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  1. Haas have very much become Williams now, one obvious pay driver and one driver loaned from another team's academy. Whatever it takes to survive I guess. I really, really want Russell to at least out-qualify Bottas to keep his streak going. If he wins the race I might explode.
  2. Hamilton absolutely deserves it for his achievement on the track and his hard work for equality off the track, but yeah, Rashford not even being nominated is despicably ignorant.
  3. The worst thing is that if Russell does go up, Dan Ticktum, could get his spot at Williams. If you don't know who he is, here's a video. Enjoy the part about him deliberately crashing into another driver during safety car conditions and wonder why he's still allowed to race anything.
  4. I think it would be a huge positive PR move for Mercedes to go for Hulk, plus he's been driving last year's car quite a lot this year so he'll be more prepared than most... I expect contracts and guidelines will likely scupper the chance though.
  5. I'm sure they have a reserve driver on the books, but it Hulk was to get a shot in the Mercedes...
  6. I came here to give the stat about him being the fourth Fittipaldi, stupid last paragraph . I'll still point out they were previously (and I guess still are until Sunday) tied with the Villeneuves and the Brabhams on 3. Despite him being the fourth it's a weird mix so that it can't be said that "three generations" have raced. Emerson did, Pietro is his grandson, but Christian being Wilson's son means that the Emerson->Pietro bloodline skips a generation.
  7. Chris2K


    Taskmaster one-off New Year special announced Rylan Clark-Neill (X Factor, a lot of other things) Shirley Ballas (Strictly judge) John Hannah (Actor, part of a Touch of Cloth which is hilarious) Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls) Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Channel 4 News) At first I thought this was a new series group and was utterly baffled by most of the names.
  8. Amazing, couldn't script it. I will now spend a significant amount of time worrying we could be on the end of the biggest upset in footballing history.
  9. That's essentially what happened with Ferrari and Bridgestone for most of the 2000s, which I expect prompted so many teams to jump to Michelin. But hey, if that hadn't happened, Tiago Monteiro wouldn't have a podium to his name.
  10. I did enjoy the tyre wars in the 90s between Goodyear and Bridgestone, and to a lesser-extent the Bridgestone/Michelin days of the 2000s. Pirelli really can just coast by without anyone to challenge them which doesn't seem to have helped. If they were going to change anything though I'd like it to be to simply make all 5 compounds of tyres available to everyone for every race, and make the teams have to figure out which strategy is going to be the best.
  11. And now Stroll is upside-down. His completely non-plussed reporting of the situation was great though.
  12. The halo must have saved him from the barrier probably going... through him, for want of a better term, in the same way it split the car in half. It looks like he had to unstrap and escape behind him through the hole that used the other half of the car. I don't know if that barrier is getting fixed any time soon, if at all today.
  13. Jesus fucking Christ. Thank God he's OK, that looked absolutely horrific. How the hell does something like that happen these days? The absolute state of that car. I genuinely don't understand how he survived, let alone got away with just limping.
  14. Lots of outrage about the Paul/Robinson match and how these celebrity bouts are going to end up with someone getting seriously hurt, or that it's a stain on the character of boxing to allow complete novices to get licenced so easily. Both are of course true, but the most truest part of this is that money is always going to be more important than either of those issues.
  15. Absolutely. I mean from most angles it certainly looks like he's staring at Bale, but that was merely part of the deception.
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