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  1. Has anyone got any Feast Or Fired PNGs of the Briefcases either closed with the numbers or opened with what's inside. I think it might have been on a previous pic pack or PNG folder
  2. Because TEW 2020 hurts my eyes and the new stuff confuses the crap out of me, I will be doing a current day real world mod and also Mass Exodus mod as well. I will be doing the picture pack 1st as it's gotten very backlogged. Might do a June one. Also I think I might have broken TEW 2020 as there isn't a deafult database and I don't know how I deleted it
  3. TEW 2020 Database Making. Back again, got music working now https://www.twitch.tv/wolfvisiongaming
  4. Basically it's where everyone apart from Owners/Bookers is unemployed so it's like a bidding war for the top talent. Also some defunct promotions will come back as well to take the opportunity
  5. So i'm going to be streaming myself making a real world mod starting maybe either Tomorrow night or Friday all day. Then times to be decided but going to Stream every day from Saturday to Saturday the next week Also after doing all of the mod, I'll also do a Mass Exodus mod using my Real World Mod with differences such as Luca Underground, WCW, ECW and others coming back. https://www.twitch.tv/wolfvisiongaming
  6. Can I ask who each of them are please?
  7. I think I might start the Mass Exodus mod from scratch all around to help with me not getting confused when the mod goes strange. Sorry if it may conflict with my youtube channel
  8. I can't really use them as most of them don't work when I try to remove the backgrounds
  9. I am currently creating a picture pack to go alongside my mass exodus mod for TEW 20 when that game comes out. I am asking if anyone has any Generic picture stuff like Logos, Events, People, Banners and Belts? I will give you credit in my description of the mod.
  10. Does anyone know where I could find Disciples of Death pics? Their a 3 man group from Lucha Underground and I can't really seem to find them anywhere
  11. I have redone the Mod a bit. I will update it further for the TEW 2020 release. I got rid of the Defunct promotions to reduce load times http://www.mediafire.com/file/axduy6bp8hruxc0/Mass_Exodus.rar/file
  12. Quick Update: I will be making some changes to the mod. More wrestlers and Promotions to use. A LOT more
  13. Here is the database https://www.mediafire.com/file/l9ske49e61h618d/Mass_Walkout.rar/file There are 87 active promotions in the mod at the moment so technically this is version 1. Also i'm currently working on the picture pack right now. Or you could use the Who87 pic pack and Sampp ones together instead.
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