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  1. If you come back, let me know!

  2. Shit. Not happy right now. Fucking Giants again. I hate all of you.
  3. I'm personally hoping for a 49ers/Patriots superbowl. Packers still scare me and the Giants still give me nightmares from the last superbowl.
  4. I say an even 10 Touchdowns and then pull him. If you're going to beat them down, might as well do it in style.
  5. I'm hoping for a larger dickstomping by the patriots. Tired of hearing all of that Tebow coverage, lets see if Brady can throw 10 touchdowns.
  6. I hate Tim Tebow but I love the option. At least this means we're going to get it in Madden this year.
  7. I've finally got Battlefield, along with an actual decent (I hope!) connection. If anyone wants to play with me just lemme know.
  8. I haven't been online since august. Getting a friend to bring my xbox up, picking up a tv and getting live tomorrow. I'll most likely get Battlefield and MW3 so if anyone wants to get down with that, lemme know.
  9. Oh thank god there's another person. I started watching this show for some reason and I've actually really enjoyed it, it's definitely better than True Blood. I'm still hating myself for getting drawn into another CW show though.
  10. I'm really liking House this year. They've gotten rid of a ton of characters and the show is more streamlined now. I like the new people they've brought in and hopefully we'll get an appearance from everyone on the old team at some point in the season but I would rather that none of them actually return.
  11. Did anyone see the most recent episode of Dexter? That was the second time today I've laughed at the ending of an episode of a show (I cracked up at the ending of The Walking Dead too). Spoilers below: EDIT: Homeland is a really good show. Go out of your way to watch it good. I'm only two episodes in though, so things may change, but I really like it right now. It's the sort of show that would be fantastic for one or two seasons though, I hope that they don't try to drag it out like with most shows.
  12. I'm listening to the deluxe edition. I really like it, don't have a favorite song yet but I've noticed that everything flows together really well. In previous CD's it felt like a bunch of individual songs, this one feels more like one singular unit. EDIT: That being said, I'm really digging Natives, Up All Night and Heart's All Gone (with the interlude of course), Ghost on the Dance Floor is pretty nice too.
  13. Totally don't believe that Al Davis is dead. Does that picture really look like a man that can die? He's probably just gone into hibernation, he'll be back next april to draft some sprinter with hands of stone and everything will return to normal.
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