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  1. When Mr Liverpool Jamie Carragher is saying it probably isn't a penalty...says a lot.
  2. This wasn't exactly Nigel de Jong... Actually, I'll put a little more effort into this reply. I'll start with saying I'm a neutral. Don't give a fuck who wins. Doku was playing the ball and Macallister jumped into his foot. Doku was stupid to put himself in that position to potentially give away a penalty, but it was also the type of decision that was right to stay with the referee. If he'd have given it, it wouldn't have been overturned. However, in not giving it, I also don't think you can argue for it being overturned. It is an admittedly small sample size, but the only people I see complaining are Liverpool fans. Other fans (I'll use Colly and myself here) are largely of the 'if it was given it would have stuck, but it wasn't, so it didn't' crowd.
  3. For me, Doku is playing the ball and Macallister jumps into contact. Surprised it wasn't given but also thought it probably shouldn't have been anyway.
  4. I guess it allows them time to line up someone new?
  5. Dirty Old Town is genuinely one of my favourite songs of all time.
  6. Is this cross platform? Couldn't remember. I should get involved if so.
  7. Poor tackles and stupid decisions, pretty much.
  8. Worth noting that I hate both teams. That's a red.
  9. I felt the same with the City/United one from the last season - the moment you are near the ball, you are interfering with play. Players have to in some manner adjust what they are doing due to your presence. Just fucking ridiculous. Right before half time too.
  10. Funnily enough, I watched Double Indemnity for the first time about three days ago. Loved it. I also was a big fan of Keyes in particular as a character.
  11. I'm already so fucking bored of all of the Saudi transfer news.
  12. Liam


    He took a step in his crease and then did look back at his stumps before moving - it wasn't exactly immediate. I'll be very surprised if there isn't some form of apology from the Australian camp, even if it is more of a 'well, we were right by the letters of the law, but understand why people are upset'. It was a bad look and pretty poor not to withdraw the appeal. It also becomes an apology that is easier to make when you win...which is looking more likely after that wicket.
  13. Had FF XVI and the I-VI Pixel Remasters arrive on the same day. Oooo yeah.
  14. Yeah, Metacritic has it sitting at 88 off of almost 100 reviews.
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