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  1. If you come back, let me know!

  2. I haven't been online since august. Getting a friend to bring my xbox up, picking up a tv and getting live tomorrow. I'll most likely get Battlefield and MW3 so if anyone wants to get down with that, lemme know.
  3. Oh thank god there's another person. I started watching this show for some reason and I've actually really enjoyed it, it's definitely better than True Blood. I'm still hating myself for getting drawn into another CW show though.
  4. I'm really liking House this year. They've gotten rid of a ton of characters and the show is more streamlined now. I like the new people they've brought in and hopefully we'll get an appearance from everyone on the old team at some point in the season but I would rather that none of them actually return.
  5. Did anyone see the most recent episode of Dexter? That was the second time today I've laughed at the ending of an episode of a show (I cracked up at the ending of The Walking Dead too). Spoilers below: EDIT: Homeland is a really good show. Go out of your way to watch it good. I'm only two episodes in though, so things may change, but I really like it right now. It's the sort of show that would be fantastic for one or two seasons though, I hope that they don't try to drag it out like with most shows.
  6. Anyone else watching Person of Interest? Great cast (Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Taraji P. Henson), Exectutive Producers are JJ Abrams and Johnathan Nolan (and it was created by Nolan too) and a really interesting premise. Only problem for me is that I keep picturing Caviezel as Jesus, beating the shit out of everyone and shooting people. That's not actually a bad thing though. I'd check it out.
  7. Starts of shaky? I've only seen the first 3 episodes and already liked it a lot, so I guess I have to continue Also, why did I stop watching Parks and Recreation after season 2? Season 3 is absolutely awesome. Compared to the second half of the season it's a little shaky. They don't seem to know where they are going with everything but by the middle of the season they've gotten into a groove and every episode seems to be a little better than the previous. I'm really impressed with Syfy as of late, I finished Alphas and really enjoyed it, I've gotten all the way up to season four of E
  8. Alphas is really good. Starts off a bit shaky but it really comes together by the end of the season and the way they ended it is making me real excited for a second season.
  9. I don't usually catch new shows because I always find one that I really like and it's immediately cancelled. That being said, I watched Person of Interest and it is pretty awesome.
  10. I've grown into a big fan of Alphas within the past couple weeks. Started off pretty rocky but it's gotten really good, the abilities of the alphas aren't over the top and have drawbacks, the characters work well together and theres a least a couple of lines every week that make me crack up. Overall it's a fun show that doesn't really take itself too seriously and I'm suprised that the Syfy channel has been slowly bringing together a really good group of TV shows.
  11. Right now I'm watching Luther, since it has Idris Elba in it, and I think its quite good. Anything similar to that would be nice.
  12. Is there any good British shows I should watch/should be currently watching? I've gone through nearly everything I want to at this point (except Lost, West Wing and Breaking Bad) and I'd like something a bit different. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I can watch almost anything but I'd rather it be relatively recent so anything in the last ten or so years would be good.
  13. I think thats what they want you to think. Joffrey is a snotty little douche that has gotten everything his whole life and does whatever he wants. He's basically like that weird kid from the vaille but older and without the creepy breastfeeding. And as for the season finale...holy fuck. That's about all that needs to be said I guess.
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