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  1. I would say because the ground staff saw how bad England were against spin in the last match, and doubled-down to create an even more spin-friendly one. In the process they made it impossible for their own team to bat on as well. The stupid thing is that if this was a County Championship game there would be fines, points deductions and suspensions handed out left, right and centre, but despite this being a far worse pitch in a far more important match, this is India so nothing will happen.
  2. And 66-6 almost certainly points to this being a two day test match. There's so much talk of it being "thrilling" and "tense" and "dramatic", but I still fall under the category that this is a garbage pitch that makes a mockery of the game.
  3. Sometimes it's safe to say that lessons aren't being learned.
  4. Hey, it can't get any worse. Well, except the inevitable time that KAT leaves during free agency.
  5. And there was me thinking he didn't understand what was going on.
  6. The only nice thing is that this sort of performance isn't a surprise any more, and I have no issue in not watching the rest of it because history has told me nothing will change.
  7. Canal+ have done an animation of Grosjean's crash at Bahrain, showing (in case there wasn't any doubt already) that the halo absolutely saved his life:
  8. Oh they look terrible, but we've been remarkably confident and stylish so far, given the recent performances.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing which bizarre Red Bull owned entity they name the engines after. Might I suggest "Hangar 7" after their museum in Salzburg.
  10. Jesus, all the teams have actually gone and approved it in principle. Utter madness.
  11. Matt Berry's Steven Toast is back, but now in Hollywood, and on the BBC instead of Channel 4. Toast of Tinseltown BBC press release
  12. I've seen houses(?) of cards collapse slower than that.
  13. Sprint races on Saturday are the next plan for "greater entertainment" at race weekends and increase viewership. Qualifying for the sprint race would move to Friday, a superb idea to boost viewership when everyone is at work/school at 2pm, and the sprint races would be worth half the points of a standard race. This constant need to try and change what isn't broken is becoming absurd. If they want better entertainment, don't price out new teams and bring in specifications that encourage close racing. If you want to increase viewership don't sell the rights to the highest bidders, all of wh
  14. Turns out that pitch fell apart fairly quickly, then seemingly magically became flat again overnight. One of the big advantages to playing at home is having a ground staff willing to work/not work on the pitch dependent on what the home team's situation is, we do the same here. Thankfully that didn't last and Jimmy's mega over and Leach got us over the line. Huge win given India's record at home.
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