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  1. That's quite an ending on that F&F trailer considering he's dead.....
  2. I don't know if you are playing on PC or PS4, but if it is PC, here is a link to my Workshop. Blehschmidt's Wrestlers I have over 100 created wrestlers, only about 8 or 9 of them are women (So far) but feel free to use them if you like them.
  3. I got to see Dick 4 times, and each time was a fucking amazing experience. Always a cool dude with a minute to chat after the show, signed a CD, took a picture, and gave me a guitar pick. The fucking coolest thing ever though is when he was playing this little club in my hometown, and right in the middle of a song, he unplugs from his amp and switches to some kind of wireless gimmick. He then steps off the stage and the crowd parts like the red sea as Dick walks down the middle, and right out the front door of the club. By the time I get out the door, the motherfucker is standing in the m
  4. It was a fucking lame, cop out ending for an awesome show about a mystical island that moves around, and has polar bears, and electro magnetic hatches, and others, and all of this cool shit. They claimed they had the whole thing mapped out from beginning to end since it started, then they kept asking questions and not giving answers, then realized they were out of fucking time, and gave us that bullshit.
  5. I'll say it then. The fucking Lost finale. What a god damn fantastic show up until that point. Enjoyable characters. Intriguing plots. While some parts dragged, it kept you interested. BUT..... Six years of people going, they are in purgatory, and the people in charge of the show going, they aren't in purgatory, and BAM.....fucking purgatory.
  6. Don't do it. 5 gold bars to insure the bastard. So while you can just replace him every time he dies, making progress on bonding is out the window. I am getting ready to restart online for the 3rd time because of that. Also because I left my repeater on the broken nag when I stole the second horse and I obviously can't afford to buy another one. I have to think these prices will change, or this game will be dead in the water when everyone's characters are starving and have no ammo.
  7. In no particular order.... Screwed up the unlimited gold bar trick..... Fuck. I hate Micah Found the Legendary Fish area, haven't unlocked the fishing pole. Was carrying a bounty to my horse, a full sized buck running down a hill smashed into me and sent us both flying. WTF
  8. I can't seem to get the Surrender option to work either. I ended up with a $265 bounty after THAT mission, and when I went back to town, I walked directly into the sheriff's office and all they wanted to do was offer me Bounty Hunting missions! So I got in a fight to become Wanted so they would come to me, and all that happens when I press L2 is that I aim my gun at them, and that just makes things worse.
  9. So I decided I wanted the Ram skull to match my Alligator skull on Arthur's tent. So I looked online and saw that the Legendary Ram is somewhere West of Valentine and assumed that meant that I could probably find some regular rams out that way too. So I rode into Valentine and then headed out West. Found a lovely spot near a stream to leave my horse, got my bow and my rifle, and headed into the rocks.....where I promptly got bitten by a poisonous snake. My hat also fell off in the area where the snake was. So after performing a hat rescue, and then using a health tonic and some ginse
  10. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/29/18038258/red-dead-redemption-2-horse-cinematic-mode-fails These are fucking hilarious.
  11. Save Flaco Hernandez for last, that shit will take you clear back up into the god forsaken snowy mountains you started in. Make sure you pack a cold weather outfit on your horse. Oh, hey everybody. I'm addicted to this shit too.
  12. Popped onto PS4 for a couple minutes earlier and saw that @Benji is on Friday the 13th now!! Oh My, I can't wait to play a match with him and @9 to 5 so that Niner and I can take the boat and leave him behind to die!!
  13. Die Hard 4 was better than Die Hard 2...... Yeah, I said it.
  14. I absolutely hated the new format for Final Tribal. Instead of the jury each getting a chance to speak, they all just talked over one another while the Final Three interrupted to try and defend themselves. It was awful. and the reunion show was bad too. Literally no one outside of the Top 5 (other than Lauren) got to speak, like at all.... Ridiculous.
  15. I'm already a member over at the Fire Pro board! Denizen over there, really helped me out a ton in getting my edit making game to the point it's at now. Looking forward to seeing what the Twitch announcement is going to be!!
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