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  1. So this kind of came out of left field for me, friend lent me a copy of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League... And I kind of fucking love it? It's fun as all hell to play in terms of the different ways you traverse the city, missions are bite sized and feel rewarding, and the writing in it is actually something that I'm quite enjoying. I know that some people said things along these lines, and that the limited amount of mission types kind of killed it a little bit for them - but I'm considering picking it up while it's on sale to keep playing because it's been a great time killer so far. Marking it down as another reason to stop listening to the masses (especially of gamers) on stuff like this.
  2. That was the 21st Anniversary edition which is the one up for download now, yeah.
  3. Neat! Fun to have more options. I'm highly enjoying TEW 2020 right now, and PWS just isn't hitting for me so this would be a hit of nostalgia.
  4. apsham

    WWE 2K24

    Apparently it's WWE Legends figures, which is a line exclusive to target. They're also selling the classic blue cage that I asked for a million times and never got growing up. Dangit.
  5. apsham

    WWE 2K24

    The 40 Years of Wrestlemania pack is out today with the patch, and it's pretty good - they did go the extra distance and gave era approprirate themes (like the original 'This Is My Brutality' theme for 2020 Rhea) so a thumbs up on carrying over on that. Thumbs down on the news that the action figure Hogan is going to be exclusive to buying an action figure at Target and using the code in it which is hard for any country that isn't America since... you know, it's the only place with a Target. Also locking content behind another purchase but one can at least rest easy that it's Hulk Hogan.
  6. Am I off/wrong about something regarding the angles? When I look at what's included in both my default branch and the one for this it seems to be the same 453 or so items.
  7. Yeah the micro-transaction stuff is MASSIVELY overblown. Almost all of the bigger Capcom games have had this for years - it's basically paid for convience when it comes to a lot of stuff, there at a very minor cost for people who don't want to or can't put the time in for certain things, and even then - yeah, the stuff is very easily earned in game. You don't really need to have played the first game, naw - the concept of what an Arisen (the main character) is, is kind of retreaded here. It's not like the original game had a really ground breaking story either to be fair. It's mostly all just really nice set dressing for the sandbox playground that the game puts you in. Been having a great time on PS5 as well.
  8. ...you know what that stat seems wildly off too because looking at my hand of 7 Jokers I also had the card that thins your deck and gives you money every time you play just one card, so I feel like that should've been high car even. But somehow, this seems to be the case - yeah.
  9. I think I’ve peaked. I feel like I could have kept going as well, but I had a debuff to all face cards with The Plant and that was most of my deck at that point.
  10. apsham

    WWE 2K24

    I prefer this video format to the very rigid objectives they had before. And triggering the exact finishes - trust me, you don’t want that when most of the time the characters you’re fighting have the Resiliency or “one free kick out” payback on them. You’d either need to burn it and hope you don’t get a fluke 1-2-3 or do the whole sequence again. I really like that they put in unique animations sometimes for when you lose. I’ve seen Shawn Michael’s reacting to beating the streak, Michael’s also winning the ladder match, and Kevin Owens beating Stone Cold complete with commentary in all cases.
  11. IT IS!? Ahh god, I haven't even started Unicorn Overlord yet.
  12. apsham

    WWE 2K24

    WhatsTheStatus - who normally just puts in hidden models and alternate costumes has found a way to put in all of the game's female wrestlers in as custom wrestlers that can go into intergender matches. The commentary and everything else still works as epxected too - pretty cool.
  13. I finally FINALLY beat my first game of Balatro last night. I actually had an amazing run that was based entirely on the Joker that lets you use a discard to get rid of a single card, combined with the helix that could clone a card if you only play just one - so I had Full House built up massively, was removing cards all the time, and was cloning high value face cards. I had a great combo going on and made it to the final ante... which was another very massive one. I don't think I would've been able to beat it, but I had the voucher that let me re-roll once... and it gave me a boss ante that forced one card to be played every time. I ended up losing 5 points short of the win. I was going to put the game down (for I don't know how long) but then I ended up getting the win on a game that felt like I was just barely squeaking by the entire time. The only real multiplier I had was one that grew every time I used a planet card, but then 1/2 way through I got a legendary joker that disabled all boss blind powers - and I had my flush levelled up to level 10 along with the Joker that made all red cards and all black cards the same.
  14. apsham

    WWE 2K24

    There's actually some really cool stuff in here (and some of their more recent/other videos since the game's release) that I didn't know about - such as stable members not going after each other in Rumbles by default, and Doink The Clown not only having the cast full of batteries as a weapon, but also having the unique 2 Doinks mid-match interference built in.
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