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  1. I'm just really glad he is alive after that. Was a very distressing experience for us all.
  2. Finished Line of Duty. Now I need more content like this 😩
  3. I may have watched too much Line of Duty 🙄
  4. Some Sky News. Then Wrestling from 1970. Finished off with Steptoe and Son. With a little Laurel and Hardy.
  5. 1 and 2 for the PS2 back many many years ago. Remember it was a decent voice cast. Played a little of 3. But 0 was on sale for about £4. Just felt like jumping back into the world on offer.
  6. Well. Took the leap into the Yakuza series. Wish me luck and see you in about a year 😅 Played 1 & 2 years back. Wondering if anyone is a fan of them too?!
  7. Just had this on. Christmas Carol. Steptoe and Son seem to be my usual go to films at this festive time.
  8. Interesting to see the post match interview from MOTD later. 😋
  9. The start of holiday television has been on today, besides sky news for festive Boris Christmas announcement. So just watched Carry On Camping, Eagle Has Landed and think there's a few late films on too. Been kind of like a classic family build up to Christmas really.
  10. Hill House and Bly Manor are both different in their horror tone and vibe. Both are worth a watch in the series. Fans will have their own preference to which one they enjoyed the most.
  11. Been stuck what to watch really of late. So end up making my way through Haunting of Hill House, You, American Horror Story: Hotel. Hill House and Bly Manor are worth a go. Its kind of fun looking in the scenes for the hidden ghosts. Other than that its reruns of Poirot and Marple.
  12. The amazing dame herself. Its of late I've managed to catch her non eastenders and Carry On roles. A true British icon. The last in a way for me of the British stars like Diana Dors. Such a shame about whats she's been putting up with over the last few years with her health.
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