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  1. I've been kicking this idea around again recently and I've restarted work on a database called "Match of the Century". The start date is September of 1911 which is much like Skummy's idea of building up to Gotch vs. Hack II. The database is REALLY bare metal right now, but I've taken a lot of inspiration from Mammoth's Territory Daze mod, so if it ever does get released it will be freeware. Progress Screenshots Progress will more than likely be slow (because the buttloads of research & my new job I'll be starting soon.), but I'll try to keep this updated as much as I
  2. The Wisdom wrestling family. Marlin Aylmer Ward was born on April 5, 1954 in Portsmouth, England. Son of a carpenter, Marlin began his wrestling journey as a member of his schools wrestling team, but following graduation when he couldn't find work he began working as a member of the ring crew for the late great William "The Bear" Johnson & his promotion "Bear Knuckle Wrestling." Johnson started to take interest in Ward when he saw the speed that he could put up a ring & how he always had a smile on his face. Johnson would take Ward under his wing & would personally train him.
  3. Here's some logos I made along with their bios. Split Decision Wrestling was founded in 2017 by American referee & promoter Alex Oakley. SDW runs shows mostly in the Great Lakes regions, but has been known to also hold shows in the Great White North & Big Apple from time to time. Though only being open for a short time, SDW has gained a great reputation for having an easy to work with staff & a small but passionate fan base. Opened in 1987 by "Beautiful Bulldog" Bret Burton, the Bulldog Wrestling Academy has become the go to place in the Great Lakes a
  4. I had that problem too & that's why I thought I'd add stock images as well to help fill some of the holes that A.I. generation couldn't.
  5. Hey everyone! I've had this database idea for a while, but I thought it was too dumb to do, but I wanted to get your opinion on it. The database's name would be called the "Stock Universe" or something like that & it would be made up of fictional characters like the CornellVerse except instead of computer generated character portraits they would be the faces of stock photo actors or A.I. generated faces like from thispersondoesnotexist.com. I think it would also be interesting if it was a community thing where you could post some of your favorite stock images or write a biog
  6. The official logo for Deadlock Pro Wrestling!
  7. Some ROH concept images from 2011.
  8. Sure, from my research it seems like he'd fit right in.
  9. I agree with you on the stats, no matter how many old news paper clippings I read I would never be able to tell approximately correct. I am somewhat of a wrestling historian & I would still love too push forward with the project, even if TEW might not be up to snuff for period correct simulation. I think I will start work on the database, despite my frustrations with it. A follow up question is for the photos in the database, should I used colorized images or the originals? I have left an example of Martin "Farmer" Burns to show to differences.
  10. Hello Everyone! I have had an idea for some time about making a TEW database taking place in the 1900. I love the "A New Trust" database made by Bizzo2k, but I just wanted to go back a little farther. The only reason I haven't made it already is because I have a hard time working with the database creator, for me it just gets way to repetitive & gives me a headache. I'm more of a graphic & research guy, so that's why I'm here. If anyone is interested in doing the database side of this project, I'd more than happy to work with you.
  11. Hello Everyone! It's my pleasure to announce my first scenario The Elite Opportunity, it starts in December of 2018. Making this database wouldn't have been possible without TheWho87's Real World Update December 2018 for TEW 2016, Real World Update of September 2021 & Broadcaster Database by janS. Database: Here Graphics: Here
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