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  1. When they are a bit older, then try Labyrinth. There are rules for kids and rules for adults.
  2. Animal Crossing release window please? Or Mario Maker 2?
  3. Kingdom Hearts 1 is so clunky compared to the rest, and Tarzan's world sucks. Glad it never returned.
  4. There's the epilogue that was unlocked a few days after it was out that you can see after the regular ending plays. For the secret ending you need to get the Lucky Emblems. All if on Beginner, less than that if on another mode. Don't know exact numbers. If you do the Battlegates, you get Secret Reports that add to the lore, like the previous ones. These are all written by different people though
  5. Yes, especially with the epilogue and secret ending. Has been a fun playthrough though, now to get all the Secret Reports to see what the set up for Kingdom Hearts 4 and beyond is
  6. I'm looking to run Storm King's Thunder for my group next month, have the books and have been going over chapter 1 and 2 a lot as I don't think they will get much further than that. Anyone else run this book before, or have any advice on dealing with Giants in 5e?
  7. I have had it and the 5 player expansion a few months but only really played it twice. Takes a bit of time to explain but once you get going it's good, lots of trying to screw over other players.
  8. So I backed Maybe It's Poison as it didn't seem to expensive and had some reasonable stretch goals too - 4 days left on it. Trodgor looks great too.
  9. Thanks @ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster & @RPS. I found one recently called Escape from the Dark Castle. Looked fun, D&D-ish too. There's some expansions on Kickstarter but I'd want to get the base game first.
  10. The nerdy-ness of Boss Monster is lovely. The others all have easy to learn game play but as mentioned about Betrayal, end up being different each time. Also why I enjoyed Tsuro, making a map etc. and Alahambra which I forgot to add to my want list.
  11. So I decided to back my first ever Kickstarter for One Week Ultimate Werewolf last week. I won’t get it until November but having played One Night Ultimate Werewolf & the vampire version too I’m excited to see how a longer game goes. I wanted to share my list of games I have/want and see if any of you had recommendations. One Night Ultimate Werewolf Boss Monster Sushi Go Labyrinth Cards Against Humanity On my list to get Tsuro Colt Express Betrayal at House on the Hill Arkham Horror Ticket to Ride (this is not a priorit
  12. I've been running a D&D game for a little while, just thought I would share a few moments that have happened and see if any of you can think of any improvements I can make. This may be a little lengthy. Party: Human Paladin, Dwarf Fighter, Tiefling Wizard. Playing 4E The players started off stumbling upon a town called Melford (they decided their backstory was that they got blackout drunk and this was the next town they found) whereupon they got pretty settled and then a murder occurred and they were recruited to deal with finding the culprit. This would have been SUPER easy, had t
  13. Farscape on recommendation from friends, seems like it might be okay.
  14. I've been trying to get the hang of this whole IV breeding thing in Pokémon Y. I've managed to breed a few Eevee for the upcoming online thing with 5 perfect IVs, so I'll see how they go and if I can do the EV training needed too.
  15. I've finally gotten around to getting a Wii U, and have to say Mario Kart 8 is pretty great. The only thing about the whole "anti-grav" tracks is you don't really notice it, your wheels change but you may as well still be on the ground. Liking the off-TV play on it though. Only had the good fortune to get the blue shell destroying item once, but used it to do just that. Also downloaded Monster Hunter as my free game, so that's pretty good. Also, in 3DS Land, managed to send off a child from The War Doctor & Nikki (from Swapnote/Letter Box, had a QR code in an old Nintendo mag) and
  16. Have started to play Final Fantasy IV again and have been suprised by a few things, like Cid and Yang dying in such quick succession, then not really being dead. The stupid difficulty of Demon Wall on the DS version compared to the other versions and only just managed to defeat it after leaving Slowing it and setting everyone to auto-battle with Rydia on Leviathan and everyone else attacking. Now I'm inside the Giant of Babil, and am about to fight the Archfiends again. IV has certainly dragged in some areas, but overall it's been enjoyable. I guess I'm getting pretty close to the end of
  17. Agreed. X-2 Blitzball sucked wang. Blitzball is easily my favourite mini-game.
  18. I guess I've not been on EWB for a little bit

  19. So, Dragon Age looks pretty good, am I going to miss out on anything by getting it on PS3 as opposed to PC or 360?
  20. The crazy motorcycle chase would be great to compete against others, and then maybe we could finally get the Boko raising game for VIII so that it's useful. Seeing as I've wanted this mini-game compilation since getting a PSP I know it won't happen, but I can hope right?
  21. Final Fantasy X-2's Blitzball can go away and die. Love X's, and wish it would be released in some kind of Final Fantasy minigame compilation for the PSP along with VII's Chocobo racing, Tetra Master etc.
  22. Started playing Final Fantasy IV on DS again recently and I'm up to the Underworld where Rydia returns etc. but Golbez is a bit of a bastard. Rydia only has 600HP and doesn't survive enough time for Cecil to use Libra, then check his weakness and use the appropriate summon. Would it be best to level Cecil up and just try and strike him with attacks, or can he be Slowed? If so, when does Cecil learn Slow?
  23. We will try and get through that awful game. Even the introduction bores me.
  24. That would be it then. I've tried to play Mario Kart against people with R4's to no avail before. I'd recommend getting Platinum, even if you're not bothered about the catching thing. The second iteration of the games are always better in story and longevity. There's the Battle Frontier too to keep things going.
  25. The final unlock is performed when you reach Agate Village, and you go to the Relic Stone, they get unlocked there (provided they have the 'final unlock' message) and are no longer shadow Pokémon. They'll gain all the EXP they've earned so far and their final move. Is the cave you're looking for in Duking's House maybe? Can't remember. Upstairs on the left I think. Might be crashing if one of you has an unofficial copy, can't think of too many things that might be wrong with it.
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