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  1. Whoa wait... Saget had something with CHIKARA, right? Sorry enjoy the song
  2. My 2022... you can have it... what more do you have? Everyone leaves me, seriously.. I start re-watching Fuller House, to get over the loss of Betty White.. and
  3. England are on fire in Hobart!!! Go figure... Also, I got to witness James Anderson live, what a pleasure that was as an Aussie.. I saw him the first time he came here, thought he was rubbish.. Smart arse proved me wrong.
  4. I've heard this before, but it amuses me because it's so true. Seriously though, my grandmother loved the Golden Girls, and we'd watch it every Saturday night when I was a lot younger than I am now. It feels like Betty White was the last long term link to my grandmother.. As someone else also said, Up in heaven, Estelle, Rue, Bea and Betty are having cheesecake together
  5. From memory, I think it's Caprice Coleman, and it seems to fix the issue.
  6. Here's one.. Scott Boland to become the 2nd Indiginous Australian to play Test Cricket. Also, on Thursday, the United States defeated Ireland in a T20 Thank god Americans don't rate cricket.
  7. Did you leave the EU? I'm out... That diagnoses hurts me.
  8. Max Verstappen.. then Emma Raducanu...
  9. BOOM - 1-nil out of England England need a Wrist Spinner.. Oh dear.. England's A team did the senior job.
  10. the end..

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    2. Owen
    3. PantherFan22


      I'm just gonna lie and say Bo Levi Mitchell..

      That way I look smart because I'm a Stampeders fan and remind the people that the CFL is awesome... but like with K and "commercial" people, I'm alone.. and no-one likes me

    4. Krabby


      Well its not anything groumdshaking but I always enjoy your posts about your EWR games and wished more people posted about their games like you and HeroinBob!

  11. The past two years are likely to be hell on @mkpunk, and he deserves some time off. Thanks for all your work, rest up, because 2022 looks like it'll be fun.
  12. Cam Newton is back and probably starting for the Panthers.. @Lineker and I want to know.. Can we make the playoffs?
  13. Take the piss out of England, and our gentleman captain is a fucking sex pest, godamnit.
  14. The Ashes are going ahead, England have mostly touched down Joe Root (C) James Anderson Jonathan Bairstow Dom Bess Stuart Broad Rory Burns Jos Buttler Zak Crawley Haseeb Hameed Dan Lawrence Jack Leach Dawid Malan Craig Overton Ollie Pope Ollie Robinson Chris Woakes Mark Wood -- Ben Stokes is also in the squad Might be a bit unfair to start an Ashes Thread, given England suck and all, but full respect (seriously) James Anderson and Stuart Broad coming here one more t
  15. As an Aussie, i freaking love the FA Cup from about round 3 onwards.. Premier League teams potentially going to @Lineker backyard
  16. Just a note for staff: It may be time to delete Rick Bognar, given he passed away in September 2019.
  17. mkpunk, yer work is awesome, but an idea has crossed my mind, thanks to the past few months why not update every 3 months for 2020? and let's see before going back to EWR normal
  18. A sticky wicket (or sticky dog, or glue pot) is a metaphor used to describe a difficult circumstance. It originated as a term for difficult circumstances in the sport of cricket, caused by a damp and soft pitch.

    1. Krabby


      I used to play a cricket game on my grandma's computer, no idea what I was doing, but it was fun

      ...still dont understand cricket though hahaha

    2. Forky


      Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket

  19. minnesota eh? a sticky wicket is well what i'd do your baseballers

  20. we don't need another T20 league... but if we must, then let's base in America... NYC, Miami, LA, Washington, Toronto, Calgary, Mexico City and Vancouver i already hate toronto.. sorry.. each team would have to have a natural born canadian or american in there 11 - Yes Ian Holland would qualify for the United States Chris2K's idea... I have the teams, and I would take Calgary ;;\
  21. Not sure if I've commented here or I care, now for those I love hating. Shane Warne (great bowler+, handy bastman+, utter twat-) Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff (Good batsman+, good bowler+, English-) Tom Brady - Probably the best QB ever, and I thank him for Super Bowl XXXVIII (Panthers should have won that game, damnit John Kasay), also bugger... He's in the Panthers division now, AFTER Luke Kuechly retires Drew Brees - Sick of him beating my Panthers, quite honestly I dislike these cricketers, but love watching them play: Kevin Pietersen, Graeme Smith, Chris Gayle, M
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