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  1. We played War With The Evil Power Master last week, was a lot of fun!
  2. Sorry I got out of rhythm with this lol
  3. Everton 1-2 Leeds (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)West Brom 1-0 Sheff Utd (Sat 8pm, Sky)Southampton 2-2 Man Utd (Sun 2pm, Sky)Chelsea 2-3 Tottenham (Sun 4.30pm, Sky) Arsenal 1-3 Wolves (Sun 7.15pm, Sky)
  4. Pushed back until Tuesday night
  5. But they won't have Eli back there to play Qb* *i.e. close his eyes and throw the ball up in the sky hoping for a miracle catch
  6. Yeah those Rams uniforms are hot trash
  7. Kind of like an extra RB coach that can play some
  8. The E-Fed of football offensive game plans
  9. How does that work with his contract since it was a pickup game? I know there have been instances of this stuff in other sports like Jeff Kent riding a motorcycle and getting into an accident and getting into trouble
  10. Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Aston Villa 1-1 Brighton (Sat 3pm, BT)Tottenham 2-1 Man City (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)Leeds 1-2 Arsenal (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)Liverpool 3-1 Leicester (Sun 7.15pm, Sky)
  11. 1 - Shrewsbury (D0-0) 2 - Blackburn (W5-0) 3 - Oxford Utd (W4-1) 4 - Hull City (W1-0) 5 - Ipswich (W2-0) 6 - Wigan (D1-1) 7 - Middlesbrough (W1-0) 8 - Huddersfield Town (D1-1) WEEK 9 PICK: Portsmouth
  12. Fun fact, I am related to Ty Cobb
  13. lmao who put LaTroy Hawkins on the ballot
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