when Mick McCarthy went to manage APOEL last year reading about how often they were changing managers. According to wiki they've changed managers at least once a season since 2015. They're on their second since McCarthy left in January.
  14. Dundalk FC knocked Sheriff out of the Europa league Qualifying rounds last year. In the last 12 months, Dundalk have a better record against Sheriff Tiraspol in Europe than Real Madrid.
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