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  1. I've never thought too hard about how small Switch games physically are until I've seemingly lost one somewhere in my house...
  2. That reminds me - I'm due to go and see Glassjaw in 2022, so can add 'Ape Dos Mil' to the list of 'would love to and probably will'.
  3. I'll think more about my current one in time, but my example for historical would be that I'd have loved to see Nirvana perform Aneurysm live. Would have been phenomenal.
  4. Very simple - what song would you love to hear live by a band or artist of your choice? A bit like dream matches in wrestling, I'm going to suggest that people should go with both an a) historic, and b) modern choice for this. One that isn't possible, one that is still doable, basically. I'll post mine later.
  5. I watched Anomalisa over the past couple of nights.
  6. Funnily enough, I am in a really shit position to answer this as this was probably around the last time I really, really followed music. From the metal side of things, you'd probably have to throw in something by Mastodon ('March of the Fire Ants' perhaps) as well as perhaps even including something by Sunn O))) or Deafheaven to highlight the shifting interest into variations of doom and death that have become popular. Cheers for the kind words. I think there is an updated one from...2016 or so...if anyone fancies giving that one a go... EDIT: Or maybe not. Can't seem to find it.
  7. American Boy is an absolute banger.
  8. Yeah, cheers to all of you who contributed. Wasn't exactly done in a year like I set out for it to be, but I'll blame my son for that. It made it all a hell of a lot easier knowing there were people following along, chipping in with their two penneth worth, and enjoying the process for the most part.
  9. You've got something of a mess on your hands.
  10. 1001. A song that explored the Jamaican government’s decision to effectively place the country under martial law, this became a bigger song in the UK as it coincided with issues at the Notting Hill Carnival. This song isn’t for me at all really, though it was inspiring enough to Joe Strummer as The Clash covered it on their first album release, setting their stool out as a punk band who were willing to play around with politics and reggae. ...now I have. I got to the end of the book and realised I had missed one, so had to go back through all of my posts to find
  11. 996. ‘Tenalle Chagret’, Tinariwen (2009) Written about the fallout of the Touareg rebellion in Mali, this song is interesting due to the way it incorporates modern touches like electric guitars with modern Malian musical stylings. This is a slow, loping tune, but it is almost hypnotic as the twangs of the guitar play alongside the chorus of voices. This is about the list showing a broad scope, sure, yet it is also an interesting musical choice in and of itself. 997. ‘Harry Patch (In Memory Of)’, Radiohead (2009) I’m surprised I’ve not he
  12. 991. ‘Dog Days Are Over’, Florence + The Machine (2009) Some of the songs on this list are just good songs that are worth a listen, whether they’ve had much longevity, changed the scene, etc etc. This is one of them. It builds engagingly, spotlights the lead singer’s vocals (which are the strength of it all, really), before finishing with a release of the tension and energy that had been built up over the course of the three minute run time. That it was still charting off of the strength of downloads two years after its release does also speak to how big the song was,
  13. I think they both were, for a time.
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