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  1. Soccer Saturday were on about if Liverpool will win the league without Van Dijk, or if Man City will win it instead. I think it'll be neither. Dare I predict, it could be Everton in that points range.
  2. GA!


    When this pandemic calms down, I want to form a Taskmaster Club.
  3. GA!


    Start at series 1 episode 1 on All4 and you'll struggle to pace yourself. I can't believe it took me until earlier this year to check it out. It's the perfect gameshow!
  4. Never thought I'd be annoyed at Palace conceding a last minute goal against Brighton but that's FPL for you.
  5. GA!


    Yeah that was great. Lack of audience aside nothing has changed.
  6. Saying that, though, you know if the model worked then it'd be the top games like Liverpool vs Man City that are put on Box Office.
  7. Ian Holloway is very much against the idea (no idea if he shares the view of Grimsby's board). Good for him. Grimsby will never have the chance to play in the Premier League - geography alone means they could never attract the talent - so they would be well within their rights to take the money and lick boot. I'm a football fan in general though. I follow the Premier League but I don't have a team I support. As a neutral, I don't want to see the league weighed even more in favour of six teams owned by foreign billionaires who see their clubs as nothing more than the trophy project in thei
  8. Salford are the gateway to B-teams in the league. Fuck 'em.
  9. This is genuinely one of my favourite films we've done for CineMortuary.
  10. oh thank god ewb is back i was worried there for a moment 😢

  11. So the way to fix the football league system is to weigh it proportionally more towards six teams at the top, including one who has never won the Premier League, and another who struggles to finish in the top six? Okay dokey. Still funny how the 'big four' turned into the 'big six' once Man Utd stopped winning titles too... This is all self-serving shit.
  12. £15 per game is fine, but I assume this is on top of paying for Sky/BT in the first place?
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