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  1. I mean, okay, Limp Bizkit I have to defend a little bit (you're all wrong), but the heavyweights of the nu-metal genre like SOAD, Korn, Deftones, Linkin Park stood the test of time. You can hear their influence in today's music way more than the tenured 'proper' metal bands that usually play a mid-afternoon slot at Bloodstock and are maybe big in Finland. Nu-metal is derided in the same way the 2000s indie wave in British music is called 'landfill' . Executives looked at signing the next big thing with zero quality control; bands who should've never got beyond the pub circuit. Was the world re
  2. Me wanting to build a physical games collection vs. the game I want being half the price on the Nintendo eStore. Do I want to pay an extra £13 for a box and a card? Worse still, it's for Lego City Undercover - that game was originally released eight years ago on the Wii U.
  3. Forgot to cheap plug the latest episode. No more Zoom bollocks. Nothing but in-person bollocks from hereon out.
  4. I'll at least have a go at being unreasonably obsessive over the Olympics, nothing better to do, but the lack of crowds and Japan's timezone may see me skip most stuff. Paris is only 3 years away anyway.
  5. It's easy to see what's coming out in the cinema, but no one seems to curate that AND everything brand spanking new being piled on streaming services. Film has also fallen into the content for content's sake trap, it feels.
  6. OpenEMU is available here, requires a Mac - but there's Dolphin and Project64 available for Windows. I bought a compatible controller and job's a good 'un.
  7. How do people keep up with what films are coming out these days? Apparently there's a film called Jungle Cruise starring The Rock and Emily Blunt coming out next weekend, and I had never heard of it being made until I saw an ad on the side of a bus. And god knows what I've missed on Netflix, Prime, etc, etc
  8. I've bought a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and got OpenEMU working for some unadulterated Gamecube and N64 goodness. I'm currently playing Skies of Arcadia, which I'm enjoying so far but doubt I'm even 5% into the game despite three hours of gameplay; and I'm also going through Diddy Kong Racing again as I never advanced past Wizpig back in the day. One downside of OpenEMU though: there's a known bug that hasn't been fixed in at least 3 years meaning I can't play No Mercy (and possibly the other THQ/AKI wrestling games) properly. It crashes after every match. My plan once I either
  9. There's been no black drivers since Hamilton, right? It's baffling yet incredible that the one and only black driver in F1 history is the most successful driver ever.
  10. Ah. Thought that would be the case. The way some people dig for lost media to near conspiratorial levels probably means they're all about the chemtrails too. At least I'm aware of it and will now watch something else instead. Saying that, I miss the days when you could read snopes.com, have a bit of fun with some crazy truths and untruths, and then get on with your day like a normal human being.
  11. I like watching videos about lost media, but I worry the way they're presented that I'm one click away from being recommended flat-earther videos about the evils of vaccines.
  12. The final podcast of the Thunderdome era Listen to "Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)" on Spreaker.
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