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  1. LL.

    NFL 2020

    So stupid firing Tom Brady.
  2. Fucking morons. This will bite them in the ass. I'm sure of it.
  3. 5 years worth banking on KD, Kyrie, and Harden. Smh (and not even Kyrie likely as I'm sure he'd be in the trade package)
  4. Yeah they're pretty good. I do feel them for a bit at first but once I'm zoned in I forget I have them. Love the surrounding noises too.
  5. It sounds like the absolute dumbest plan. No player is worth doing this for. Especially not 31 year old James Harden.
  6. I don't really care. I just figured they'd have something in the rulebook. They had (have?) a rule that doesn't let them trade back to back first rounds at one point for Christ's sake.
  7. I was totally banking on this happening when I drafted Jarett Allen in another league. 😎 What does "all" mean in this context?
  8. LL.

    NFL 2020

    How dare you forget me? And no. I don't like that at all. Please interview and hire Adam Gase instead. And from the looks of it, the Dolphins may be the ones drafting Devonta Smith. And if they can trade for Deshaun they're going to be very scary on offense.
  9. LL.

    NFL 2020

    Seems that Cowboys are about to hire Dan Quinn at DC and I just don't know, man...
  10. LL.

    NFL 2020

    Even in daily fantasy John Brown screws me.
  11. LL.

    NFL 2020

    The best firing since Elway.
  12. LL.

    NFL 2020

    John Wolford as featured on Cops and America's Most Wanted probably?
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