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  1. Hmm, kind of intriguing, interested in hearing more
  2. Excuse me, come again? What is this?
  3. 6. Kyle Orton 7. Rex Grossman 8. Devin Hester 9. Cade McCown 10. Ditka's Grandson
  4. Anybody play Frostpunk? it's on sale for 10 bucks right now and I am considering picking it up
  5. Yeah get ready to cry bud, it's gonna yank all the heartstrings
  6. There's a better than 50% chance that a Call the Midwife episode will make me cry
  7. I dont necessarily blame the Colts for going after Wentz rather than Watson. I'm sure the asking price from the Texans includes the divisional rival tax which may have been prohibitive.
  8. Another one I did last night had Lawrence fall to 3 for Houston - lmao
  9. My wife would vouch heavily for Two Point Hospital!
  10. Watched Barb & Star go to Vista del Mar Thats a trip yall
  11. There's just something about that Urban Meyer statement that comes off as ignorant, naive, and slimy.
  12. Cool, so he'll bully young men but won't to grown men? Sounds like a guy I'd want on my staff
  13. lmao, completely change the jerseys, all wear disguises, just go full on trying to convince him he is somewhere else
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