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  1. San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles - 2 Los Angeles Rams vs Indianapolis Colts - 5 New England Patriots vs New York Jets - 4 Las Vegas Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers - 3 Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens - 1
  2. DFF

    NFL 2021

    I will never tire of Stafford destroying the Bears. So beautiful.
  3. Week 5: Manchester City Week 4: Manchester United Week 3: Sheffield Wednesday Week 2: Stoke City Week 1: Leicester City
  4. Burnley 0 vs. 2 Arsenal (Sat 3pm)Norwich 0 vs. 2 Watford (Sat 3pm)Aston Villa 2 vs. 2 Everton (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)Brighton 1 vs. 2 Leicester (Sun 2pm)Tottenham 1 vs. 2 Chelsea (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  5. Bit of shameless self-promotion here. Here's the shows we're putting on in Sheffield and the surrounding area atm. Mostly falls into various flavours of rock and metal. And yes, we have two shows on the same day. Madness.
  6. Seen them half a dozen times or so tbh, they are always brilliant.
  7. Thanks @CLDY. I'm actually already at a gig on the best night for me: And then the following day:
  8. I feel Madden just... hasn't changed much over the last 4-5 iterations. It's nice to play with a new coat of paint and up-to-date rosters, but its fundamentally the same / very similar.
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans (3) Denver Broncos vs New York Giants (2) Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots (1) New York Jets vs Carolina Panthers (4) Arizona Cardinals vs Tennessee Titans (5)
  10. DFF

    Star Trek TV

    Very happy to see Q back = definitely one of my favourite sci-fi characters, let alone a Trek one. Trailer was a bit of a mixed bag for me, but looks interesting and a bit more uptempo than season 1.
  11. DFF

    NFL 2021

    Yeah, Amendola did a really solid job for us and I'd have been more than happy to have had him back tbh.
  12. DFF

    NFL 2021

    I saw one take from a reporter saying that whomever comes in will likely expecting to contribute to special teams as well. Not sure what Bell would be like there, but not sure Freeman would be a good fit in that case.
  13. Brentford 2 vs. 1 Brighton (Sat 3pm)Leicester 1 vs. 2 Man City (Sat 3pm)Southampton 1 vs. 2 West Ham (Sat 3pm)Watford 2 vs. 1 Wolves (Sat 3pm)Leeds 2 vs. 3 Liverpool (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
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