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  1. Damn, that was almost a perfect rugby switch play from the Chargers.
  2. "They were lucky" says Rodri unironically after losing 5-2 at home.
  3. These names the WWE gives their new signings are so unrealistic.
  4. Cowboys setting themselves up for another comeback, I assume. Colts resting Rivers in the third quarter of Week 3, because hey, it's the Jets.
  5. Nah, coaching staff sent off, not Kane. I have nothing against Newcastle or their fans, except their owner, but nobody should feel proud about getting a point from that performance and that decision.
  6. This is going to be that penalty. He's not even looking at the fucking ball and it's ten centimetres away from him.
  7. All these missed chances makes "last minute equaliser" the likely outcome here.
  8. Samuel L Jackson to reprise Nick Fury role for Disney+ live-action series written by Kyle Bradstreet of Mr. Robot/Berlin Station
  9. What baffles me is that Moyes and the players tested positive and it was known in advance long enough for them to be self-isolating today... but West Ham still played against Hull tonight. How does anyone with any sense allow that to happen?
  10. It's not often I watch a trailer, have absolutely no idea what is going on, maybe even less of a clue than I had prior to watching it, and am absolutely more interested than any other TV show due for release.
  11. I've always been a bit suspect of the "gimmick" marbles in the sand rally, like the pool ball, the football etc. They always seem to do well, and I can't help feeling it's because they're bigger/heavier and therefore generate more momentum than the others.
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