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  1. The Extreme title should be active for Game Changer Wrestling with AJ Gray as the champion. PCO should probably be added on a handshake deal to GCW, too.
  2. I'm starting to think that you don't like Aaron Rodgers.
  3. Bat Out Of Hell is an album that I remember listening to very early on in my life as it was one of my dad's, and by association my, favourite albums. A big loss.
  4. Our immigration minister has cancelled Novak's visa. He'll likely appeal though.
  5. AEW should also have an event broadcasting deal with TNT - they're doing 4 1 hr specials this year for them.
  6. Tony Nese was made All Elite about a month ago. Should be a heel with a cocky gimmick.
  7. 1. Only Murders in the Building 2. The Witcher 3. Invincible 4. F Is For Family 5. WandaVision 6. Kim's Convenience 7. What We Do in the Shadows 8. Star Trek: Lower Decks 9. Lucifer 10. Big Mouth Apparently that's all I've watched this year (except for Cowboy Bebop but that doesn't belong on a best of list), everything else I thought was this year was late last year. Need to catch up on a lot.
  8. Does anyone have any pics for Hook, Kayla Rossi, Dan Lambert and an updated Trent Beretta with his new, bald look?
  9. Not at all surprised the season was very underwhelming.
  10. Great show, probably my favourite of the year.
  11. Eligible for both, played U18's for Ireland IIRC before switching allegiance to England. Ireland tried to get him to switch back a couple times in the past couple years.
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