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  1. 1 car taking a light start! This is the craziest thing I've ever seen in F1. GEORGE MIGHT BE LEADING IN A WILLIAMS. Oh wait, of course he's got a car ptoblem. OK, he was told to. BUT LATIFI IS 3RD!
  2. I never thought I'd see the day of an Italian 100m Mens Olympic champion. I believe Lamont Marcell Jacobs is a traditional Tuscan name.
  3. ABSOLUTE CARNAGE ALERT. Utterly shocking driving from Bottas. Latifi is sixth! Oh wow, Stroll was even worse. The grass is never the best option for slowing down.
  4. Safe to say Max is a bit fed up with being asked about Silverstone.
  5. I want to like Horner, but then he goes and says something as stupid as this.
  6. My biggest issue with Westbrook is because I'm a stats guy, and his triple-double record is what it is purely because rebounds get left for him so he can pad his stats to get those triple-doubles. We've seen what happens when Westbrook and Harden had to share the ball, I wonder if he and LeBron are going to have the same issues. And I still think AD is the best player the Lakers have. The Terrence Clarke part of the draft was so emotional, and a real classy act by the NBA.
  7. It's nice of the Lakers to make sure the conferences are even, now they both have a super-team for everyone who isn't a Lakers or Nets fan to root against.
  8. I completely see her point, but it's also a bold move to target something that was done to allow people to watch the movie without risking their health by going to a cinema. I think it's safe to say we can rule our Scarlett appearing in another MCU property at this point.
  9. Yeah the time difference is a killer for me too. Most of the sports that interest me are when I'm asleep or at work, and the media coverage is too high for me to avoid results and the like. This one feels pretty skippable unfortunately.
  10. It's baffling to hear them talk about how great Lewis' drive was, and then immediately talk about how Max is doing in the hospital, seemingly without the slightest bit of irony.
  11. Tnat was a fairly brutal move as well. If Leclerc doesn't get out of the way that's another 180mph crash. I love Lewis, but this victory doesn't feel great.
  12. Wasn't there something last Sunday that involved Italians winning in England and penalties?
  13. Toto Wolff: "Michael, I've sent you an email with some diagrams of where the cars should be, have you seen it?" Michael Masi: "Toto, I don't access my emails during the race." This is getting embarrassing now.
  14. Yeah I agree, and I expect he'll get a penalty for it based on the penalties of the last race. It was mental how close they got down the Wellington straight before the crash at Copse. Mercedes' defense to the FIA of Hamilton being "significantly alongside" is hilariously bad.
  15. That was absolutely inevitable. Hope Max is ok.
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