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  1. The Bond game that they're making is a great way to work in a dialogue element in the same-ish style of game.
  2. Louie Anderson was a god damn sweetheart.
  3. I have all the time in the world for Pupperazzi right now.
  4. apsham

    WWE 2K22

    Only thing that tells me is that the collisions and animations look more like the system of old than what they had going (things hopefully aren't as locked into certain things being true to see if a move "hits" or not, more variety instead of canned animations) - and that's about the only thing I got out of that.
  5. To be fair, my entire goal was to make sure Cloud got the cutest dress - so once I that part ended I was just going through the motions either way.
  6. I don't even react negatively the story changes in FF7 Remake, the thing that killed it for me was. a) The battle system and difficulty levels just made fights longer and tedious, not harder once you figured it out. I never really had fun once while fighting and I eventually put it down to easy just to get through fights moderately faster. b) For the beautiful world they built, there was almost ZERO reason to explore it. Every time you went of to explore all there was to do was to hit a box or two for minimal gain and then find an treasure box... and an Ether or Potion every time. Th
  7. Last thing in the world I’d suggest is the FF7 remake, I’d go for the modern console versions of the original before them by a country mile. The remake left a terrible taste in my mouth. 10 is a great shout to start with, that or 9 even.
  8. My god, I almost bought that on Switch. Well that's good to hear!
  9. Yoshi's Crafted World is an amazing co-op game, the fiancee and myself went through the whole game and got everything from every level. It's an amazingly inventive game, looks awesome and most levels are pretty short so you can pick up and play anywhere. She's pretty good at everything, but in the instance where there was a platforming she wasn't stellar at - and hell, I think she did it for me once or twice - one Yoshi and carry the other in their mouth and you can both get past the obstacle at the same time. KeyWe is also a fun game about being a couple of Kiwi birds working in a post o
  10. apsham


    Knowing nothing of Chiles as well, he was our flat out favourite in that episode as well.
  11. Loving everything about this series, yeah. I was initially excited for The Mandolorian but I think I kind of petered off and dipped in and out for it. Exploring this story is waaaaaay more interesting in my books.
  12. I love the design choice they made where you can beat it and see the ending with only a portion of what you're asked to collect, and if you want more you can keep going, and if you want the really challenging levels you can seek those out as well. I think I'm due for another playthrough of that. I also loved Breath of the Wild - something else I'm due for another playthrough of sooner than later.
  13. So when I say "the Wren" I'm just generalizing that birds of the same family tend to have the same powers, Wrens the power that moves them after you activate a row if they're the last bird in the row, so I was just generalizing that. And yeah, there are a ton of people who have this game down PAT as far as a strategy goes. There's a site called Wingsplaining that covers it quite a bit, but I don't really tend to look THAT deep into it.
  14. It can be for sure! If you're just getting into it, here's some things that I'd probably start out with as advice; At the start of the game, look at your bonus cards - you don't have to break your back to work towards them, but they might help you form an initial strategy. Also look at the round goals that are coming up. If your starting hand of birds helps you do the first 2, that's cool - but you should focus on the 3rd and 4th round ones because that'll be more points in the end. Only focus on a couple of habitats, don't try to do all three. If you can get birds that will ha
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