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  1. Also, remove Tom Phillips from WWE. He's been released this morning.
  2. I've heard that Slammiversary is scheduled for July 17.
  3. The only 1997 mod that I've encountered so far is on TEW by forlan but it starts in January 1997.
  4. After this weekend, he's a babyface and Alexa Bliss is a heel.
  5. Apparently, I was wrong about Big Swole taking a hiatus as she's on the Dark: Elevation card for tonight's premiere episode so ignore that.
  6. Put Big Swole on hiatus as she's dealing with Crohn's disease right now and has chosen to step away for a while
  7. Gotcha. I'll fix it myself in the database before starting a new game
  8. Worst case scenario, I'll fix it myself when I'll run into the error
  9. Well, Speedball was right on the money. In Eastern Canada, those are the promotions to watch.
  10. At a quick glance, I can tell you right away that Channing Decker and Maeve O'Farrell are missing from the NSPW roster. But there are a bunch of guys you've added in the free agents that I can actually fill in for that roster. There's a working partnership between IWS, NSPW & Smash Wrestling. There isn't a specific name for this alliance but they've been working together for the past few years and right up until the pandemic hit
  11. Nice! If you need help for North Shore Pro Wrestling, let me know. It's the local promotion in my area so I know a bit about their roster and events.
  12. Sorry about that. Hadn't read it before I posted, my bad.
  13. I guess now you can put Big Show with AEW as a Staff Member.
  14. She's still under contract with WWE until Wrestlemania this year.
  15. Add Lacey Ryan, Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black to WWE NXT (Exclusive Written, Developmental) and change their names respectively to Zoey Stark, Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade. For right now, keep their gimmicks as they are.
  16. The more time periods we can play with, the better IMO. Mistakes are bound to happen but thanks for doing this!
  17. I don't know how many of his mods Genadi is intending on doing for TEW 2020 but I would assume that 2001 would be one of them. For now, he's focused on converting the Summer of Punk mod first.
  18. It's a great resource, yes, but not entirely accurate. For instance, especially in WWF around 1989, Boris Zhukov isn't listed at all on the roster until way later (I believe the end of 1990 even)
  19. Yeah, I gonna also have to adjust my requirements too. Booked a Smackdown with Daniel Bryan involved in a match and his segment was the highest....46.
  20. I honestly never ever considered Matt Hardy as a full-fledged Elite member; more like an ally - a bit like Jeff Cobb was for The Inner Circle late last year.
  21. He doesn't seem to be in a hurry to release TEW 2020 versions of his past modes either. Which is a shame because I'd like to play more than current era mods at the moment and there aren't a whole lot of them available so far.
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