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  1. For any Ocarina of Time fans, I just recently came back from a hiatus and have been running randomizers!
  2. I'm honestly shocked. I thought the Snyder Cut was great and now I'm disappointed we aren't getting the follow up to this.
  3. Yeah, its something Id like to get going but not even close to partner myself.
  4. EWB used to have a Discord that was just completely dead if I recall.
  5. BTW I am all for pushing people to affiliate and if anyone wants some space to advertise PM me.
  6. I actually was thinking of making this thread. I think it would be cool if the opening post had a list of all EWB streamers with links! Nonetheless, I'm RDTUniverse on twitch! Right now in the midst of speedrunning some retro stuff (Mario 3) and alternate with some casual gaming. I also occasionally do some RetroSports stuff (been doing a 100% NASCAR Thunder 2003 season). )
  7. WW84 really tries to do way too much.
  8. God damn the Mandalorian is incredible. Not even going to risk using spoiler tags in case I screw it up. There's also an END CREDITS SCENE. Make sure to watch!
  9. To this day I'll stand by that when it comes to facial expressions and showing emotion he was excellent in Revenge of the Sith.
  10. Like 10 Disney+ Star Wars shows were announced today. Bonkers.
  11. Thought the episode was great and if that ending is what I think it is that's gonna be awesome
  12. I don't actually think it's a negative but it's still fun to use this meme after the Lakers win the title
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