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  1. Also, it's just a shit idea from a competition standpoint. Did Real Madrid beat Juventus today? No? Can't wait until we see if they can beat them like next week or something. It will bore fans senseless quickly.
  2. One last episode with @Thrilla until he disappears forever. Or until one of us can't be arsed to record during a particular week, either/or. Listen to "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)" on Spreaker.
  3. GA!


    I was immediately gobsmacked that four of them wrapped both legs together. Maybe it's because I have watched every series plus the NZ version in less than a year, but I can tell a two-parter task from a mile away! That's fine with me! Taskmaster is like the TV show equivalent of the mini-games on Mario Party - and that game fucking loves parity.
  4. I think the last thing I watched in relation to TGWTG was Kickassia. I couldn't tell you if I was still watching Doug Walker even then, but that's where I dropped everyone, and only got back into Lindsay Ellis early last year. Is Linkara still a thing? Angry Joe? Spoony? Don't know, really don't care. Even in 2011/12 or whenever Kickassia was, that whole angry white guy review template was blase. I'm amazed Doug Walker is still doing the same shtick apparently a decade later... You have to actively fight against personal and professional development to achieve that. Speaking of personal d
  5. I have written my first ever book review. Yippee, I guess.
  6. I was probably one of them, and no. I'd only rank it better than Kill Em All and St Anger.
  7. I'm surprised I gave the album a middling review back in 2011 and gave Metallica more credit than they deserved. I distinctly remember saying somewhere that, even though I'm a huge Metallica fan and never been arsed by Lou Reed's work, Metallica's contribution was not up to scratch compared to what Reed brought to THE TABLE. I've not listened to Lulu since that review, and it's rare for me to never revisit an album.
  8. GA!


    Series 11, episode 4:
  9. Back by popular demand: me! Also @Thrilla I suppose.
  10. GA!


    Renewed for a second series if this link is to be believed. 👍
  11. And William Shatner! I forgot to mention this episode has a special guest star. Some guy called @Thrilla?!
  12. Listen to "American Psycho 2 (2002)" on Spreaker.
  13. No joke on nothing, I wouldn't know how to get the gear even if I wanted to.
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