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  1. Min 4 Bal 1 Cle 3 NE 2 Sea 5 @DFF
  2. Everyone Maxx ran the table last week!
  3. Alrighty my peeps, here's the scoreboard from week 5: PLAYER TOTAL POINTS LL! 50 MAXX 48 Your Mom 47 Busch 46 Jake O. Rhodes 46 Cut2theKwik 40 livid 36 Damshow 34 DFF 34 Krabby 21 And the detailed rundown: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Editors note - Friday morning they will be up
  5. I'll try to get some up later today, thanks for the reminder
  6. He just has to get it done in the postseason to cement that legacy pretty much. He has silenced the haters who said he isn't a real QB.
  7. If you find something, let me know!
  8. Those Rams uniforms are awful lol
  9. Krabby

    NHL 22

    For sony and microsoft I am still on the PS2 and the 360 respectively hahaha I went with the Switch for a newer console
  10. Krabby

    NHL 22

    I wont be because I dont have the consoles it will be out on but glad to hear they put at least a little bit of work into franchise mode They should really put it out on PC...
  11. He's looking to invade China. Go, tell your Emperor to send his strongest armies. Mac's ready!
  12. Alrighty kids, here are the results for Week 4! PLAYER TOTAL POINTS LL! 39 Cut2theKwik 37 livid 36 Your Mom 35 Busch 33 MAXX 33 Jake O. Rhodes 32 Damshow 24 DFF 22 Krabby 21 And here are the deets! @Your Mom ran the table! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. You know what, O Line! You're too soft, if someone came across the line, you'd let 'em sack Trevor Lawrence. But me...BUT ME, I'D PULL OUT MY GLOCK AND SPLATTER THEIR BRAINS ALL OVER THE TURF!
  14. Like on one hand, GRRM doesn't owe anyone anything but, also, on the other hand... Finish the books ffs
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