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  1. DFF

    EWB Listening Club

    RYM classes its primary genre simply as Post Rock, with Chamber Music, Field Recordings and a few others bits as a secondary genre. Personally, I felt it had an element of a film score vibe too on the first track.
  2. Italy look flipping great.
  3. Arnautovic banned for 1 game
  4. That sounds like something you'd need to see your doctor about.
  5. If they do single player for this, but intend to have a sequel, a 'feature' of the sequel could be the ability to play multiple chars.
  6. Solid result. Phillips was our best player and surely must keep his place going forward. We do need to create a few more proper chances, but its good we converted our best move of the game, plus didn't make any killer mistakes. Croatia... never looked like they got out of 2nd gear. Tbh, the weather was always gonna be a challenge and it was never gonna be a game played at 100 mph.
  7. I don't understand why residents are expected to help fund stadiums in the States? Shouldn't it simply be the team's owner's responsibility?
  8. DFF

    EWB Listening Club

    My Bloody Valentine - Had this on in the background whilst working this AM. I think it's broadly pretty good, if a little samey all the way through and I found myself not overly distinguishing between songs as I went. It's got a certain aesthetic that's very 'early 90s' and I quite dig that. I can see why its highly rated, even if its not something that squarely fits into my wheelhouse. Glad we listened to it and may explore other bits by them on the back of it. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Wow. A fair bit to take in here. I get that the track lengths won't be for everyone (
  9. The new King Buffalo album is an early album of the year contender for me. So, so good.
  10. Has anyone watched the longer cut of Batman vs Superman? It's meant to improve the overall flow a fair bit but... the thought of sitting through MORE of it doesn't fill be with happiness haha.
  11. Just a small point, but telephone directories have existed since late the late 1870s, so it's not impossible he'd have a broad idea of what one was.
  12. Yeah, I quite enjoy The Athletic.
  13. Paul Parker is due another chance.
  14. TAA out of the euros.
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