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  1. short rout, max sneaky

  2. awesome goal! Danny Rose!~!!

  3. I'm fine.. yep fine... go away

  4. Miranda Cosgrove.. as a Non-Wrestler..

    1. Krabby


      Miranda Cosgrove vs Nick Gage deathmatch on the set of iCarly 

    2. Your Mom

      Your Mom

      So I'm old because I didn't know who that was? Wonderful

  5. Cam Newton is back and probably starting for the Panthers.. @Lineker and I want to know.. Can we make the playoffs?
  6. Does anyone have a full list of WWE releases for 2021?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PantherFan22


      That's a way of getting a WWF diary going. Shame I cannot write.

      But still, thank you :)

    3. PantherFan22


      Yes, I said WWF... Come at me Pandas

    4. PantherFan22


      I know it's you Lineker.. I base that on nothing

  7. Take the piss out of England, and our gentleman captain is a fucking sex pest, godamnit.
  8. Curry Man v. American Dragon - who'd? book that

    1. OctoberRaven


      I don't know, doesn't seem like Jim Neidhart's bag.

    2. PantherFan22


      probably correct... Nicole Matthews and Nattie Neidhart, best, in the world


    3. PantherFan22


      We love, Neidhart :D

      how dare you

  9. British folk may or may not know about Zoe Lucas... @Azazel perhaps??

    1. Azazel


      I've met her once at least

    2. PantherFan22


      you can report me... but I have a weird thing about to Zoe Lucas, of which i have no excuse..

      I have to ask @Azazel, is Zoe nice? sorry

    3. Ruki Returns

      Ruki Returns

      You better be sorry.

  10. The Ashes are going ahead, England have mostly touched down Joe Root (C) James Anderson Jonathan Bairstow Dom Bess Stuart Broad Rory Burns Jos Buttler Zak Crawley Haseeb Hameed Dan Lawrence Jack Leach Dawid Malan Craig Overton Ollie Pope Ollie Robinson Chris Woakes Mark Wood -- Ben Stokes is also in the squad Might be a bit unfair to start an Ashes Thread, given England suck and all, but full respect (seriously) James Anderson and Stuart Broad coming here one more t
  11. TIL that Ernest "The Cat" Miller was on the MacGyver reboot with the guy from Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" video, but which I watch because of Tristin Mays

    1. PantherFan22


      Useless information, that's me :(

    2. PantherFan22
  12. As an Aussie, i freaking love the FA Cup from about round 3 onwards.. Premier League teams potentially going to @Lineker backyard
  13. High pitiched laugh.. i want to stab it... I really hate people..

    I remember.

    Sorry... No-one likes me....Alone

    1. LL!


      No Hammer please don't hurt em

    2. PantherFan22


      Never met LL... sorry

  14. Lifeline - Please hold

    Yeah, that was funny 20 years ago

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