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  1. I stopped as soon as i saw "nancy grace."
  2. This time I went with: Women - Kelly W., Peih-Gee, Stephanie, Ciera, Kass, Shirin, Mama C., Tasha, Abi-Maria, Sabrina Men - Spencer, Woo, Vytas, Stephen, Shane, Joe, Jeremy, Troyzan, Andrew, Mike I don't get the rational to have the vote be a daily thing
  3. Odd that they switched Monroe's gender.
  4. Last night's show was the best since the mid-season break.
  5. Beyond all the already mentioned gripes, there were headlines all week leading up quoting Andrew Lincoln as saying that this half of the season is going to be like a completely different show and then that episode seemed just like more of the same.
  6. My only gripe is that this episode's invasion/attack on the prison feels like it should've happened with Woodbury at the end of last season.
  7. Can I get kyky pics of: Adam Windsor Bobby Heenan (WCW era) Bret Hart Cassidy Riley (Raven follower) David Flair (WCW era, white Hair) Devon Storm/Crowbar (WCW era) Don Callis (TNA era) Elix Skipper Francine Frank Shamrock Gedo Jado Jason Cross Jazz JBL Jonny Fairpaly Kaos Konnan Low-ki Mark Briscoe Masato Tanaka Mike Sanders Minoru Tanaka Paul Birchal (OVW era) Puma Ricky Reyes Rocky Romero Seven Shane Madison Shawn Daivari (before WWE) Shane Madison The Joker The Messiah Tito Ortiz huge thanks in advance
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