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  1. Well yeah, this feature was introduced by muppets so I'm in.
  2. Naked men hitting things with rocks included.
  3. So I'm basically in two minds here. It CAN be fun to play a game you've never tried before - one of the first things I played through was the RE2 remake and I think it was fun to watch, and I also had someone in chat who just so happened to help me when I felt stuck - and it was short, sweet and kind of action packed. It fit the bill, but just note that you might play a game different on stream than you would casually. Normally, I would go everywhere, try to find everything but when I'm on stream I kind of feel a push to keep moving, etc. Now if it's a game you've played before, you
  4. Be right back, I'm booking a ticket for my eyes and Zack Snyder for a rocket straight into the sun.
  5. Well it has a handle on it, so you can pack some snacks in the disc tray and use it like a fun lunchbag.
  6. A remaster of Diablo 2 coming to PC and pretty much every console is pretty awesome to see.
  7. If you don't wanna do the remixed bundles or the new farm map, you're fine yeah - because most of the content is late game.
  8. This. Also the most recent update added more content to the post game and some features like Junimo helpers are really only viable in the post game as well most of the time, especially for a first time player and your play-style.
  9. Oh neat, missed that the demo is out. For what it's worth - a journalist on Twitter is saying that they are 100% going to be putting out the Twilight and Wind Waker HD versions this year as well.
  10. Like A Dragon has turned out to be one of my favourite, favourite games in a long time. I've always enjoyed the Yakuza series but there's just something about the standard line of games that feels so repetitive, I just can never really put a ton of time into them at once - and in the end I kind of had enough of Kiryu's character after a couple of games. Like A Dragon and Ichiban I just loved from the start - I'll be there for any future games they put out in this line.
  11. “We live in a society.” Jesus Christ.
  12. Fucking hell. Graal Online, that takes me back.
  13. It really is. Never got the credit it deserved because.. well.. it was initially out on a system that 5 people owned.
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