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  1. Ahh the ol Aaron Rodgers treatment
  2. West Ham 1-3 Man City (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)Liverpool 3-0 Sheff Utd (Sat 8pm)Southampton 1-2 Everton (Sun 2pm, Sky)Wolves 2-0 Newcastle (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  3. 1 - Shrewsbury (D0-0) 2 - Blackburn (W5-0) 3 - Oxford Utd (W4-1) 4 - Hull City (W1-0) 5 - Ipswich Bah posting on mobile Pick this week: Wigan
  4. At this point give me FitzMagic over Cousins
  5. Everton 0-2 Liverpool (Sat 12.30pm, BT) Man City 3-2 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm, Sky) Sheff Utd 2-1 Fulham (Sun 12pm) Crystal Palace 2-0 Brighton (Sun 2pm, Sky) Leicester 1-2 Aston Villa (Sun 7.15pm)
  6. 1 - Shrewsbury (D0-0) 2 - Blackburn (W5-0) 3 - Oxford Utd (W4-1) 4 - Hull City (W1-0) 5 - Ipswich
  7. Has anyone played Detective? Is there much replayability?
  8. Haha I just have never liked MMORPGs in general. I tried playing WoW with my friends and just found it boring, the whole grinding for gear thing just turns me off. I had some buddies that tried and tried to get me to join Rift and play in their guild, and its like I dont have or want to spend the time necessary to play at a high level
  9. @livid @Gabriel @RazorsEdge @Tigerstyle Watched the first episode of the boys and it was FANTASTIC very excited to keep watching
  10. Okey dokey! Thanks for letting me play btw
  11. So we don't pick this week @Baddar for this or the 16?
  12. Haha you saw what I did there
  13. A savvy team in need a of future QB should target Haskins and see if they can lowball the Redskins; Denver doesn't have a lock at QB, Roethlisberger's body will only hold up so long in Pitt, Tom Brady is a short term solution for TB obviously, Colts aren't sold on Brissett obviously if they brought in Rivers who is also old, may be other situations too If you could swing a late round pick or depth guy or something for Haskins and see what you have or have him learn under someone else more experienced, could be a steal
  14. Yay vikings barely won plan the parade
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