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  1. I'm assuming ESPN doesn't recognise the existence of Germany. Also, loving the football hipster inclusion of Ilicic.
  2. Fury wants off it because it's hard to call yourself 'The People's Champion' when you're going to come 4th in a 6-person popularity contest.
  3. The guidance in grassroots has been predictably vague, shit and generally just unhelpful. In my own experience, Staffordshire FA came out on Monday and advised that all youth football should remain suspended while the area is still in tier 3. On the basis of that advice, the local leagues all unanimously agreed to suspend play for December. Then on Tuesday, Birmingham FA advised that they were happy for all youth football to resume, even in tier 3, so the Birmingham affiliated leagues all planned fixtures for December, even though a lot of teams in the Birmingham league are based in
  4. Seeing a newspaper report for an U11s match is mind-boggling. The local papers don't even report on our first team's matches.
  5. Well, the immediate things that stand out as missing if you want to play direct football are: 'Positive' is a possession recycling mentality. Read the tool tips, if you're going direct you want 'attacking' as a minimum as that instructs the players to get the ball forwards as quickly as possible. Your wingers are too far away from the striker to be running onto flick-ons, play with three up front to compact the space. No higher tempo instruction, gets the ball forwards quicker. No more direct passing instruction No 'take long kicks' and 'distribute quickly' instru
  6. His body is lying in state in Buenos Aries. The queue to pay respects is 20kms long!
  7. Nice of them to give him a 13 goal thriller first game back.
  8. Gazz

    FIFA 20

    I would assume their names and likenesses would be licensed to EA through FIFPro, which you automatically become a member of if you become a professional footballer in at least 70 countries worldwide. I would imagine it's a bit of a legal grey area as I would suspect the terms and conditions of membership haven't moved with the times into multi-million pound image rights deals.
  9. Sky cut this part of the post-match interview out.
  10. Nice little training session that was.
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