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  1. Eligible for both, played U18's for Ireland IIRC before switching allegiance to England. Ireland tried to get him to switch back a couple times in the past couple years.
  2. I'm not sure I really care re: Ronaldo. He hasn't played for us for what, 12 years? It isn't like he's marching across like Tevez did.
  3. I picked this up and I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm having fun. I started with the Red Sox and we were predicted to go 74-88 and finish 4th in the AL East but we managed to finish 3rd with 81-81 so that was pleasing. I'd like to think we could've done better if my pitchers didn't keep getting injured. I think I had 10 long term injuries to pitchers with the most notable being Garrett Richards who was ruled out of the season after being my best pitcher to start. After injuries piled up I traded prospects for Dylan Bundy and Marcus Stroman. Neither had a great impact so I let both wa
  4. Anyone watching Invincible? Its not bad.
  5. Fuck. Changing studios is huge - I wouldn't be shocked if its never released.
  6. She really shot herself in the foot because she was going to get her own show and everything. What an idiot.
  7. Probably somewhere like the sortitoutsi forums.
  8. They aren't what I would call groundbreaking but they are definitely positive inclusions (mostly) and I think it is worth it. Besides VAR decisions going against you 99.99% of the time the match engine has gotten really good, too. I mean you can probably pick it up on Steam and check out the new features over a couple hours and if you decide it isn't worth it for you then just get a refund.
  9. He just isn't anywhere near as good as the other options in the squad. He made my Premier League squad in the end but missed out on the Champions League.
  10. I got raided pretty hard. Kane, Son and Dier all gone. After some transfers in it leaves me looking like this: A Team: B Team: Also have Sessegnon, Skipp and Connor Goldson (to replace Tanganga who demanded a loan move) floating around in the reserves. Also Lamela because no one wants him but he won't make my final squad unfortunately for him. Still have £110M to play with but no one is really jumping out as a good option to buy.
  11. Took Spurs to 3rd in the Prem and the semis of the Europa League in my first season without any signings. Now all my best players are wanted by PSG, Real Madrid, Barca, Man City etc. I don't have the financial power to convince them to stay if they come in with bids
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