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  1. Confirmed torn ACL for Barkley.
  2. There's also the consistent Ruben Dias links. But they surely must be bollocks.
  3. Our striker search could finally be over. Several reliable Dutch transfer sources have stated that we will indeed be signing Wout Weghorst from Wolfsburg. He's just started following Spurs on his social media, so there could well be more to this than the usual paper talk...
  4. I disappear for dinner for just a little bit and Dak jumps from -1 point to 43 points. Fuck's sake! ...44
  5. Justin Herbert is starting for the Chargers today.
  6. When it rains, it pours.
  7. We're supposedly offering Dele out to PSG on loan with an option to buy.
  8. Horrible landing on his neck there for David Montgomery.
  9. And now he's just taken a nasty jolt to his shoulder too!
  10. Drew Lock is out of the game hurt and questionable to return for Denver.
  11. Nick Bosa just got carted off.
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