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  1. Would the likes of Voltorb and Magnemite not be existing examples of non binary Pokemon?
  2. Pictured is a former player of mine who was amongst the foreign legion of youngsters I signed in my first summer in the Premier League, he'll have only been 18/19 and that year most of his appearances were off the bench. Never really gave him a fair shake after that, probably due to a lack of patience on my part, having my head turned by all the shiny new toys in the 2nd summer window, him not being all that great or some mixture of the 3. He went back to Paraguay on loan before playing in Serie A for Empoli for another 2 years before I cut ties and sold him to Boca Juniors for 15m (about 10m
  3. Oh, so they fixed it? I saw in the immediate aftermath of it coming out that the demo didn't even work. But yeah, as I said in the E3 thread, that trailer was atrocious on many levels.
  4. I like how The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has a character called Herlock Sholmes. Like, surely Sherlock Holmes is public domain, what's the deal? And one of these characters is clearly in the middle of court with a sheathed sword. Is no one frisking him when he goes in?
  5. Catching up on the shows, man that Xbox one kept going didn't it? Like 10 years ago it used to be 'WHERE ARE GAMES?!' and now it's just 'HERE ARE ALL OF THE GAMES AND ALL OF THEM ARE ON GAME PASS' so that's neat. They really are making that a must have, aren't they? Glad Back 4 Blood is coming to it, will be good to LADS 4 DEAD again. The Guardians game is going to have some hurdles to overcome with the obvious association to Avengers, plus suffering the same lack of licensed appearances that a lot of people will now associate with those characters. Kinda had a Mass Effect squad shoot com
  6. I dunno if this is skirting too closely to questionable content but does anyone have a particular recommendation for a seller on DHGate (or similar site)? I think they've come up on here a couple of times before and I've seen them mentioned elsewhere recently. I was looking at getting the Leeds away kit recently, I know people will prefer the home and that red 3rd kit but the reminds of the one we had in the 90's and I like it, but they only had XS and S in stock. I wouldn't mind getting that one authentically but there's a couple of others I'd kinda want as well like Watford's home shirt
  7. Catching up on Ubisoft, spoilered for length I guess:
  8. There was Wargroove which seemed like a pretty bang on clone of AW, albeit with more of a medieval/fantasy type themed combat rather than modern military.
  9. Caught Elden Ring at the end there, why must From Soft continually poke me with these next gen titles? (I'm aware it's going to be on the older gen too) That's the only thing I've seen from this show aside from the Metal Slug game which seems like an odd franchise to bring back. Has there been any real activity in that series outside of putting out digital releases of older games on various platforms? I remember there being a main series entry on the DS in the late noughties but that's about it. Kinda getting an Advance Wars vibe from it in (obviously) gameplay but aesthetically too. Havi
  10. How do you explain that sexual tension going on between you and LL then?
  11. I thought for sure metalman would have like 1000 followers by now, what gives?!
  12. Hopefully this gives Kanu the courage to finally admit he was 45 when Arsenal did the invincible season.
  13. I get he had to frame it so he could get the TV in shot but surely it would be more meaningful if you were doing the opposite of the players and were fully standing whilst booing? Also, that video is amazing in general in the sense that you can see the cogs turning in his head as he's doing it. Like, after the first boo it's like he realises he didn't put enough emphasis into it so just really amps up the venom in the second. A venom that only comes from removing his glasses. Then, between the third and the forth, there's this momentary delay in comparison to the other ones so I'm not sur
  14. Who's pretending? I'll have you know they all love Aston Ham.
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