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  1. I think you've been playing too much Football Manager. When was the last time a player from the Big Six put in a transfer request due to lack of Champions League football?
  2. No chance Spurs are fighting for as high a place as 9th on the final day...
  3. Anyone got Dean Smith's email? Because I can tell him how. One, they released photos from Friday training that didn't feature Jack. Two, there are Twitter accounts that track who players remove from their fantasy teams. Several Villa players sold him on Friday.
  4. He'll take a year out, then Newcastle owner Elon Musk will appoint him as manager and sign Mbappe and Haaland.
  5. To be fair to the Centre of the Universe, it was the correct decision.
  6. I'd be somewhat wary about labelling clear mental burnout as 'mentally weak'. This is a team that trounced all before them for two seasons, to call them mentally weak is ridiculous short-termism.
  7. Maybe it will be one of those Christian movies where there's a college professor who's an atheist, is a massive dick to everyone for no reason and it's not-so-subtly implied that they eat babies and at the end, they become a Christian because of logic and facts.
  8. So who do you think tried to run him over? Hulk or Grosjean?
  9. Between her and Kacy Catanzaro, the top end of my celebrity crush list has taken a hell of a beating. All I need now is for Alison Brie and Emmanuelle Chriqui to be into seal clubbing and dumping toxic waste into the oceans and I can call it a day.
  10. It is a bit worrying that the two most prolific goalscorers in world football at the moment are Ilkay Gundogan and Scott McTominay.
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