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  1. I think there are a few small, isolated cases of that - but they were mostly for games that had editions that weren't worked in properly. The one that I always remember is The Witcher 3. Save data from buying the base game and the DLCs separately doesn't work for the GOTY edition for instance. But that is the exception and not the rule.
  2. apsham


    Thanks Keith! I might have seen Vegas on these shows now that I think of it yeah, he looks so much different now with the beard I guess I never put two and two together but then again, a lot of shows that these are from I've yet to get very far with full episodes and I usually just caught on YouTube with clips that kind of just connect to each other with the same kinds of people due to YouTube recommendations.
  3. apsham


    Same. These have been some amazing episodes so far, strongest start of any series and this is the group of people that I personally knew the least about going in. To be fair, I've watched IT Crowd a million times but I didn't recognize Katherine at first. Every other season has had someone I've seen on other panel shows or in a Big Fat Quiz, etc.
  4. apsham


    That’s where I grabbed all my Hypothetical from I think.
  5. apsham


    This is the one time that geo-blocking hasn't fucked us over. Don't tell Bell or Rogers.
  6. apsham


    They uploaded a "NSFW outtake" from the first episode. This explains why it looked like she had been crying after the task, my girlfriend thought she was being sensitive to Greg making fun of her attempts directly before this part would've been cut out, haha. Also holy christ, I am just realizing now that it's Jen from The IT Crowd.
  7. I'm sorry to hear. It's pretty treatable though.
  8. apsham


    I still see it here.
  9. Well, the game rewards you each time you clear a boss with its particular rewards - whether that be blood, diamonds, etc. - but it only does so once. So you can get a max of 6 Titan Blood, 6 Diamonds and 6 Ambrosia before you beats Hades for the first time (which gives you another Titan Blood) and then you can beat him with all the weapons for a max of 12 but then you've kind of maxed out on that stuff. Using the system that unlocks after you beat Hades for the first time however, you can start earning rewards again at each level of that... so there is a true and real incentive to get goo
  10. apsham


    Oh shit, they totally did! That's cool, I thought they'd wait to get through seasons 8 and 9 in their schedule but they're putting it up as it goes. That's awesome.
  11. apsham


    I'm very happy that they're uploading the Champion of Champions season now that series 7 is over. I take it back, I really and I mean really can't stand Kerry Godliman now that I've seen it all the way through.
  12. I love the way that it pushes you towards trying new things and tactics.
  13. Hey so, what does everyone think of watching X-Files in 2020? It's a series that missed me entirely as a kid, I don't fully know why - and while I've watched an episode here and there I haven't really committed to a sit down. I know there's a lot of talented writers involved and I like Duchovny and Anderson as well... plus my interest in the supernatural kind of puts it in my wheelhouse. What does everyone think? Does it hold up?
  14. I picked up Paradise Killer on a whim a few days back. I have not been able to put it down.
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