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  1. 2024: Jamal Blackman gets a Chelsea testimonial despite being released by them without playing a single game.
  2. The season finale of The Boys was excellent.
  3. James Garner is off to Watford on loan.
  4. CK3 unavailable to buy in Australia because depending on who you believe either a) the censorship board hasn't approved the game, or b) Paradox didn't actually bother to submit it to the censorship board for rating.
  5. He's claiming a clause in his contract allows him to walk away for nothing, they're saying it doesn't.
  6. Sadie Gibbs, Bea Priestley and Jimmy Havoc are gone from AEW. Edit: and forget about changing FTR to faces, they're definitely heels.
  7. So AEW fixes below. One thing I've noticed is that it is really hard to play as AEW. Most people have poor stats and get booed by the vocal crowd which is incorrect (eg. someone like Darby Allin, who is one of the most over workers in the company, gets booed because of his stats). The solution is to either go through and make adjustments to the stats of basically every worker under contract or change the product to something else that doesn't have a high pass mark for stats but I'm not sure what actually suits AEW besides Wrestling Nerd Nirvana... Anyway, changes below.
  8. Watched season 2 of The Umbrella Academy over the last few days. Was an excellent follow up to season 1, can't wait for season 3!
  9. Antonio Thomas should be under the alter ego of Thomas Santell which he has been going by for ~3 years now and probably classed as a technician.
  10. The only place I see DDG going is maybe back to Atletico if Jab Oblak goes. But if he goes (presumably to Chelsea) it is likely Kepa will be involved in a swap so that leaves DDG out again. So yeah, nowhere really for him to go at this stage.
  11. I have a feeling Henderson will be back at Sheffield United next season. He's too good to be our no. 2 goalkeeper, and too good to get rid of, and I don't think DDG is going anywhere yet.
  12. I think it largely depends on which Bale you get. A motivated Bale, yes, he absolutely would walk into the Spurs (and most others) first team. But getting the petulant child Gareth Bale is a different story and there's no way to guarantee which one you'd be getting.
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