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  1. It reminded me a little of Mitro against Leeds in the Championship. He got retrospectively banned for 3 because they missed it, but was a similar type of blow.
  2. The same way that we were against Leeds, the game would be a lot better for us if defending wasn't a thing that we had to bother about. We've played a decent game otherwise, but when you have a defense which is as useful as a marshmallow dildo, we are always going to struggle. Actually, the marshmallow dildo is more useful as you can at least eat it for sustenance. This defense has no benefit.
  3. 649. ‘Manic Monday’, The Bangles (1985) The first thing I might as well throw out there is that I had no idea that this was written by Prince. When you listen to it with that knowledge, you can definitely feel his fingerprints. It was originally written for another band, but was passed onto the Bangles when the initial plan didn’t work out. There is a sunniness in tone that is pleasing alongside a pretty simplistic chorus that makes it eminently singable. As ‘classic’ songs that I feel a lot of people know goes, it is fairly low down on my list, but it is a perfectly
  4. It tended to be a case of whether it impacted upon an offensive opportunity when I was playing. 'Intention' is a load of rubbish for me as it is rare that anyone intends to handle the ball, yet there are times when an unintended handball negatively impacts upon the attacking team. It wasn't a literal like for like. We are just talking about how we interpreted a handball before the majority of us were aware of what the formal rule for handball actually was.
  5. That's basically how we played. In this instance, Dier's arm stopped or impacted a potential Newcastle attack, whether he meant it to or not. I backed Spurs also, so nothing would have given me more joy than them to see the game out.
  6. When I played football at school in the playground, that would have been a handball. Judgement was usually made not on intent, as that's difficult to prove, but on whether it halted a move or altered the play in a meaningful way, which that arguably did. Not saying it is right, just that I see why that type of pen gets given I also find the 'people will start kicking it at hands' thing ridiculous. It is vastly unlikely, plus won't impact players who mainly keep their arms tucked in whilst defending.
  7. 646. ‘The Whole of the Moon’, The Waterboys (1985) Influenced by: 1999 • Prince (1982) Influence on: N17 • The Saw Doctors (1989) Covered by: Terry Reid (1991) • Jennifer Warnes (1992) • Human Drama (1998) • Mandy Moore (2003) Other key tracks: Don’t Bang the Drum (1985) • This Is the Sea (1985) • Fisherman’s Blues (1988) I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song properly. When I say that, it doesn’t mean I don’t know it – a random friend of mine bursting into the chorus at random times almost twenty years ago covered that at least. It isn’t
  8. 641. ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, The Cult (1985) Influenced by: Dazed and Confused • Led Zeppelin (1969) Influence on: Available • The National (2003) Covered by: Britt Black (2005) • Keane (2007) • The Dandy Warhols (2007) Other key track: Love Removal Machine (1987) I love this song. It was a song my Dad introduced to me and has therefore got a higher position in my musical interest than it might deserve. However, I’d also argue that it has a lot going for it. Billy Duffy’s guitar is the driving force behind the song as a whole, though I’ve a
  9. 636. ‘Voices Carry’, ‘Til Tuesday (1985) Influenced by: Only the Lonely • The Motels (1982) Influence on: I Touch Myself • Divinyls (1991) Covered by: Gang Green (1986) • Morella’s Forest (1995) • Vitamin C (2005) • Toxic Audio (2005) • Tiffany (2007) • MGMT (2009) I’m somewhat conflicted by this. As I was listening and reading the book at the same time, I didn’t care too much for what I was hearing until the entry spoke to how the music tonally fit the narrative of the lyrics. I guess that was pretty cool, as was the idea that this was originally
  10. Didn't have access to an N64 for very long. My brother had one for a bit, but was living elsewhere at the time. I've been Playstation all the way through from its debut pretty much.
  11. Of the 3, I've only ever played Galaxy. The opportunity to go back and play 64 is one of the temptations.
  12. I co-sign on all of this. I'm also tempted by the 3D Mario collection, but feel that is primarily because of it being time sensitive. I know that is pretty much what they were aiming for....yet still tempted.
  13. Yeah, I was thinking the most likely alternative was Kepa wiping him out, which might have got a yellow as it would have been a more legitimate attempt to play the ball.
  14. 631. ‘State of Shock’, The Jacksons featuring Mick Jagger (1984) Influenced by: State of Shock • Ted Nugent (1979) Influence on: Hooked on Polkas • “Weird Al” Yankovic (1985) Covered by: DJ Flash & King MC (1984) Other key tracks: Torture (1984) • Body (1984) • One More Chance (1984) There are many things about this I didn’t know. I wasn’t aware that Michael Jackson still recorded with his brothers after his breakout as a solo artist, nor did I realise that he had ever done a song with Mick Jagger. As mentioned in the book, their vocal
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