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  1. House Of Lies did something like that.
  2. Last Week Tonight is the third show on this list that I have seen. One more to my goal! It is a good show. I seem to go for much trashier fare than the EWB electorate, but I've been advised to steer clear of Tiger King.
  3. The Last Dance rules. Really made me feel blessed to have grown up when and where I did.
  4. Schitt's Creek is the only show listed thus far that I have ever seen. I think I am on season three. I like it just fine, though I might be on season two still.
  5. Stardom stuff... Act Yasukawa, Andras Miyagi & Natsumi should be removed from the roster. Kaori Yoneyama is using a clown gimmick under the name Gokigen Death instead of DEATH Yama-san. I think she's still supposed to be a zomnie though, so maybe zombie clown? She is also with STARS now that Tokyo Cyber Squad was forced to disband. Itsuki Hoshino retired over the summer. Hanan, Hina & Rina are on hiatus from wrestling. Jungle Kyona is with STARS. She & Natsu Sumire are both out after shoulder surgeries. I believe Kyona has a bad knee as well. I don't k
  6. Sorry. Wendell Carter Jr. then.
  7. Last pick, best pick. Buddy Hield. @LL.
  8. I already drafted him. I'll let you pick before I go.
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