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  1. Fun fact: 'Firestarter' is one of the first popular songs I fully heard and comprehended when I was younger as I spent the 90s struggling with deafness. Well, not that fun.
  2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 4 - SHITE
  3. It's going to cost me more to take those shithouses out of my squad than points they put into my team. Kids, don't use your Free Hit on week 5.
  4. Guess who put three Newcastle players into their FPL team because they were facing Sheffield United.
  5. As someone who has a ticket to the quarter finals in Rome, I'd be fucking surprised if they go ahead with the format. I have already decided not to go, even if I'm vaccinated by then (doubt it). It wouldn't surprise me if one country holds it mainly behind closed doors.
  7. The complete draw for the final. Tie to be played on May 15. Fulham or Burnley or Bournemouth or Crawley or Manchester United or Liverpool or Stockport County or West Ham or Doncaster Rovers or Sheffield United or Plymouth Argyle or Millwall or Bristol City or Chorley or Wolves or Southampton or Shrewsbury Town or Arsenal or Barnsley or Norwich City or Chelsea or Luton Town or Everton or Sheffield Wednesday or Wycombe Wanderers or Tottenham Hotspur or Swansea or Nottingham Forest or Cheltenham or Manchester City or Brentford or Leicester or Brighton or Blackpool vs. Fulham or Burnley or B
  8. Tottenham / Wycombe was a cracking game 3 or 4 years ago, hope it gets on TV this time.
  9. 1000/1 now for a Marine win. Tempting...
  10. Klopp is actually playing the likes of Salah. What a plum.
  11. Salah to come on when they're 5-0 up after 30 minutes.
  12. Linking back to talk elsewhere, the 90s is basically a massive wad of comfort food. It's not especially innovative or substantial but I love the period. But not to worry, we're a couple of years here from peak nu-metal.
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