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  1. Yessss those rocked, the best one that took me forever was the one where you play as Scotland,are down 2 I think, and have a corner kick in the middle of a rain storm and like zero time
  2. I loved ISS on the Nintendo 64! Nigeria, USA, and Scotland were my faves
  3. Get the vaccine you incredible dipshit - if you dont know how to protect ya-self, how can I expect you to protect our QB
  4. Boy, get a vaccine shot and continue to make millions and not look like a dipshit OR look like a dipshit and lose millions of earnings. hmmmmmm
  5. They probably think Bernier is still a hot prospect in the Kings system, feels like he will eternally be that lmao
  6. Just boggles my mind, put in a mercy rule at that point if you don't want guys slamming a HR off of non-pitchers
  7. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes I guess. Get the vaccine and be done with it. The cognitive dissonance on the anti-vax football Fandom is rich by the way. TEAMS CAN TELL PLAYERS NOT TO KNEEL! TEAMS CANT TELL PLAYERS TO GET THE VACCINE!
  8. They disrespected a WW2 vet, what did you expect!?!?!?
  9. Haha I thought so (I used P64 in the past) but I misread and thought you found someone to do emulation on a Switch
  10. Is that for a computer or is that something you run on a switch?
  11. Excuse me, what? How is this possible?
  12. And has a mobile football game named after him!
  13. Probably better than what they could get for Nerd Pederson or Theatre Kid Pederson
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