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  1. I don't know how many of his mods Genadi is intending on doing for TEW 2020 but I would assume that 2001 would be one of them. For now, he's focused on converting the Summer of Punk mod first.
  2. It's a great resource, yes, but not entirely accurate. For instance, especially in WWF around 1989, Boris Zhukov isn't listed at all on the roster until way later (I believe the end of 1990 even)
  3. Yeah, I gonna also have to adjust my requirements too. Booked a Smackdown with Daniel Bryan involved in a match and his segment was the highest....46.
  4. I honestly never ever considered Matt Hardy as a full-fledged Elite member; more like an ally - a bit like Jeff Cobb was for The Inner Circle late last year.
  5. He doesn't seem to be in a hurry to release TEW 2020 versions of his past modes either. Which is a shame because I'd like to play more than current era mods at the moment and there aren't a whole lot of them available so far.
  6. Judging by a recent interview from Samoa Joe this week, I'm wondering if Joe should be fully transitioned to colour commentator. That's the feeling I had while I read that interview.
  7. Also remove Ligero from NXT:UK as WWE fired him earlier today.
  8. Also, Sammy Guevara has been suspended by AEW for his comments towards Sasha Banks that have surfaced earlier. However, there doesn't seem to be a specific amount of time so do that as you wish.
  9. For instance, you should dismiss anything related to Colt Cabana. An underage girl alleges she has been raped by 2 British wrestlers (I believe Hade Vansen is one of them) and out of nowhere, the name of Colt popped up but the message mentioned that he was given the girl's phone number but nothing other than that. On an unrelated note, Adam Bueller passed away from HIV in the last couple of days.
  10. In some cases, it's a bit difficult because there isn't anything that has been outright proven. For instance, Matt Riddle says that Candy Cartwright has been stalking him and his wife for the past 2 years and it seems like her allegation is fake, given some screenshots that were posted, indicating that her screenshot was doctored. I'd suggest to go with those who've already had preemptive actions taking against them like Travis Banks, Jordan Devlin and Jack Gallagher.
  11. Remove Jack Gallagher from WWE as he's been fired earlier today.
  12. Actually, Sabian & Havoc's team is known as the Superbad Squad.
  13. Nice! Gonna try that 85 mod as well ASAP.
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