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  1. What is technically the highest SD card in terms of memory that you can use in a Switch Lite? I seem to remember looking and just getting a bit confused by it all.
  2. 906. ‘Schism’, Tool (2001) Influenced by: Larks’ Tongues in Aspic • King Crimson (1973) Influence on: Question! • System of a Down (2005) Covered by: The String Tribute to Tool (2001) Other key tracks: Sober (1993) • Intolerance (1993) Ænema (1996) • Parabola (2001) • Lateralus (2001) There were two albums I bought when I was younger – I guess around 15 or 16 – that I was not ‘ready’ for when I bought them. That is not to suggest that they were some shift in the music world that I couldn’t handle, more that someone who had largely just lis
  3. I feel Artful Dodger featuring Craig David 'Woman Trouble' is where you go for Artful Dodger inclusion, especially as it shoves Craig David on the list in a twofer.
  4. @metalmanwhat song do you choose for UK Garage?
  5. I phrased it poorly, but the 'this' in the sentence about a song getting dropped is for NYC Cops.
  6. 901. ‘New York City Cops’, The Strokes (2001) I was never as big a fan of The Strokes as I was of some of the other ‘The…’ bands, but I guess I could see the appeal. There was a rawness about the vocals in particular that was appealing, whilst there was also an energy to the music they pumped out as a band. I feel the book missed a trick by not including ‘Last Night’, though this seems to have primarily made it as it was dropped from the US version after 9/11. Casablancas’ vocal style is one I’ve always liked enough, but I could imagine it is an acquired taste for man
  7. 896. ‘Clandestino’, Manu Chao (2001) A word that means illegal immigrants, ‘Clandestino’ the album saw Chao mix Latin flavours with a rock and roll style as he talked about love, the sun, marijuana, and more socially valuable, the plight the aforementioned immigrants. To me, the song isn’t anything special, though it does represent the broader social importance of some acts in the wider canon of world music. The album sold over five million copies, so it enabled Chao to be heard further and wider than ever before. Props. 897. ‘Iag Bari’, Fanfa
  8. I don't like buying games without reading reviews, but I saw a decent pre-order discount on Monster Hunter Rise. That has to be a pretty safe bet to at least be a decent game, surely?
  9. 891. ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’, Queens of the Stone Age (2000) Influenced by: Apathy • Subhumans (1985) Influence on: Feel Good Hit of the Summer Part 2 • Atmosphere (2009) Covered by: Yourcodenameis: Milo (2007) Other key track: Regular John (1998) • Avon (1998) • Monsters in the Parasol (2000) This song never did as much for me as ‘Lost Art of Keeping a Secret’; this album never did as much for me as ‘Songs for the Deaf’. This seems to get here as much for the lyrical content/lack of lyrics and how it announced QOTSA to the wid
  10. I mean, that's a shocking handball decision. By the letter of the law, but that shouldn't be the law.
  11. I feel like the battle system makes the grinding probably ok if you like that sort of thing.
  12. How much money do Sassuolo start with?
  13. 886. ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’, Avalanches (2000) Influenced by: Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain • DJ Shadow (1996) Influence on: Non-Stop Party Now • Girl Talk (2003) Other key tracks: Rock City (1997) • Since I Left You (2000) • A Different Feeling (2000) • Pablo’s Cruise (2000) • Electricity (2000) • Avalanche Rock (2000) Considering they left out ‘Since I Left You’, I knew this was either going to be a song I knew really well but had no idea it was this, or it was a deep cut just to be contrary from what was a more obvious choice. However, as soon as
  14. Oh yeah, it was the energy, the ridiculous banter delivered without a hint of sarcasm - great fun.
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