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  1. And if he still thinks "that boy aint right.....wing."
  2. Really sucks to lose Americas Grandma and Americas Dad within 10 days of each other. The house feels a little less full now. Grew up with Full House and Americas Funniest Home Videos. And cant forget him as the voice of Future Ted on How I Met Your Mother. Sad that he won't really be around in the actual 2030. Devastating loss for the world of comedy and the world as a whole. I'm sure him and Norm Macdonald are already roasting each other.
  3. Yea it does a great job of giving fans what they want, while also being unpredictable enough to keep things fresh and leave you wanting more. It adds a lot of depth to its existing characters while finding ways to introduce new characters or bring back characters that make sense in the story. The only (minor) problem is that it's getting so many characters involved now, that sometimes a few of them get sidelined for a few episodes, but they still manage to pay it off in the end for the most part. Its very binge-worthy, I've never been able to just watch one episode at a time, and its got great
  4. Dreaded this day would eventually come and sad she didn't make it to 100, but what an incredible legacy she left. She will be greatly missed. RIP Betty, thank you for being a friend.
  5. Sorry, you can try to put as positive a spin on it as you want, but if you.....

    -Ain't got no place to lay your head, somebody came and took your bed.

    -The landlord said your rent is late. He may have to litigate.

    And/or you....

    -Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style. Ain't got no gal to make you smile.

    With all due respect, I think I *might* worry a little bit and NOT be happy. Just saying.

  6. I think its pretty fun for the most part. If you're used to binge watching it, it should be pretty easy to get through. I'm used to just watching one episode a week, so them doing two a week threw me off a little and with only 10 episodes (well 9 technically, since the last "2" are basically just one long final episode), so some things did seem a bit rushed at times. But still enjoyable.
  7. That was great, not disappointed in the least with how it played out, but definitely gonna miss this show, one of the few non-animated/non-wrestling-related shows I've had time to watch in the past few years. Spoilers within..... Nine-Nine!
  8. Damn this is one that came out of nowhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F6dXcW-_Fc RIP Norm Macdonald
  9. Only two more episodes to go. Which strangely will air on the 16th apparently because of football next week. So they aren't even going to end the show on 9/9? Come on! It was right there!
  10. Damn, I think that just leaves Betty White as the last one remaining of the main cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. (Don't you dare take her!). Enjoyed him in a lot of things, most recently Cobra Kai (even though his character was an asshole). RIP, 91 is a hell of a good age to make it to, but still.
  11. August 12th seems like an odd time to premiere the final season of a network TV show (if they do all 10 episodes in a row it'll be done by mid-October, so hopefully they can get one more Halloween Heist out of it), but nonetheless amped up for this.
  12. Ball Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Dick

    Ball Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Dicks

    Ball Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Dick.

    Ball Wars Episode 4: A New Dick

    Ball Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Dick

    Ball Wars Episode 6: Return of the Dick

    Ball Wars Episode 7: The Dick Awakens

    Ball Wars Episode 8: The Last Dick

    Ball Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Dick

  13. May the Fourth Be With You

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