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  1. Does anyone know where I can find Smash Wrestling stuff to put in the database and mod.
  2. Change of plans, I'm going to make all of the American workers and everything before moving on to Canada and so on. So titles and the other stuff is on the back burner.
  3. Little update, I won't be putting Mike Quckenbush in the CHIKARA owner/booker spot and instead I'm going to be making him unemployed at the game start. Also all of the people that got outed or stuff has come out about them before it will recieve negative stats and won't be employed by a promotion so DJ Hyde will also not be the booker of CZW and instead I'll give the full reigns to John Zandig.
  4. Next thing I'm going to do with the workers at the start is that along with the promotions, workers will begin the game start only in their starting region popularity wise and can't move around the game world at the start. This is so that the big promotions don't steal all the talent in one fell swoop. Another thing is that all of the workers popularities will be only be in their starting region only and promotions will be the same with only having their headquarters region avaliable at the start with the other regions being on 0. This has been altered from other mods as it's because of t
  5. Does anyone have any promotions in Europe, Australia and India that I should add in? If not I might not have those regions open or just workers avaliable in each region.
  6. Does anyone know how to set up the broadcasters section? I'm not sure how to do it from scratch.
  7. I'm 50/50 about adding the European, Australian and Indian promotions in to the mod as I'm not sure if just having one of each is necassary. I know that people like playing those promotions but I'm still not sure about adding them in the mod. Also it will reduce the amount of people in the mod as well. Another thing is that I've altered the amount of promotions for the mod as well. Sor far I've got 22 promotions for USA, 2 for Canada, 5 for Mexico, 12 for British Isles and 14 for Japan set up in the mod. I'm then going to be focusing on Match Types and then titles before doing the wo
  8. Just another quick thing, some promotions won't have belts as some of the belt histories I can't find. Luckily for the mod in the belts pic pack I'll have some generic belts for you to use for those promotions. Promotions include Stampede right now and I think IWRG as well. Also I might not do Australia, Europe and India to make the mod easier to use and also because of not really knowing those regions of the world.
  9. With the match types, I'm going to have a bit of a different mix of match types but need help with what matches I should add in. Also I'm slowly adding everything else. Sorry for the long wait for it to come out.
  10. I might tone down on the promotions in the game but still have the logos and stuff so you guys can make the promotions your self.
  11. Not sure if I should put the promotions in alliances at the beginning of the game world as it will be where there isn't any alliances in place as promotions can't contend with others. I know that it isn't realistic but does make sense with everyone trying to go by themselves
  12. If anyone can, can you help me with what products promotions should have as I know which ones some of them should have but others I don't have a clue
  13. For the picture pack, would you guys want me to have all the other title belts and pics I can find and add them in as well so you can make more promotions? Also I'm going to do a custom venue called the Hana Kimura Memorial Hall which is a place sort of like the capacity of Korakeun Hall or however you spell it. The venue will basically be where a portrait of Hana Kimura is hanging up over where the second floor is in the sky rise overlooking the floor. Is everyone ok with me adding this?
  14. Quick update: With some wrestlers such as Kagetsu, I will be putting them in the database as occasional wrestlers as Kagetsu did wrestle in the Hana Kimura Memorial show. Also I will continue with putting the speaking out outed people in the game to be hired but will have the outed stuff set to max with terrible personalities. Another thing I'll be doing is making it as realistic as possible if a such thing is to happen. At the start of the game, the loading times will be very slow as the other promotions who aren't you will also be offering out contracts and doing TV deals with their pro
  15. Going to focus more on the Pic Pack as of the moment then go through all of the Mass Exodus Mod database.
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