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  1. Looking at the relegation I really feel it could be Palace, Southampton and Norwich.
  2. Just noticed how many great British actors there are on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
  3. Inglorious Bastards was a good watch. Taken me a while to get around to watching anything. But I enjoyed the choice I made.
  4. Had a little French Jazz on earlier. Found a YouTube channel that streams them daily. Usually mix it up with some lo-fi beats too.
  5. Having been thinking of a movie or show I could get into. Seems I have gone with watching classic episodes of Columbo. Peter Falk is like a comfort blanket at times to me and you just love to see him trip up the murderer. Always interesting guest stars.
  6. Spurs still trying to keep Kane at the club aren't they? I can't see them going for both Kane and Grealish at the same time. But I think Grealish has done all he can do at Villa and has helped them out a lot. Hopefully the club and fans don't begrudge him the move.
  7. Surprise run in for Grealish?! The gamble.
  8. Could be on the money with Denmark win. Those England substitutions might be the key to winning or losing this game.
  9. Kasper is an amazing keeper. Hope we get past him. But be lucky if we do. Surprised he hasn't been signed from Leicester in the last couple years. Any predictions all?!
  10. Harsh booking. Fair play for checking concussion protocol though Think we can all agree on that after what we know with Wrestling and dementia.
  11. Think I would stop working if I had to stand near them. I don't mind Roy Keane. But prefer BBC commentary team for some reason.
  12. England need to do as the commentary mentioned. Working on what they can do better when looking at defeat and handling themselves and the ball better. Thought it sounded interesting mindfulness training for the psychology when they mentioned it. Southgate will hopefully give them something to work with and the team be fresher for the second half.
  13. He really does seem that way. The same kind of way Sterling, Sancho and Rashford have that confidence and fearless approach to getting into space, passes and goals. Fantastic to see diverse styles and backgrounds work well if I am honest.
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