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  1. the end..

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    2. Owen
    3. PantherFan22


      I'm just gonna lie and say Bo Levi Mitchell..

      That way I look smart because I'm a Stampeders fan and remind the people that the CFL is awesome... but like with K and "commercial" people, I'm alone.. and no-one likes me

    4. Krabby


      Well its not anything groumdshaking but I always enjoy your posts about your EWR games and wished more people posted about their games like you and HeroinBob!

  2. EWB loves Kenny Omega, I know it... an IWGP champion... scared of a no sell, I want to no  sell the One Winged Angel, but I won't.. Yet

  3. Ron Killings retires? I'm so nice, I give him a chance at becoming a 2-Time NWA World Champion..

    What a waste of talent

  4. 3 for 3, Spurs (of Tottenham) are on a roll.. So Norwich will beat us this week.

  5. always nice to see this:

    Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio have a fantastic chemistry in the ring, it adds a lot to the match.

    1. Forky


      I don't believe it! Where is your proof!

    2. PantherFan22


      Fork me, he's right.. I should have evidence, and you will get some, because someone thinks they should have a rematch

    3. PantherFan22
  6. short rout, max sneaky

  7. awesome goal! Danny Rose!~!!

  8. I'm fine.. yep fine... go away

  9. Miranda Cosgrove.. as a Non-Wrestler..

    1. Krabby


      Miranda Cosgrove vs Nick Gage deathmatch on the set of iCarly 

    2. Your Mom

      Your Mom

      So I'm old because I didn't know who that was? Wonderful

  10. Does anyone have a full list of WWE releases for 2021?

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    2. PantherFan22


      That's a way of getting a WWF diary going. Shame I cannot write.

      But still, thank you :)

    3. PantherFan22


      Yes, I said WWF... Come at me Pandas

    4. PantherFan22


      I know it's you Lineker.. I base that on nothing

  11. Curry Man v. American Dragon - who'd? book that

    1. OctoberRaven


      I don't know, doesn't seem like Jim Neidhart's bag.

    2. PantherFan22


      probably correct... Nicole Matthews and Nattie Neidhart, best, in the world


    3. PantherFan22


      We love, Neidhart :D

      how dare you

  12. British folk may or may not know about Zoe Lucas... @Azazel perhaps??

    1. Azazel


      I've met her once at least

    2. PantherFan22


      you can report me... but I have a weird thing about to Zoe Lucas, of which i have no excuse..

      I have to ask @Azazel, is Zoe nice? sorry

    3. Ruki Returns

      Ruki Returns

      You better be sorry.

  13. TIL that Ernest "The Cat" Miller was on the MacGyver reboot with the guy from Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" video, but which I watch because of Tristin Mays

  14. High pitiched laugh.. i want to stab it... I really hate people..

    I remember.

    Sorry... No-one likes me....Alone

    1. LL!


      No Hammer please don't hurt em

    2. PantherFan22


      Never met LL... sorry

  15. Lifeline - Please hold

    Yeah, that was funny 20 years ago

  16. that hurts.. kids on 9/11 ouch

  17. where were you on 9/11/01?

    I was watching the West Wing commercial came on, oh this is for the TV show... otherwise i was on yahoo chat

  18. I know I do it to myself... but the names on 9/11

  19. So the MLB can build a "Field of Dreams" "Stadium" in Iowa... How long before AEW wanna wrestle there? Does Iowa have a stadium?

  20. HAY Lineker. you a Carolina Panther?

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    2. Maxx


      Consider this your 1 year free trial of fandom, at the end of the season you can decide to lock in or cancel your subscription.

    3. Lineker


      "Can I just place a bet that all the horses have fun?"

    4. PantherFan22


      @Lineker - Thanks for answering, (Tottenham and Carolina, interesting) and I'm kind of with you, Deshaun Watson joining the Panthers, and I doubt I could support the Panthers.

  21. May I enquire as to why the 'Official' Rate my Card thread is locked?

    1. Mick


      It's literally explained in the new thread.

    2. PantherFan22


      Apologies, I'm so cheap, I don't pay attention.

  22. Le Tour de France, is tonight the night Mark Cavendish becomes the winningest rider in tour history?

    I'm sure there were Cav fans in these here parts

    1. PantherFan22
    2. The Redeemer CLDY

      The Redeemer CLDY

      @ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster likes cycling! I bet he watched it.

    3. ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster


      I've watched most stages live (now that I work from home I can have it on as I work). Enjoying Cav's renaissance and hoping he wins in Paris tomorrow. Desperately wanted Pogacar to lose the yellow jersey, but he was just too strong sadly.

  23. Shit I learned today: AJ Styles has never been ROH Champion and yet for some reason, I thought he had been.

    1. TheGrandAvatar


      I thought he had been ROH Champion myself. I must have mistaken him being due to ROH Pure run he had. 

  24. I can help tokyo 2020 err 21?

    Fencing should be in France

  25. Kevin Owens v. Drew Galloway

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