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  1. 851. ‘Chan Chan’, Buena Vista Social Club featuring Compay Segundo (1997) Compay Segundo was approaching 90 when this was recorded; Ry Cooder was the drive behind the Buena Vista Social Club itself, though it cost him a $25,000 fine (commuted from $1,000,000) for breaking the Trading with the Enemy Act. This feels that it is on the list to celebrate the BVSC and Compay Segundo as much as anything, but that perhaps downplays what is a pleasant Cuban ballad that showcases Segundo on a guitar of his own invention. 852. ‘Between the Bars’, Elliot
  2. 841. ‘Devil’s Haircut’, Beck (1996) Influenced by: I Can Only Give You Everything • Them (1966) Influence on: Legend of a Cowgirl • Imani Coppola (1997) Covered by: Doug Munro’s Big Boss Bossa Nova (2007) Probably shouldn’t surprise me that the only other song outside of ‘Loser’ by Beck might be the one that ends up on the list. This is admittedly from the one album I know, ‘Odelay’, and is probably a ‘better’ song than loser in terms of what it tries to do and the ambition shown between the pop sensibilities and the various other influences. Some
  3. Cheers for the suggestions. Want to pick up Crosscode whilst it is on sale in America.
  4. If I was going to buy a game from the US eshop, is there a recommended place to shop for gift cards of dollars for the Nintendo?
  5. What annoyed me the most is that I didn't loudly espouse as to how I thought he was going to flop in the Prem when he was first signed. He just never struck me as a Premiership-style player. Maybe he will come good, but his struggles haven't surprised me
  6. Maybe I'd have a cautious response to it naturally due to my Fulham affinity, but I feel the Robinson red really could have gone either way. A bit like umpire's decision in cricket, that was a yellow if given a yellow and a red if given a red. VAR wasn't going to upgrade or downgrade, which is a good thing tbf. Silly tackle in a silly place at a silly time. Only has himself to blame ultimately.
  7. 836. 'Novocaine for the Soul’, Eels (1996) Influenced by: The Tears of a Clown • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1967) Influence on: Your Woman • White Town (1997) Covered by: The Moog Cookbook (2005) Other key tracks: Fucker (1996) • My Beloved Monster (1996) • Cancer for the Cure (1998) This was released during the time I remember first getting into music, or at least music beyond what I heard on the radio from my Mum and Dad. This was a song I recall being played on Top of the Pops and me thinking it was strange, but also alluring.
  8. Yeah, I guess I was wondering if they might have a couple of longer term casualties like Newcastle. Cairney is a possibility as he still isn't back.
  9. I am somewhat left wondering who had COVID for Fulham as they've put out a decent side. Doesn't mean anything necessarily, more that it doesn't look like anyone has had a serious case as far as I can tell.
  10. @DavidMarrio I think what I'm getting it is that there is a difference between enforcing a match that is already provisionally on the calendar versus creating one that wasn't before at short notice. They are both shit, but the second one is shitter.
  11. I'm somewhat in the middle as a Fulham fan, but the large issue about it is that it was confirmed post our match with QPR. Considering the Villa outbreak was revealed almost a week ago now, that decision could have been made sooner than that. Instead, Parker played a team with the belief that they had a 5 day break before the next game, only to have one placed much sooner against a different team. The different team thing doesn't overly bother me, but there is no doubt he would have played different players, rotated his squad differently, used his squad in a different manner, if he knew he had
  12. 831. ‘Dear Mama’, 2Pac (1995) I’ve only ever listened to ‘Changes’ when it comes to 2Pac’s music, so feel poorly positioned to talk much about this song. My main thoughts really are that it is interesting to hear a song from a rapper to his Mum, even one that engages with her flaws as well as everything else that makes her worthy of the song. Apparently this was released around a time that 2Pac was under investigation for a sexual assault charge, perhaps undermining this song and other female positive tunes that he also released. For me, it is often the surrounding tun
  13. 826. ‘You Oughta Know’, Alanis Morisette (1995) Add another song to the list of ones I’ve liked to perform on Guitar Hero/Rock Band. It is the power of this song that gets me every time – it takes no prisoners and it isn’t hard to see why Morisette was a poster girl for particularly female music fans. Until I covered the song for this, I didn’t realise that Flea and Dave Navarro were involved the backing music, which does admittedly explain the undeniably funky nature of the hook. Not the best of all time by any means, but a song that I can see ending up on a list lik
  14. As an addendum to my first post, I didn't think the 'trip' on Mane was a penalty, as I think he dived. I didn't see the second claim. However, Liverpool got a soft as pigshit penalty against us and we didn't get a penalty where the player got the man and not the ball, so...I have limited sympathy for a missed decision.
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