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  1. The A's game today was a nail biter, and I was having to focus on breathing deeply every so often. I hope they crush the Astros, just as they did in the regular season. I don't know if they can make it past the Yankees or Rays, but one can always hope.
  2. Watched Watchmen (2019) on blu-ray over the last week since it won all those Emmys. I'd had the blu-ray since June, but didn't bother watching because I can be a procrastinator. Due to the Emmys, I was spoiled on a major plot point, but it didn't hurt my viewing of the show. It's excellent, and way better than Zach Snyder's adaption.
  3. I've now won eight times, including a win in Royal Fumble. I managed to grab the tail with about twenty second left, and survived.
  4. I've managed to win six times so far. Four wins have come from Fall Mountain, and two from Jump Showdown.
  5. That guitar part from The Smiths song was used in a lot of movie trailers and TV commercials, right? I know I've heard it a bunch of times, but not before the '90s.
  6. I check in on this thread from time to time, maybe I should comment on the last two posts. Edge of Seventeen is a song I just can't take seriously on its own because I heard Bootylicious first. That's all I think of when I hear that riff. It is actually good on it's own. Via con me has a beat I can sway back and forth to. Under Pressure is a classic for me. A great pairing of two titans of rock music. I haven't bothered to listen to The Go-Go's besides the chorus of this and "We got the Beat." I paid attention to the lyrics of this one and agree with you about the song bein
  7. I bought this game after the New Legacy Inc guys played it, and it's fun. There's rounds I don't like(the tail ones, See-Saw), but on the whole it's an easy way to kill fifteen minutes.
  8. I just finished the first season of Harley Quinn, and I think it's great. I can see people being turned off by the constant swearing, but it worked for me.
  9. I only occasionally watch her videos, so I didn't about her writing a book until last week when there was a big interview on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle's entertainment section. I'll definitely pick this up.
  10. Jeez, half or so of the Phillies have Covid. Yeah, the league should just shut down completely, even though that's a can of worms.
  11. I went and binged,(a few episodes a day since I'm still having to physically go to work) season two of Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. I watched season one back when it first aired, but had forgotten to watch the second season. I think it's a great series, but it works best if you already know a bunch about Scooby Doo. It really works as being the "last" Scooby Doo show. It gets dark at times, so I wouldn't recommend it as a show for the under 10 crowd. The voice cast is great. It's streaming on Amazon Prime, and you can also buy it on DVD.
  12. Ah, that's a shame. He was funny in pretty much anything he was in.
  13. I am. I got an email asking me to join the group. If you guys need to drop me and my team, go ahead.
  14. I tied last week, and somehow advanced to the semifinals. This will be my best finish in the league ever.
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