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  1. Even Sky F1 sent the bare bones of their reserve crew to cover!
  2. Would have rather had Eric Reid but ok, whatever.
  3. I can't remember what draft picks are like. We always trade the fucking things away. I don't think any of our picks even played this weekend.
  4. A reminder that Chicago traded up to draft Trubisky, over Mahomes and Watson.
  5. This game might genuinely outlast today's RedZone presentation.
  6. Justin Herbert is off hurt for the Chargers - at least temporarily - and Easton Stick has come in at QB.
  7. Fantasy can get in the bin this year.
  8. Torn ACL for Tarik Cohen.
  9. Russell Wilson is just a machine.
  10. Holy shit it's happening to Atlanta again!
  11. Nick Foles is in for Chicago.
  12. I have no problem with the ref going to VAR or awarding it based on what he saw. He was following the rules of the game. But the rule is an absolute joke. That said, we should have been several goals up by the 93rd minute anyway. Only have ourselves to blame on that front.
  13. James Robinson is a good UDFA.
  14. apsham summed it up better than I ever could. iirc Theme Hospital is also on there.
  15. They're going back to racing green next season as Aston Martin!
  16. Theme Park World! Much better game, plus the original is available already on GOG.
  17. Absolutely - Poch and Mitchell never got this sort of backing! But this Skriniar deal certainly appears to have legs to it: I think there's appetites on all sides for this to happen.
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