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  1. Hades is top shelf stuff. It's on the level of Hollow Knight for me.
  2. Bonus: You now have an excuse to start spending a lot of time in the cupboard.
  3. I really, really hope for news on the Battle Brothers port. And perennially - Silksong.
  4. So it looks like following places offer it in the US: Best Buy GameStop Target Microsoft Store Walmart I know here in Canada, only EB Games is doing it - and they haven't really said much about it yet. Theoretically you'd just go directly to the store and set it up through them. Probably the best option would be a Microsoft Store if you have one near you. Go here and it's showing links for BestBuy, Walmart and Target. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-all-access
  5. What is upsetting is that I didn't realize what they're probably doing and figured it had something to do with "Walking On The Sun" because of Sunshine/Galaxy.
  6. Well, I'll say this. I've owned a copy of Dune for years now and I've never really even started to read it - even as much as I love sci-fi it has always been a blindspot for me. I think I just always had the perception that only the first book was worth anyone's time and I've been sinking a lot of my time and energy into series so I didn't bother. Anyways. That trailer is going to make me break that book out here ASAP.
  7. Just the idea of the campaign being in that format instead of the way those games currently play is a god send.
  8. I think I just realized that the only Replacements song that I've heard before now is Alex Chilton.
  9. Yeeeeeah. I mean it's silly... but it's silly because that is a clearly photoshop and it doesn't make any sense to have that variant and not have it announced at this point in time with the other two.
  10. I was never happy/comfortable with putting any modern consoles inside my entertainment center anyways - even with what people said was adequate spacing for cooling.
  12. I think so far I've enjoyed Frank Skinner, Romesh Ranganathan, Richard Osman, Rob Beckett, Noel Fielding, Aisling Bea, Nish Kumar, James Acaster and Jessica Knappett out of their associated seasons the most - and out of all of those I was only really all that familiar with Noel due to my time with The IT Crowd and watching the yearly Big Fat Quizzes (although I recognized a few other contestants from random panel show segements that get into my YouTube feed over the year). I really didn't mind Alice to be fair, she'd be one of my favourites from that season over Liza and Asim to be fair,
  13. They've been doing the financing thing for a while now and it works out pretty well.
  14. This is Canada and actually ends up being under the conversion rate, so that's a fine surprise as well.
  15. I'll be marathoning through them again once they finish coming out on YouTube. I wish they didn't skip the champions season though.
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