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  1. You might as well just be talking to a brick wall. I've tried to convey this to one of the other leagues I play in and they don't get it. So many just want to keep the tradition around despite the uselessness.
  2. I'm fucking in!... Ah damnit. I'm also f...reaking in for a Kicker league.
  3. The Bucks truly deserve this. Wow. Giannis. Wow.
  4. It's wild that Phoenix has struggled to close out the last 2 games like they have. They need a better plan for the 4th quarter. I think the series can go to 7 if they figure that out for the next one. Game 7 is gonna be incredible.
  5. I can't believe this comedy of errors happening to the Suns right now.
  6. Given that last ESPN article, it seems like he's having problems with family and the "violence" was against cops.
  7. Tonight feels like a good night to go 3-1!
  8. Both games have been very fun to watch at least. Some incredible shots and physical play. I worry Devin Booker will be murdered on his way to Finals MVP.
  9. I wonder what the excuse will be when he doesn't get targeted elsewhere either.
  10. Maybe up until the never-ending 3rd quarter. These fouls are beyond ridiculous.
  11. Agreed on the lowlights. Glad the Suns won despite Chris Paul making every effort to not allow it by forcing a ton of shots he didn't need to take (and missing them all) in the last couple of minutes.
  12. I'm back. 

    1. Fitzy


      I missed you.

  13. I heard China is always looking.
  14. Welp! That's 2 very important first steps toward the Suns/Hawks finals I've been rooting for since the Heat got swepped.
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