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  1. Does Stadia have 100 players to fill a battle royale?
  2. Lowdown to be renamed the KFC Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Pre-show?
  3. Yeah, I remember we had that 'season ticket' because we didn't have Sky Sports so it was just a way to watch some games without getting the full subscription. I wanna say that was due to the fallout of Setanta Sports going bust so all the games they had rights to were in limbo so the league just put them out via PPV instead? Massive citation needed on that.
  4. Exactly the same. The placement idea is stupid because what I had was a bunch of people either deliberately quitting as soon as I scored or just playing with a crippled team in order to presumably get placed in Division 10 or something. The first time I came up against someone who was actually trying I lost 6-1 but still managed to get placed in Division 3 where I'm up against people with elite Premier League players and Icons and ship at least 6 goals every match. It kinda feels like mystery ball, you know when you get the 3x power up that makes you good at everything? That's how it feel
  5. I was reading the other day that A History of Violence was the final VHS film released, aside from the gimmicky stuff like when they put V/H/S out on actual VHS and stuff like that.
  6. Should be interesting to see if they pop up on PS5 as well, I thought it would be a long time until we saw the ramifications of the buyout in terms of exclusivity and what not. Not that I think this would be a precedent necessarily, there's a big difference between a re-release collection and a brand new release of say Fallout or Elder Scrolls but still might give us some sign of where things are headed.
  7. THE TRANSFER WINDOW IS CLOSED (...for international transfers involving Premier League clubs and for transfers between Premier League clubs. The window remains slightly ajar until 17.00 on October 16th for any transfers between Premier League and EFL teams, though any team participating in Eurpean competitions this season must register their squad by 23.00 on October 6th so any signings from EFL teams by them would be ineligible for European competition but could play domestically. 1064% APR. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up monthly repayments. Terms and conditions apply.)
  8. I'm trying to resist getting it but for once in their lives they actually put some degree of effort in and made some changes to clubs. Like, being able to edit the name/look of your AI teammates that I feel like I've been asking for for years. Now it will forever be Rafa time!
  9. Bloody hell, they're putting DLC in everything nowadays. Even the England team is trying to get more money out of us.
  10. https://discord.gg/KPrSte Think that should do it? I'm worried about all this Discord talk, I keep expecting TEOL to burst through the door like "I KNEW YOU'D ALL COME CRAWLING BACK!"
  11. I could do some evening (UK time) stuff and weekend too. How would we handle the voice chat side of things? Is there an in game thing or are we talking Skype or Discord or whatever the kids use nowadays?
  12. I didn't realise it was so cheap, only £4.
  13. Who knew the Invisible Man was into football? Will be interesting to see how the next gen Xbox versions especially compare to the average PC. No PS equivalent is a little strange, even if SI have been in bed with MS on the whole gamepass thing for the last few years as least. No sign of the Stadia logo amongst that lineup at the end, that lasted long then.
  14. Apparently that fancy 1TB SSD card is due to be $220 US, £220 (thanks MS) and €250. I think people are naturally baulking at that price but someone in the thread I was reading on Twitter suggested it wasn't that bad if it's comparable to the higher end, newer type SSD's. But there were people like "Why would I spend $220 when I just got 1TB for $60?" so I think that's going to be another avenue for potential confusion like the whole One X Vs Series X thing. Like, people might not be fully aware they can't play next gen titles on anything that isn't the internal SSD or the special ex
  15. Not an easy shattering feature or anything but it sounds like a mobile app update will let you download games you haven't bought. Will be useful for when games are coming to game pass in future, letting you pre-load essentially, or if you know you're getting a disc version but want to save yourself time by doing the install/update beforehand. https://amp.trueachievements.com/n43364/xbox-mobile-beta-app-download-games-before-buying?__twitter_impression=true
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