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  1. Where are these going to be available? That gizmoplex or netflix?
  2. That's one way of doing it! I'd honestly be scared if I was Washington in that game. If be benching any valuable player...
  3. Thats pretty strongly worded for an official statement. And much nicer than what my response would have been
  4. Huzzah! Thanks for the heads up @FLiam - finished off my DLC for this game well under half price Looking at the TheAvenger3's stuff and he does have collections for the moves and parts he has made, I'd reckon you could download those collections without sifting through the bundles to get the stuff you needed?
  5. Meh, I guess it's fine but would have rather had Vera Tucker
  6. I knew I liked you! And thank goodness they are off the list
  7. Mancuerda has a really fantastic mod that starts in January of 1998, thats pretty dang close!
  8. I'll definitely be a reader!
  9. Kinda bullcrap ain't that? I mean the MLB made them 7 inning games, its not like he got pulled after 7
  10. A part of the Travian Server 5 Champions!
  11. Wife and I finished Them today, extremely good, unsettling, awesome acting. Liked it a lot!
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