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  1. Hi all, I just wanted to share to the EWR for Mac wrapper that I created using this old Guide For Mac using Wineskin that I found. It works on the latest version of MacOS Big Sur (with just a slight delay after clicking to begin) but after that it runs as normal. The screen resolution isn't great, but useable and if anyone knows how to improve it, please let me know if it needs to be done in the wrapper and I can attempt to fix. I hope that this will help those who have made the switch to Mac rediscover the fun that can be EWR and the art of booking and being creative. I remem
  2. Thanks for this whole site @togg, much appreciated! Does anyone have EWR Jan 2010 update? The link on this site downloads a corrupted file.
  3. I haven't been watching this since it went on break for the Christmas holidays an by that point I was fed up with it, surely I wasn't the only one, so without getting into spoilers, is this show worth getting back into or is it just the usual boring talk with some zombies here and there still?
  4. Why? We don't know the full story as to why he walked out? He could in fact have a very valid reason. Let's just wait and see what the story behind it actually is first instead of these knee-jerk reactions that a lot of these stats suggestions are (not a personal attack at you, just a general view of this thread, which seems to be getting better slowly).
  5. Can't get the Chromecast shipped to Australia from Amazon, Christmas is ruined.

  6. - Add a friendship between Kenny King and Muhammed Lawal as per Wrestling Observer Radio both men have became friends living and training together in Las Vegas.
  7. All I can really is, awesome! From the data, promotion histories to the PNG files for the logos that you included this is just fantastic, thank you!
  8. Regarding relationships, friendships shouldn't be added just because in a shoot interview Wrestler A said that he/she likes Wrestler B or they tweet back and forth or post photos. I agree with juipterhill that there are too many relationships in this game and that slows down game loading time when starting a new one.
  9. Awesome! Can't wait to check this out, I enjoy playing these alternative reality scenarios. Just one suggestion - I know the staff section is low and you don't want random staff being generated but I think you could make guys like Dusty Rhodes, Jesse Ventura, Michael Hayes, etc who are all announcers as Non-Wrestlers/Managers with the Announcer box ticked, you'd get the same purpose to use them as Colour Commentators as well as other actual in game roles if the player desired.
  10. There is a severe lack of older scenarios for EWR and for the longest time I’ve wanted to make a base database that we could build scenarios off with accurate stats, rosters, staff etc so here is where all you come in: We will start off with April 1985, the day after WrestleMania – Instead of starting one thing and moving onto another thing in the database and this topic just going wild with random info all over the place, we will begin working on the WWF and finish all aspects of the promotion (wrestlers, staff, events, tv, promotion info, etc) before moving onto the next. In saying that,
  11. - Remove Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart from the WWF. Warrior was fired shorty before IYH 9 in July and Bret didn't resign with the WWF until October. - I'd remove AJ Styles from the game, he hadn't even begun training yet.
  12. As far as WCW Road Agents, I think Mike Graham was there at the time along with Terry Taylor. Jason Hervey was in the production side as well. If you want to lis the WCW staff members so we know who you have and don't have it would be of help.
  13. WCW Relationships Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero - Blood Relative Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong - Blood Relative Scott Armstrong & Brad Armstrong - Blood Relative Brad & Scott Armstrong - Blood Relative Sting & Lex Luger - Loyalty Scott Hall & Kevin Nash - Loyalty Scott Hall & Syxx - Loyalty Kevin Nash & Syxx - Loyalty Ric Flair & Arn Anderson - Loyalty Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr. - Friendship Konnan & Eddie Guerrero - Friendship Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio Jr - Friendship Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko - Friendship C
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