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  1. I agree with you on the stats, no matter how many old news paper clippings I read I would never be able to tell approximately correct. I am somewhat of a wrestling historian & I would still love too push forward with the project, even if TEW might not be up to snuff for period correct simulation. I think I will start work on the database, despite my frustrations with it. A follow up question is for the photos in the database, should I used colorized images or the originals? I have left an example of Martin "Farmer" Burns to show to differences.
  2. Hello Everyone! I have had an idea for some time about making a TEW database taking place in the 1900. I love the "A New Trust" database made by Bizzo2k, but I just wanted to go back a little farther. The only reason I haven't made it already is because I have a hard time working with the database creator, for me it just gets way to repetitive & gives me a headache. I'm more of a graphic & research guy, so that's why I'm here. If anyone is interested in doing the database side of this project, I'd more than happy to work with you.
  3. Hello Everyone! It's my pleasure to announce my first scenario The Elite Opportunity, it starts in December of 2018. Making this database wouldn't have been possible without TheWho87's Real World Update December 2018 for TEW 2016, Real World Update of September 2021 & Broadcaster Database by janS. Database: Here Graphics: Here
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