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  1. Hayden's tackle on James sure was something too. About as stonewall a penalty as you'll ever see. Don't even think VAR checked it.
  2. All referees are being chased out the game at grassroots level, there's several games a week in my league that are having to be reffed by parents or coaches.
  3. Nothing in that for me. Side by side when Max hits the kerb, which launches him into Lewis. Nothing either driver could do.
  4. What's the over/under on the number of 'It's always sunny in Wrexham' diaries over at sortitoutsi? 1000?
  5. 1. West Brom 2. Fulham 3. West Ham 4. Man Utd
  6. I find this personally offensive.
  7. Could be worse, you could be in the European Super League and be playing PSG next week.
  8. Honestly, I was sort of hoping he'd fly into Manchester airport and then sign for Leeds.
  9. 'This summer' doesn't rule out January.
  10. Apparently, Willian's contract has been terminated.
  11. Kane's going to walk onto the pitch at the start of the second half in a Spurs kit, then tear off his shirt to reveal a Man City kit underneath to cement his heel turn.
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