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  1. I disagree with that assessment. I'm not really sure how to respond to the "Superpower lore doesn't sit well with me..." because... it's the MCU. The whole thing is literally about superpowered humans. We've seen them activated via radioactive energy, science experiements gone wrong, science experiements gone right, military experiements, serums, aliens, intergalactic stones and magic.... The fact is that the superhuman lore being accepted as the norm thing has been part of the series since the start, with Captain America during WW2 and even Hulk wasn't hiding from the general publ
  2. Just looking at the plans for Phase 4... there's going to be a TON of Marvel content released over the next 2 years. Holy crap.
  3. I'm wondering if the show is going to be a one season thing, or if it is planned to come back for a second season?
  4. Kind of a meh episode, but that's to be expected at some point. Didn't make it any less interesting overall, as it just sets up what's to come. But I didn't feel it was particularly well structured as a cohesive episode.
  5. Schitt's Creek should be higher. It's a really good show, and it gets stronger as it goes on. This last season was absolutely killer. RuPaul had a really strong season in Season 12 so I'm glad to see it listed.
  6. Wow. I yelled "Oh Shit" out loud three times watching this week's episode. I'm super intrigued.
  7. Hollywood, I feel, was a really underrated series but I'm glad it made the list. I really enjoyed it. Haven't heard anything about the rest.
  8. I didn't watch The Flight Attendant until last week, otherwise it would have 100% made my list. Dead to me is easily one of my fave shows so, it's unfortunate it's so low on the list. I haven't watched any of the others, though Killing Eve is on my to watch list.
  9. Yes, and ideally they can come shoot it up here so I can work it 😆 .. perfect canadian setting up north and all.
  10. If they're developping more content for a series format, I'd personally love to see the MCU guys tackle the X-Men in a tv series format. I just thing television lends itself better to those characters / story, as there's so much to tell. And they can tie them into the movies fairly well regardless, from the series. WandaVision is a hit. Genuinely, I really like it and it's probably my favorite MCU product thus far... which totally took me by surprise as I'm not a big fan of either character... but the series format is really working here. And they've gone all out with it.
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