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  1. Whent I were a lad, we played with jumpers for goalposts, no referee, no fouls and a tennis ball. An actual football was a luxury and we only used to get one of um for five minutes before going back down into t'pit for a twenty-five hour shift.
  2. In this particular case, Dier's not looking at the ball because he's misjudged the flight of the ball and missed his header, so the ball is behind him while he is still in mid-air. Although his arms are away from his body, they're not in what I would consider an 'unnatural' position for the task he's performing at the time i.e. jumping. We use our arms for balance when we jump, especially when not jumping from a stationary position. If that's a handball by the interpretation of the law, the law is wrong. To add to that, it was never a free kick for the set-piece that lead to the incident.
  3. xG values were calculated by analysing thousands of shots and noting whether they resulted in a goal (1) or not (0). Then the conversion ratio was calculated based on the percentage of goals versus no goals. Every place on the football pitch was then assigned a value based on this calculation. So it's literally noting where the shot came from and assigning it a value based on a matrix. It's not shown on that map as it's classed as a special occurrence but, for example, the dataset suggested that on average, for every 1000 penalties taken, 760 resulted in a direct goal, therefore 760/
  4. Ipswich Previous: Swindon Blackburn
  5. American Barbecue Challenge on Netflix is basically Great American Bake Off.
  6. Does anyone else see Dune being a massive bomb? It's probably a lazy comparison but I've always seen Dune as 'Star Wars without the popularity'. Now, you've got this $200m film, based on a 50+ year old book no-one under the age of 40 has read that's not actually all that good to begin with, a talented but lacking in a real box office draw cast, the pandemic, and it's opening right before Christmas and a week before Wonder Woman 1984? Seems like a perfect storm to lose $100m and be the industry's new 'John Carter'.
  7. The two players (Diop and Cullen) and Moyes travelled tonight and the players were named in the starting eleven, so I would guess that the positive tests came after they left the training ground. Rest of the squad who were on the bus with them are all potentially infected now.
  8. Just a thought, based on the idea that most matches take about one hour fifty minutes to complete that watching Final Score on BBC1 has taught me through the years, the Liverpool vs Arsenal match next Monday kicks off at 8.15pm, which means it should finish around 10.05pm, which is five minutes after the pub curfew. Good luck getting a crowd to leave five minutes from time if it's an entertaining and/or tight match.
  9. And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was... Rebekah Vardy!
  10. Six games into the season and I've already brought the type of football to Leyton Orient that Myke would have appreciated...
  11. If he doesn't have a monster throw, I demand a DNA test.
  12. Suarez and Costa vs Ramos and Varane. Every. Body. Dies.
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