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  1. After posting this, I'll be leaving EWB forever. I just thought after being a part of the community since 2003 I could at least tell everyone before I walk away.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. ndqw



    3. LL!


      You CAN'T quit cause YOU'RE FIRED.

    4. ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster
  2. I'd preferably like to be an old-timey themes one, the PPV name is WWE Ultimate Survivor. The only two wrestlers needed on it are The Miz and Ryback.
  3. Just bought some OJ to chase these Corona shots. It's gonna be a good night.

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    2. Rocky


      Doesn't anybody drink beer normally anymore?

    3. brenchill


      You have shots of beer?

    4. Hobo


      Do shots of real drinks!

  4. WWE Survivor is over. Congratulations to Drock007 for winning and becoming the ultimate survivor.

  5. 2/22 Nitro posted!

    1. LUKIE


      My favourite part of EWB right now. Thanks Hbob.

    2. Ruki Returns

      Ruki Returns

      That's wrong, you round it down. 1/11.

  6. SuperBrawl IX posted!

  7. 2/8 Nitro posted!

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    2. Heroin Bob

      Heroin Bob

      Yes, but with double the finger pokes.

    3. CobraKaiEnTai


      Good, can't wait to see 4/16 Nitro, might get a full hand poke

    4. Benjamin


      You're making progress, I see.

  8. 2/1 Nitro posted!

    1. pie-is-good112


      Too Nitros for the price of one? color me interested

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