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  1. I watched this yesterday - the wrecks are insane and I don't feel guilty laughing about them. It's fun to see some different people get a chance and I like that they are still sneaking sponsors in their rigs and stuff like that.
  2. I downloaded it on my Roku but I didn't know it was a subscription service - I'm going to look more into it... I loooooove 8 Out Of 10 Cats - Jimmy Carr hosted a few shows that aired here on Comedy Central that I just didn't appreciate at the time. I'm gonna check out Taskmaster now. The nonsense of spending 15-20 minutes of the show doing things that have nothing to do with the show just tickle me - Richard Ayoade's appearances crack me up.
  3. LOL I just downloaded EWR 4.2 and I may hop in on that again - just excited to have something to do.
  4. I was having a conversation about him the other day with my best friend - Lean On Me is a song where you can hear the emotion coming through the words/singing - like PLEASE swallow your pride...it just gets me every time. I really think it's in that class of songs like Yesterday and Let It Be. Lovely Day and Ain't No Sunshine are simple themes expressed so well.
  5. I loooooooooove 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown - thankfully someone puts up the new episodes in full on YouTube. I've been going back and watching old ones, too. I'll check into these other shows - I've had a lot of luck with DailyMotion. I watched the reunion after it was on Gogglebox and liked it but could tell I needed to go back and watch old episodes to get some of the jokes. Yeah, there's not a whole lot I really like right now - I finished Mr. Robot and Bojack Horseman. I really like Westworld but I can't say there's much else I'm really enjoying in US TV right n
  6. I'm honestly surprised it isn't a little busier with everyone being stuck at home.
  7. LOL any recommendations for other British shows? I appreciate the sensibilities/perspectives, I guess. There's a really shitty American version - I think it's The People's Couch LOL thanks - my best friend goes over for work and came back introducing me to those shows and Nando's. I was just curious because I remember a lot of people from the UK posting here when I was a regular 15 years ago or so. Thanks! I'll check them out - I've seen a few shows through Gogglebox I want to find - Gavin & Stacey and Eastenders. Opinions?
  8. You hate Gogglebox? Any particular reason? I was wondering if it's a super popular show there with 15 seasons and all...
  9. Recently, my best friend has gotten me into a few UK shows - 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Gogglebox. Anyone else watch? Who's your favorite? Giles and Mary crack me up, Jenny and Lee second, and Pete and Sophie in a close third.
  10. Red Dead starts slow, gets AWESOME towards the middle, but then slows down again at the end. It's strange, I felt it could've ended two or three different times.
  11. I got it and I must say, the game plays a bit differently. They've done a lot to improve presentation. I like it a lot so far.
  12. Has anyone beaten Heavy Rain yet? I'm just preparing myself for how much time I'm gonna need to put in on it.
  13. my mind's on my money and my money's on my mind

  14. kingtut307


    I couldn't believe what a great actor Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball is. I had a weird feeling that Ballard was Alpha for a while and that the house was watching him. Well done season finale, I can't wait for Season 2! Maybe they can find a better night for it.
  15. Strange that a DEN-ORL final is a distinct possibility consider how everyone (including the league) seemed to want it. I love LeBron, but he looked bad down the stretch last night. He had no help, either. I would love for Denver just to take it all so Billups could throw a figurative middle finger at the Pistons.
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