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  1. Here you go And of course, here are different colors of the logo
  2. I'm guessing this is what you're looking for? I'm also going to drop these here as well! I did them last week and they're just in the way tbh If TheWho already did them, then enjoy them anyways
  3. I finished these for you as well! I did not know where to put the "House of Hardcore" lettering at on the Tag Titles, so I simply left them out! However, if you tell me where you want it at I'll put it there for you As for the other belt, I tried my best to keep it on par with the other belt you showed! But I'm not the best with belts lol Anyways, enjoy
  4. Alright I think I finished them all! It took me awhile to finish these because the backgrounds would NOT erase! So like any Photoshop artist, I got mad, I got coffee and started removing them myself As always, if not, let me know and I'll re-do any that you don't like or that I missed I did make a few different color variations to a quite a few of them because why not? Anyways, enjoy 😄
  5. Okay! First up, I have the AEW Dynamite request! I did two different backgrounds because I always get confused which backgrounds are which I personally like them on the grey background but do with these as you please 😄 Next I have the IMPACT Request! Do let me know if I did this wrong! Your request was a bit confusing to read for me! So if I did it wrong, let me know! I'll fix it! Especially if you wanted to keep the black background :3 Last but not least, I have your Viceland & Campaign request! Again, I was a bit confused with how you had
  6. Cool! Is this going to be available for TEW 16 or 2020?
  7. Are you going to add any soccer to the narratives? I think some MLS ones would be cool
  8. Hating my internet speed every second and yet can't live without it 😁

    1. Paton


      Download more RAM.

    2. Warhawk8492


      That is awful

  9. Don't worry! You totally did it right 😁 Let me know if I did all these right 😄 I wasn't sure if you wanted one of the Machine Motor Guns but I did them both just in case Deaner resembles Moxley in my opinion and that inspired me to do a cut for Moxley as well Alisha Edwards Davari David Penzer Deaner Dlo Brown John E Bravo Josh Mathews Madison Rayne Matt Striker Alex Shelley Chr
  10. Ah ok! When most tell me KYKY they mean the first one! I haven't done any belts on second background before! If you have a blank I can give it another shot! But if you fire me that's ok too 😆
  11. OK for the first one you requested, I made two variations! One with white lettering and one with red lettering! I didn't include the WCW logo like I did on the other two requests simply because I thought it would ruin the look xD As for the second one, I completely "revamped" the Bash at the Beach logo and gave it a beachy vibe! I couldn't find/think of any font that would make it more for a beach feel so I just added a couple of umbrellas 😄 As for your last request, I also made three different variations to the Clash of the Champions logo! The first one, the title "swallow
  12. Hopefully these work! If not, let know and I'll re-do them :3
  13. Here you go! Personally I think it looked better on KYKY but enjoy anyways xD This was the close I could get the belt blue (Unless you wanted a different shade of blue)! Hopefully it's what you wanted! If not, let me know and I'll re-do it :3
  14. First, sorry it took me so long to reply! Life's been crazy lately xD Second, I don't have access the link you posted for the background? I think it's the all grey one you want but not sure!
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