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  1. Not invasion in general, but it doesn't have to be a real person. At the start of the game, for the first time it's an AI. It isn't all knowing, it doesn't "know" where you are and you can avoid it - that is one thing I learned. There are conditions where she will spawn (only in places where you can do an assassination) and it isn't terribly frequent. After that you can decide - if you want it to stay AI, be open to anyone or only open to friends.
  2. I've never felt more uneasy in a game than when Julianna invades - AI or real person.
  3. Deathloop is very fucking good. That's all I wanna say about it because y'all should just find out about it yourself by playing, but it's a special one to be sure.
  4. Next gen exclusive and especially so for the PS5 for now, yeah. It'll be on Gamepass in a year when exclusivity runs out though.
  5. Spiderman 2 is 2023 and Wolverine doesn't have a date so what? 2025?
  6. Interested in the property but don't like playing online? It's the reason I never even looked at Friday The 13th (same developer, ironically) until they patched in some single player stuff. The new Aliens game looks like it was made with multiplayer in mind, but it still has solo play for people who'd prefer it.
  7. Future Sony Studios titles will also have a 10 dollar upgrade now. It so means internal PS5 games are going to keep that 10 dollar bump in cost though.
  8. https://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/
  9. It comes with a steel case and does NOT come with a physical disc. Just misguided across the board - they're not the only ones who do it, but man - Sony first party stuff has dropped the ball more than anyone else when it comes to it.
  10. It is, yes. Anything from an internal Microsoft studio would be - and the only things third party that seemed to take longer to go to PC Gamepass were things that were already on the Xbox one when the PC one started to pick up steam.
  11. Yeah most of the games from Supergiant use in house people for the voices, including the people who actually do other jobs within the game. The guy who voices Zag for instance, is also the composer.
  12. Psychonauts 2 is an amazingly great game and it's reaching me at a perfect time in my life I think.
  13. I really thought that it was already pushed back to 2022 so February was a pleasant surprise for me. As was the 60 frame patch for the original, which is great because I wanted to go through that before Lost Horizon came out - I only made it part way through that game because of how stacked its release timing was.
  14. apsham

    WWE 2K22

    It also may or may not be after you "messed the place up" because a referee tripped on and broke a table for no reason so they request that you pay the venue yourself for the damages caused. Or the time that you got a sponsorship deal so instead of doing the serious conversation at the Memorial show for a wrestler who just passed, you get $10,000 dollars to come out to the ring and talk about how cool this steel chair is and how you at home can also get one for four easy payments.
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