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  1. I'll be checking your vimeo page out. Congrats on the new feature and short! I've been trying to secure funding for my next project and it's never easy.
  2. That's the thing exactly, was the ending. Clearly they were banking on it. Which... serves the producers right to try and benefit from it, imo. I've worked for too many of those types to feel anything other than annoyed or contempt for what they tried to do.
  3. I can't say this one captivated me as much as WandaVision did from the onset. I mean, I'm really no Captain America fan to begin with.. such a whiny character imo. I'm hoping this series helps establish something different going forward.
  4. This I agree with fully... I think That's why this series worked for me, because it allowed me to understand their relationship and how deep it runs. It gave both characters proper depth... I don't need to see how the relationship started really, as most shows just write and establish characters as is (they have a life prior to the show and afterwards). But I agree, in the films, it fell flat. Wanda killing Vision in Infinity Wars never did anything for me because I just had no clue there was a romantic thing going on with them... It didn't resonate much. That's why I think theses serie
  5. Huh, interesting...I was in the total opposite boat.
  6. I disagree with that assessment. I'm not really sure how to respond to the "Superpower lore doesn't sit well with me..." because... it's the MCU. The whole thing is literally about superpowered humans. We've seen them activated via radioactive energy, science experiements gone wrong, science experiements gone right, military experiements, serums, aliens, intergalactic stones and magic.... The fact is that the superhuman lore being accepted as the norm thing has been part of the series since the start, with Captain America during WW2 and even Hulk wasn't hiding from the general publ
  7. Just looking at the plans for Phase 4... there's going to be a TON of Marvel content released over the next 2 years. Holy crap.
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