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  1. The death in TWD 100 was brutal, but really, really, really foreshadowed heavily in the previous issues. It could have, and should have (given who it was), been heavier than it turned out to be. Negan, however, looks like he'll be a lot of fun as a villain, but I tend to doubt we'll ever see him in the show.
  2. Fully agreed. Ultimate Peter and the series with him in it is the best consistent series from the beginning in the Ultimate universe (which might not say that much). The Bendis/Bagley run is a lot of fun to read all around.
  3. The Dark Knight, definitely. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, the list goes on and is extremely good.
  4. TMZ: Andy Whitfield, Dead at 39 I usually lurk, but I just saw this and didn't see anything about it posted anywhere. It hits very close to home and I am very sad about this.
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread...but is anyone still watching this? With one episode left before the series finale, I was just curious if anyone around here was keeping up with it.
  6. If you're referring to how you never see them again, then I can see that. But they are mentioned constantly. The lead characters here are the camp survivors. It'd be like us revisiting the Vatos over and over again incessantly. One thing that I think the show is utilizing that the comic did was the idea that, just like in real life, you will meet people and they will come and go and you might never see them again. In this zombie apocalypse-type world, it goes without saying that Rick and the crew might never see someone ever again. Again, knowing what I know about the comics being used m
  7. QCKing

    True Blood

    I know what Crystal is from the books, and it's kind of awesome. Oh, and I need a Franklin Mott TV show. He is everything awesome this show needs.
  8. My absolute favorite film is Glory, the Civil War film starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman. Just an all around amazing movie just for those actors being in it at the start of their primes. Oh, and Cary Elwes, who is prone to making things better by being involved. And the best thing I've ever heard someone call someone else. "You ugly Mexican African fucking whores!" Amazing.
  9. QCKing

    True Blood

    My wife loves the Sookie Stackhouse novels this show was heavily based on, so I can tell you with complete certainty that the werewolves (and if you've been watching the little "Drop of True Blood" minisodes on HBO, the other weres) are all the actual animals with golden glowing eyes. They are NOT the Silver Bullet/The Howling/Dog Soldiers mutated man-wolves. I'm very, very happy they're at least using real wolves (from what I've read) instead of going the Twilight route with it.
  10. 1 - Star Trek 2 - The Hangover 3 - The Hurt Locker 4 - Away We Go 5 - Up 6 - District 9 7 - Zombieland 8 - Avatar 9 - Inglourious Basterds 10 - The Soloist I can't believe Soloist made the list, since I had Taken on there and, really, watching Liam Neeson kick much ass makes for a fun way to kill a night. Unfortunately, I've seen He's Just Not That Into You more times than probably all the other movies combined...
  11. So the season finale just aired. Besides the usual boo hoos that the fantastic show gives out, I really wish the Vince storyline saw more evolution and a decent enough end as well as more from Jess' Dad. However, Landry continues to be my favorite character on this show.
  12. DS9 is the top for me, no question. Once Worf showed up, the show became amazing. It was what some of the Star Trek TNG shoulda been.
  13. Yeah, sorry, I'm not well versed in MMA, but it just looks like Nelson laid there and was just too heavy for Kimbo to do anything with. That was very, very boring to me.
  14. QCKing

    RIP Roc...

    Wow. I'm floored. Roc Raida's work with the X-Ecutioners and the work he did with DJ Vlad on Rock Phenomenon are two of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Jeez. I'm gonna miss him and his talents immensely.
  15. QCKing

    True Blood

    My vote is Bill's maker, Lorena. She may have gotten her heart broken, but she can still overpower Bill and she's already shown to be batshit insane.
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