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  1. take a look in here https://homeofprowrestling.com/other-games/wrestling-booker/ewr/ewrrwupdates
  2. each file can only be downloaded 10 times is the message it gave after I clicked on the file to download
  3. You can set workers ages lower than 18 which I beleive just makes it so they dont appear in game until they do hit 18 years old. You have any interest in adding in the major players? Would be pretty cool to have an all real wrestler world up to almost current day.
  4. WIll be checking this out for sure, was a big fan of your other one.
  5. I don't care about loading times since even with huge databases EWR still loads fast for me, so that would work. Hopefully it would be the last one added as if you took the Masters 1997 one and put it into the current day one I guess in theory that would eliminate the current day version which would be the desired result. I believe that would be far enough back that guys like Styles, Joe, and the like wouldn't have duplicates, at least hoepfully anyway since they would have improved a lot since then.. Plus Masters 1997 is a really well done scenario.
  6. Not sure if you still take requests but I always thought it would be awesome to play in a universe where it was current day but also had all the legends in their prime. Basically something like taking masters 1997 data and smashing it together with a current day data. It is something I could do I on my own but figured I'd ask here first in case you have done or were thinking of doing one like that, or heck maybe any of those data editing tools allows you to easily do it without having to tediously enter in every record, Thank you for all the scenarios you have already, love the work you do and
  7. I can't help but I'd still love to see this game get updated. Was looking forward to PT's update as it was supposed to be big. Not sure what happened there.
  8. Do you have a backstory writeup or anything to go along with the monday night war? Looks pretty cool.
  9. Someone needs to get this permanent uploaded. The only one that I knew was in existence was a terrible one made by someone named Anthonywicked I want to believe. Not that I can complain too much since I haven't made mods but the stats were horrible. Like Christian had 100's across the board. I'm sure long time EWR players remember it. This mod however looks great..
  10. The problem is if you weren't one of the beta testers than the data isn't out there but I do agree an all star scenario would be awesome.
  11. I remember awhile back there was a rumor that WWE would expand into different markets and use their USA market as their home base. For example they would make a WWE Japan, WWE UK, WWE Mexico, WWE Canada, you get the idea. I think that would make a cool scenario to play.
  12. I wouldn't even know this was photoshoped had yiu not said anything. So looks good to me.
  13. I know someone made a mod for it but does anyone have any graphics to go along with it kicking around?
  14. Do you remember what you updated with the 2000 mod? I took a look in the editor and I noticed none of the promotions that were set to open were in it. Would I be safe to import those over from NWA's original 2000 mod? I mainly just want them in to flesh out the wrestling scene some since without those there will be no wrestling outside the US given that none of the major japanese promotions were included in the data originally.
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